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Bird Cam
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Bird Cam

42679 hours ago

Bird Cam

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Bird Cam

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Bird Cam

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Comments (81)

MD 02/20/16 15:46

i wish we still had this cam.

Mira Bilis 11/03/15 18:06


I love Blanqui's "Mama en Devon."  :)

MD 11/03/15 16:51

Mira ..... at least one stork was here on 23rd December 2012 and 12th of January 2013. They didn't read Wiki.  LOL

MD 03/03/14 15:51

Ola blanqui,

Estoy de acuerdo. Espero que esta cámara pronto estará funcionando de nuevo.


blanqui suarez 03/01/14 15:59

SI, MAMA EN DEVON no estan en Otros nidos,  como lo Estaban en this in Este, espero volvamos a disfrutar de esta camara  pronto ,

MD 02/28/14 12:31

Ola blanqui,

Hay otras cámaras de cigüeña, pero ninguno de ellos ha tenido ocupantes durante el invierno. Es una pena que parece que estamos perdiendo transmisión en vivo en este caso.

blanqui suarez 02/28/14 03:52

extraño  esta camara , es la que mas miraba , que la conecten pronto , me encariñe con esta pareja de cigueñas

blanqui suarez 01/20/14 10:12

nuestra amiga cigueña , parece que pasa un dia lluvioso ,

 tiene aspecto de muy mojada , que salga el sol   !!!!!!!

dona brantley 01/13/14 21:59

lol md                 im very happy to be able  to watch the storks this early in the year         smile    dona

MD 01/12/14 12:12

Hi Dona. Looks like someone got out of the nest on the wrong side!  :-)

dona brantley 01/12/14 08:32

looks like someones ruffled his feathers  lol        dona smile

Anitanola 01/12/14 04:39

There are definitely two birds in the nest tonight. That's good to see.

blanqui suarez 01/05/14 02:17

otra larga y fria noche , para nuestra amiga cigueña !

MD 01/04/14 16:01

I wished I'd been looking when the stork came back! On that other cam, the greenery has been there since October. I referred to it as fitted carpet.

I can hardly wait for the nesting season. I know that one night I slept in my armchair watching the kestrel cam, just to see the last one leave the nesting box! And I was lucky enough to do so.

Homely 01/04/14 15:29

aaaaaand NOW the white stork is back, MD! 

Funny how we are back on the birds. Maybe all the snow is already getting to much for us! BTW, I checked the stork cam that suffered the unfortunate loss of its young ones last spring, and it's got a very fresh looking bunch of greens all nestled in there. Keeping my fingers crossed for a better year for those birds!

MD 01/04/14 13:20

Hi Homely. I think you are right. The bird just turned its head and I see the beak is different from the stork. On the second of January there were 2 storks in the nest. 

I love watching the bird cams. I have all the nesting ones from last year. I think the kestrel cam was fantastic. I hope it gives us as much entertainment this year.

Homely 01/04/14 13:07

Oh, and it is definitely a very different bird than the black and white one I can see in the older still shots.

Homely 01/04/14 13:06

Hi, MD - I think there may be more than one bird using this nest as a resting place! Today's occupant looks very much to be a great blue heron. although all huddled up and looking not very comfortable. It is large, with long gray feathers, and it has the shorter, yellow beak on a white head with the distinctive black stripe. I'm wondering if this is the "off season" for this nest right now, and it is not a permanent home for any of them until mating season???

MD 01/04/14 12:52

Hi raven880. Poor bird is looking pretty miserable today. I think it's a white stork, despite the black bit!

raven880 01/03/14 08:10

Not an Eagle.....Great Blue Heron, I believe.  Have no idea if they mate for life tho.


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