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Westman Islands

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Westman Islands
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Westman Islands

56 hours ago

Westman Islands

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Westman Islands

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Westman Islands

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Comments (169)

MD 03/20/17 15:58

I'm happy to celebrate that!  :D

Rain Shadow 03/20/17 15:53

It is also 'International Day Of Happiness' today, apparently.  Iceland came 3rd in the list of world's happiest countries

MD 03/20/17 14:27

Well ......... I always thought it was the 21st but no ...... in the UK it is also the first day of spring. It started off raining (in Devon) but now it's sunny.

Way557 03/20/17 14:20

I think mother nature forgot its the first day of spring. well it is here in the usa.

MD 03/20/17 13:36

Hi Deacon's a first for me too.  I always think of it as having glorious sunsets. This is such a difference.

deacon 03/20/17 13:23

First time I have witnessed a snowstorm here.

Rain Shadow 03/02/17 16:39
Rain Shadow 12/30/16 23:49

Very nice, Way557.  Apparently the Icelanders are famous for their New Years fireworks.  In Reykjavik the whole population comes out to let off fireworks to mark the new year

Way557 12/30/16 23:15

Woo Hooo fireworks tonight.

MD 03/21/16 21:23

Hi Mira.

deacon 01/12/16 11:14

Glad to see the snow back. I was wondering about this global warming malarky being true.

Mira Bilis 12/07/15 18:32

And now it's back!  They got rid of the message and password box.

MD 12/07/15 18:18

Thanks Mira ..... such a shame.

Mira Bilis 12/07/15 17:15

If you change the viewing mode to 'Last Saved Still Picture (default)' that message seems to indicate that it's been hacked.  The operators must have added the password protection after that.  What a shame ... this was a nice cam.

MD 12/07/15 16:45

Hi Mira .... strange message in the top left corner and I have no live feed.

Mira Bilis 12/07/15 16:28
deacon 12/02/15 10:54

It looks sooo cold here. An interesting cam.

MD 11/29/15 13:46

How beautiful.

MD 11/21/15 17:24

Ah ..... fixed it.


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