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Nursing Home

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Nursing Home
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Nursing Home

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Nursing Home

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Nursing Home

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Nursing Home

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Comments (48)

Liese Lindemann 05/13/18 23:18

I'm looking forward to watching this one, as I used to work as an Activities Co-ordinator in a care home. We never played Japanese Bingo, though...

MD 06/04/17 00:28
MD 01/14/17 00:31

That staff member's a spoilsport.  :D

Claudia Nunya 01/14/17 00:14

Aaaand a staff member just rolled her away. 

Claudia Nunya 01/14/17 00:13

Wish this camera wasn't so choppy. This lady in a wheelchair seems to be doing some sort of dance. Lots of dramatic arm poses. Maybe she's just stretching/exercising lol. But it looks more elegant than that.  

Brittany S 01/09/17 01:38

I like this camera, they're brushing someone's hair and the guy and the staff seems very pleasant. I also started to watch the show they had on TV for awhile lol 

gab chan 12/30/16 23:03

greetings MD :) seems like i see a comment from you in every stream on this site haha

MD 02/18/16 20:10

Sinister Smile .... when I was at Green Lane Station .... I lived at 194 Walsall Road, Kings Hill, Wednesbury.... on the corner of Edward Street It's closer to Darlaston centre than Wednesbury. My parents had a huge double-fronted Victorian house. There is a mosque right opposite now. I got married in All Saints church, on the opposite corner to the mosque. I used to go through the Pleck to get to work. There was plenty of industry in the area at that time. I haven't been back for years. I only know about the mosque from Google maps.

I've spent many a Saturday at Brownhills market.  There used to be a butcher there .... he had a microphone and kept the customers entertained. The meat was so cheap and good quality.

sinister smile 02/18/16 19:43

Oh wow my parents came from Wednesbury also and I lived in the Pleck for a while before moving to Brownhills and then Walsall. I have worked at most of those places you mentioned, mainly factory work and later as a painter/decorator...until my health problems. It truly is a small world :D

MD 02/18/16 19:20

Hi Sinister Smile ..... I was a police officer at Green Lane police station for a while. My grandparents lived in Short Heath, Willenhall ...... where  I also worked as a copper. My dad and stepmom lived at Wednesbury and I've lived in Darlo, Bradley, Bilston and Wednesfield. It's a small world.   :D

sinister smile 02/18/16 18:57

No but very close, Walsall and I goto Wolvo sometimes for shopping and to have a few pints with friends who live there :)

MD 02/17/16 12:31

Sinister Smile ...... you're not from Wolvo??????????

A new series of Raised by Wolves is coming soon to ch4. I can hardly wait. Bostin!

sinister smile 02/17/16 00:47

Ah MD so you noticed Wolvo has got cleaner then? we no longer need hazmat suits to shop in the town centre...but maybe surgical masks would be a good idea :)

MD 02/16/16 16:39

Masks would be an asset in Wolverhampton.  :D

Mira Bilis 02/16/16 16:18

Indeed Blogger ... you see them wearing masks on all the Japanese cams where there are crowds, like the Crea Mall cam.  Masks are commonly worn in many far eastern countries, I think it's a very sensible idea.

blogger50 02/16/16 16:12

If they have any sick patients or if they themselves are sick this could be why. In Japan face masks are very common even fashionable in some senses, they wear them to stop illness spreading as well as to avoid pollution. Some even have menthol inside if I remember correctly, to help with blocked noses.

MD 02/15/16 00:57

The staff wear face masks.

kanye west robot dildo 08/08/15 07:34

jappenese bingo looks.. fun

Mira Bilis 07/09/15 21:01

That's good to hear Dona!  :)


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