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Car Park

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Car Park
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Car Park

3596 hours ago

Car Park

3599 hours ago

Car Park

3602 hours ago

Car Park

3605 hours ago

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Comments (7)

MD 12/06/17 22:15

Another example of Mira's brilliant detection.

Mira Bilis 02/09/14 22:49

No worries LifeLover Peace ... I think I edited at the same time you were commenting.  :-)  Now all we need to find out is which city in Japan this is.

LifeLover Peace 02/09/14 22:46

Oooops saw the 'edit' note under add comment too late. Incidentally, just seen the clothing being worn and it is Japan as opposed to nearby countries.

LifeLover Peace 02/09/14 22:42

miematsu is Japanese. I also did a Ping test and it goes through Tokyo etc.

N Q 02/07/14 13:13

Carol I can't make out the license plate and this webcam doesn't have an ip# but it is hosted at which I don't have time to research, gotta head out to work in -10 degree weather :(


CAROL SCARBOROUGH 02/07/14 04:14

Can anyone make out where these license plates might be from?


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