St Olaf's Church

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St Olaf's Church
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St Olaf's Church

3 hours ago

St Olaf's Church

6 hours ago

St Olaf's Church

9 hours ago

St Olaf's Church

12 hours ago

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Comments (803)

Rain Shadow 08/23/17 19:21

Ekaterina, have you looked at pictures of this town on Google Image or a similar browser?  Most of the houses are traditional designs.  It is really only the modern buildings, like apartment blocks and the police station, that one might describe as 'ugly.'

Ekaterina 08/14/17 05:06

This horrible houses near the church should be blushing as they're beyong ugly! The church looks as it is ready to sail and be on its own, in the middle of the deep water.

Ekaterina 08/14/17 05:01

Breathtakingly beautiful!

Rain Shadow 05/17/17 15:41

I hope Norway had a good Constitution Day today.

MD 03/12/17 13:14

And looking beautiful today.

Larry Mac 03/12/17 10:18

One of my favorites as well.

MD 02/25/17 16:18

I think it's one of the best cams on here.

Rain Shadow 02/25/17 16:01

More snowfall.  Beautiful.

Rain Shadow 02/22/17 15:58

Yes, very picturesque.

deacon 02/22/17 15:26

Nice pic with the snow falling.

Rain Shadow 02/20/17 16:58

I always enjoy the blue twilights.

Rain Shadow 02/19/17 17:05
MD 02/11/17 20:58

Rain Shadow .... that's a lovely picture. The hotel looks very inviting.

Rain Shadow 02/11/17 20:26

The moonlight is very bright on the fjord tonight.  Here is a nice photo of the church and hotel

Rain Shadow 01/14/17 20:56

Yes Deacon, beautiful.  Brittany, I know exactly what you mean.

deacon 01/14/17 20:47

Full moon is lighting up the lake.

Brittany S 01/11/17 08:18

I've been meaning to ask...Does anyone think of the Golden Girls when they look at this cam? lol 

I know I do.

MD 01/07/17 16:33

I like to see the holiday cruisers arrive. People get transferred to a smaller boat and come ashore. They always seem to spend quite some time in the church.

Nicola snowlover 01/07/17 15:04

Oh MD It would be a dream vacation, Its so beautiful with all the snow!!!

MD 01/05/17 14:41

Nicola .... I'd love to visit and stay in this hotel:


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