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St Olaf's Church

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St Olaf's Church
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St Olaf's Church

184 hours ago

St Olaf's Church

187 hours ago

St Olaf's Church

190 hours ago

St Olaf's Church

307 hours ago

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Comments (821)

MD 11/02/18 11:33

Good morning Moose.

MD 10/22/18 22:04

Ah.  I think I can guess.  On the bar cam?

Moose 10/22/18 21:31

Someone else's indiscretion that you instigated.

MD 10/22/18 19:55

Hi stargzr ........   I don't mind at all.   :D

stargzr 10/22/18 19:41

never mind

stargzr 10/22/18 19:14

You guys broke it !!!!   :D

MD 10/22/18 18:35

LOL!!!   One of your indiscretions or someone else's?

Moose 10/22/18 17:20

Hi MD... I was just pushing an indiscretion off the recent list.

Moose 10/22/18 13:29

This is a beautiful little church surrounded by unremarkable buildings.

bill dude 06/05/18 16:38

Would love to be out on a boat fishing there

MD 04/08/18 14:49

I'd love to visit.

Silver Squirrel 04/08/18 03:20

The snow is nearly gone.  Yes, a very pretty cam no matter the weather.  

deacon 04/07/18 18:02

Always a nice scene, no matter what the weather is.

Jacob The Legend 01/24/18 16:00


Jacob The Legend 01/24/18 16:00


Jacob The Legend 01/24/18 15:59

Very beautiful so quite and peacful i could sleep like a rock here 

MD 11/28/17 12:40

Rain Shadow ..... ugly police stations look pretty similar.  This was my old station. I wish it had had a view like this cam.

Rain Shadow 08/23/17 19:21

Ekaterina, have you looked at pictures of this town on Google Image or a similar browser?  Most of the houses are traditional designs.  It is really only the modern buildings, like apartment blocks and the police station, that one might describe as 'ugly.'

Ekaterina 08/14/17 05:06

This horrible houses near the church should be blushing as they're beyong ugly! The church looks as it is ready to sail and be on its own, in the middle of the deep water.


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