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University of Groningen - Academy Building on Broerstraat
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University of Groningen - Academy Building on Broerstraat

6 hours ago

University of Groningen - Academy Building on Broerstraat

9 hours ago

University of Groningen - Academy Building on Broerstraat

12 hours ago

University of Groningen - Academy Building on Broerstraat

15 hours ago

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Comments (13)

37621 03/24/19 02:33

We Americans should strive to be more like this. Less gas hogs and healthier, leaner people. 

Way557 01/09/18 12:04

holy crap, i,ve never seen so many bikes at one place before.

Mira Bilis 10/16/14 15:41

The Netherlands is so flat that it's the perfect environment for cycling ... plus the Dutch are very eco-minded.  Denmark is the same.  :)

MD 09/26/14 13:56

Carol... last time I compared prices... the US gas was about half the price of gas on the continent. In the UK gas is even more expensive because of the tax on it. We bought a diesel motor when they were saying it was better for the environment (and it was also more economical) and then they decided that diesel was bad and put the price up. Consumers never can win!  :D

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/26/14 13:25

I am seeing that. Gas is expensive here too but these kids today base their social status on if they have a car and what kind they have. It really is pathetic.

MD 09/26/14 13:20

Carol... young people in the rest of the world just don't seem to have cars like American youngsters do. Fuel is too expensive.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/26/14 12:50

Wow, looks like no one drives to school, lol.

Mira Bilis 06/26/14 16:17

So many bicycles!  :0

trix abound 05/22/14 20:39

a big plastic  building in the middle of the street?...

MD 10/16/13 22:02

I saw this and thought of you.  :)

dona brantley 10/16/13 21:03

hi md  this is great well lit  nice find       smile dona

MD 10/16/13 20:48

Hi Dona. I know you like well lit views. Is this bright enough for you?  :))

Herve ALL 01/09/11 14:49
photographer attending the Eurosonic 2011 :) you can watch my photographs and keep up to date with the Eurosonic pictures during the festival here (copy and paste) >

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