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Parkway Lumber Yard
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Parkway Lumber Yard

3 hours ago

Parkway Lumber Yard

6 hours ago

Parkway Lumber Yard

9 hours ago

Parkway Lumber Yard

12 hours ago

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Comments (153)

MD 01/14/20 03:49

I hope they pay attention to you.  LOL

Seems such a long time since your grandson went to Japan.  Time is flying by.

stargzr 01/14/20 00:15

Possible snow flurries tonight.....better get that stuff covered up !!!      :D

stargzr 12/06/19 20:27

Whatever.....glitch or troll, I'm ignoring it.  Everything seems OK today.

MD 12/06/19 20:25

I even checked the dead cams yesterday ...... plastered.

stargzr 12/06/19 20:01

I noticed it yesterday.....lots of us have been tagged going all the way back to Kyle!

MD 12/06/19 19:59

Oh my gosh ..... you have some too.   :D

stargzr 12/06/19 19:43

Snopes is pretty reliable and fair to all least as far as I can see.

And Phantom questionmarker is having fun.  :}.     

MD 12/06/19 19:29

No words.

I laughed at this one .....  I don't believe Fox at all:

stargzr 12/06/19 18:55
MD 12/01/19 03:27

Midsomer Murders remind me of Devon.† :D

stargzr 12/01/19 03:20

Ha ! That's what I call economical. †I must say I enjoy the fact that you stay up so late. †Since you're 8 hrs ahead of me I wouldn't get much chat time if you turned in at 9pm like I do . †:)

So while it's almost bedtime for you...I'm going to watch an old "Midsomer Murders" on youtube. (I really live the high life.) †LOL

MD 12/01/19 03:12

Devon has lots of old cottages.† We have a pub that was built in 1131.† Now that's old.

I don't suffer from the cold.† I've no indoor thermometer so I have no idea how warm my rooms are but they are comfortable.† I don't always run the heating for 7 hours.† I often don't go to bed until 3am so that's when I switch it on - as long as there's not going to be a frost the next day.† Some people find night storage heaters difficult to gauge but I've got used to them ..... and it's a big bonus that they run at half price.† I've even been known to roast a joint of meat or chicken after midnight.† LOL!!!

stargzr 12/01/19 02:40

Wow...those look great. †We don't have anything basd on "off hours". †My heat is electric but I'm fortunate in athat I'm quite warm-blooded. †:)

I keep thermostat set at 59F night time and 68F †daytime. †Also, because I'm an "older person" I get a real discount in my electricity bills.....can't complain.

I just saw a video showing a small cottage in Devon - over the hills from you - but I WANT it ! †So cute.

MD 12/01/19 02:29

I have night storage heaters.† They work from midnight to 7am and you have to adjust them today according to what the temperature will be tomorrow. They run on half price electricity.† This evening was supposed to drop to 30 so I adusted the intake accordingly.†† It's still 40 and I've had the fan on.† LOL!!!

My heaters are longer than this one but you get the gist.

stargzr 12/01/19 01:45

So cold we're burning our lumber !!!

MD 10/16/19 22:26

LOL!!!!!†† We get a lot of that.†

stargzr 10/16/19 20:56

Good old Oregon liquid sunshine !

stargzr 09/09/19 00:41

Yaaaaaaaaaay..........It's finally raining ! †:D

MD 08/23/19 18:12

Trump is mentally ill†† ....... or pretending .... so that he can plead insanity when he's finally arrested.

Grandson is so lucky.† One of our former guests on Opentopia† .....† Joe Hector ..... went to Japan and absolutely loved it. It looks a beautiful place. How wonderful to be able to go there.† It would never have occurred to me to go there when I was younger.


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