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Parkway Lumber Yard
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Parkway Lumber Yard

3 hours ago

Parkway Lumber Yard

6 hours ago

Parkway Lumber Yard

9 hours ago

Parkway Lumber Yard

12 hours ago

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Comments (175)

MD 05/13/20 17:29

We rarely say that in Devon.  :D

stargzr 05/12/20 15:57

At last......beautiful RAIN !!!!!

MD 02/15/20 02:20

Oh how lovely.  I'm sure the locals will have seen and heard it all before.  Our last 2 places in France were in tourist towns.  We were always glad when tourist season was over but mainly because of the queues in stores.  LOL

stargzr 02/15/20 01:38

Yesssssssss !

I've been living the decadent lifestyle of the rich and famous, though I'm neither of those.  LOL.  Friends from CA came to visit and we rented a beach house on the coast for a few days. I think we either entertained or annoyed the locals !!!!

So...back to same old, same old.   :D

MD 02/15/20 00:43

Phew!   Saw your comment just in time .... only 17 minutes left of it for me.

Venice is on my bucket list.  :D

stargzr 02/14/20 17:06
MD 02/06/20 02:53

Hyacinth Bucket makes me laugh.  There really are people like that  ....... stuck up. 

stargzr 02/06/20 02:30

OK.....maybe Hyacinth Bucket, or Last of Summer Wine, or any one of the scores of Britcoms I've watched in my lifetime.  hahaha

MD 02/06/20 02:26

Did they say toffee nosed?????  I thought they were too posh for that,  :D

stargzr 02/06/20 02:17

Hey, I watched Downton Abbey !!!!!!!


Thanks, I feel better now.    :D

MD 02/06/20 02:08

Snigger!   In the UK Mary Louise Jones would usually become Mary Louise Smith but there are some toffee nosed women who would become Mary Louise Jones-Smith.   There  .... I've given you something new to Google.  :D

stargzr 02/06/20 01:39

Well, we've screwed up the planet and nature has a way to get revenge.

Okay, now I've got one of those silly questions I like to dump on you for clarification:  In this country, on the East Coast, when a woman marries, she drops her middle name and takes her last name as midde.  For example - Mary Louise Jones marries Tom Smith and becomes Mary Jones Smith.  On the West Coast, she keeps middle name and would be Mary Louise Smith.  So what does one do in the UK ?  

Stop laughing, I just get these things in my mind and NEED to know !   LOL

MD 02/06/20 01:19

Well with 10 confirmed cases I'd be surprised if there weren't carriers     .....   and it's infectious even before you know that you've got it.   Scariest thing I've heard of.

stargzr 02/06/20 01:12

Totally agree about Trix !

Yeah, this coronavirus stuff is scary.  Only thing about being stuck on board ship would be the nagging fear that some of your shipmates were carriers.  hee

MD 02/06/20 00:54

A few minutes ago I was chatting to BJ about me booking a cruise.  What sparked that off was this:

Being able to look on the bright side .....  I said to BJ that an extended holiday with food brought to the cabin would suit me nicely.  I know ..... bad taste.  :D

I miss Trix every single day.  I'll see something in the news and think "Wait until I tell Trix about this ....."     The other day I cam across a cam with lots of Trix comments on it when she was healthy and happy.  She had a droll sense of humor.

I put my email address on the card but I didn't get any response.  The main thing is that they know Trix was popular and will be sorely missed.

stargzr 02/06/20 00:36

Have you thought anymore about getting away for a holiday?

Not that I think it was necessary, but out of curiosity........did you ever get a response from your sympathy card to NH ?  I think of her so often as I know do you.

MD 02/06/20 00:28

Oh you can rely on me to be anti-snow!!!!   :D

Yes  ..... the Medal of Freedom is now worth nothing.

I've just been looking at the snow on Sheri's cam.  Brrrrrr

stargzr 02/06/20 00:15

Hahahahaha.....I just love "poking the bear" to get an anti-snow response from you.  In these uncertain times it's good to have something I can rely on.  :D

Glad that farce is over....all it did was take up time that could've been spent more wisely and also rile up the extreme right into donating millions to assure his reelection.  I'm more upset about his giving Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom.......but the less said about that the better.  :-{

MD 02/06/20 00:00

Snowing for 2 minutes is one minute too much!

You must have heard the news ..... he's trumpeting that he's been exonerated.  :(

He'll be worse than ever.

stargzr 02/05/20 23:11

Just a slight dusting overnight Monday, gone by noon. In Radstadt it has been snowing for 2 days and I am ENVIOUS !


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