Parkway Lumber Yard

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Parkway Lumber Yard
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Parkway Lumber Yard

6 hours ago

Parkway Lumber Yard

9 hours ago

Parkway Lumber Yard

12 hours ago

Parkway Lumber Yard

15 hours ago

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Comments (119)

stargzr 06/07/19 21:28

HAILSTORM !  Watch your head.

stargzr 06/07/19 00:27

HA !  That was my reaction, also.  :D

MD 06/07/19 00:23


I'll have to check it out  ......  I picture myself shouting "Don't do it!" at the monitor.  :D

stargzr 06/07/19 00:03

Watched one today.  On one hand, it hurts my head......on the other, what the heck, their marriage will probably last as long as anyone else's.  :)

MD 06/06/19 23:48


I can just imagine an Elvis impersonator conducting a wedding.  :D

stargzr 06/06/19 22:38

Beautiful parking lot.  :}

This site is like a car wreck.....I don't want to look but can't turn away !

MD 05/19/19 16:08


MD 05/17/19 21:04

LOL!!!!!  It certainly looks that way.   :D

stargzr 05/17/19 20:51

Looks like the Big Bad Wolf has been here.......he huffed, and he puffed, and he blew the house in !

MD 04/08/19 17:40

Stargzr .... sounds like Devon weather.   :D

stargzr 04/08/19 16:51

*over a week  

stargzr 04/08/19 16:50

People coming to the lumber yard to get supplies to build the ark !  (been raining for aver a week and is expected to continue at least another 4 days.)

MD 03/28/19 13:37

That's miserable .... the hay fever ..... but keep ex onside incase we spot something in his locale that needs checking out.  LOL!!!

stargzr 03/28/19 13:13

Oh woe is me........allergy season in Eugene and my eyes are swollen, nose running.  Stuck indoors and so bored I even emailed my Ex!!!

MD 03/19/19 17:17

Hi stargzr   ......... the weather has gone mad.

stargzr 03/19/19 16:52

Would you believe.........77F at 5pm !!!!! 3 weeks ago it was a foot of snow.  :)

MD 03/18/19 15:44

There are times when I could go white water rafting ..... if I had the nerve ..... and a raft!  LOL

stargzr 03/18/19 15:07

OMG.....what a mess!  It IS a good thing you're where you are.

MD 03/18/19 14:47

Lucky me .......  I've got 50 to look forward to .....  if I'm lucky.   I'm glad I live on a hill  .... in the south:


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