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Parkway Lumber Yard
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Parkway Lumber Yard

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Parkway Lumber Yard

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Parkway Lumber Yard

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Parkway Lumber Yard

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Comments (70)

MD 02/20/19 18:26


stargzr 02/20/19 17:26

If I hear the word "wall" one more time I'm gonna punch a hole in mine!  I'm just saying.

MD 02/18/19 09:06

I agree with both of you.  Sad times for the US and the UK  ....... though I do think that Trump is worse than our pathetic bunch.

stargzr 02/17/19 13:31

Hi Silver Squirrel,

You are SO right, it's humiliating to be repesented by such a buffoon!  I just saw a news piece where Angela Merkel (sp?) got a standing ovation for condemning US foreign policy.

Michelle Obama......a CLASS act!

Silver Squirrel 02/17/19 13:12

MD and Stargazer:   I'm enjoying your Trump comments.   Our POTUS is indeed an "Orange Shit Gibbon" and I am embarrassed that this anal sphincter represents our country.   I watched a news show this morning and one person remarked "Trump couild eat a live baby on the White House lawn and his supporters would still be there for him."   Sad what my country has become.   My husband and I saw Michelle Obama speak here in Phoenix last week and even though the tickets were pricey, it was money well spent.   She comes across as a smart, savvy woman who I definitely admire.  She was such a great representation of a "real" First Lady.   Melania comes across as still a deer in the headlights dimbulb -- but I'm sure she would still look great as an underwear model.


MD 02/16/19 18:11

No.  My daughter came out to stay with us for a year but she has no spirit of adventure.  She stayed 9 months in France and 3 months in Spain then said she missed the UK.  We brought her back and she's lived in her house for 20 years.  I've never lived anywhere for that long.  Anyway ...... when I finally left my hubby ..... I came to live near daughter.  I've been here almost 9 years and I'm pretty much settled.  Pretty much ....... but son is thinking of moving to Wales.  I love Wales so maybe I'll have one last move.  LOL

stargzr 02/16/19 17:37

LOL !!!  Do you ever consider moving back to France?

MD 02/16/19 17:32

CNN are slow with that.  I read it earlier in the Mail.

I do wonder what's going to happen in the UK. The majority voted to leave the EU and the majority vote rules ..... or should do.  I can see there being a civil war.  I hope I can find a suit of armour that fits  LOL!!!!


stargzr 02/16/19 17:29

Sorry, can't seem to get the audio....but it was hilarious!

stargzr 02/16/19 16:37

Truth be told, when all this is history.....I think Mrs. T. will come out the winner.  She got what she was after and can now lie low till she's free.  What a sad chapter in our history, but there have been worse.

I often listen to the BBC radio when I can't sleep and trying to figure out what's going to happen in your country is just as mind boggling.  Sometimes I'm glad to be old.  :D

MD 02/16/19 16:23

It wasn't an accidental "U."  It's often in the Daily Mail.  I just borrowed it.  :D

He's jealous and vindictive.  Melania must be well paid to put up with him.

stargzr 02/16/19 15:42

BTW, reading back to 12:10, noticing the accidental "U" in poutus..... I think you may have coined a new and better term for him.  He DOES pout a lot. LOL

stargzr 02/16/19 15:38

*  Good one, not god one ........although    :)

stargzr 02/16/19 15:31

Ha!  God one. :)  

The thing that makes me laugh in that article is his once again snide, vicious remarks about Obama.  He just can't stand the popularity and esteem that Obama has earned.

MD 02/16/19 15:15

"Trump" and "Peace Prize" in the same sentence.  He's not POTUS.  He's Pinocchio.

MD 02/16/19 13:29

I only read our Brexit news occasionally ...... it winds me up too much. 

stargzr 02/16/19 13:12

Time for me to shut it......I'm definitely beating a dead horse!!!!!!!

stargzr 02/16/19 13:00

...... George Orwell's Utopia, maybe.  I can't wait.  :(


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