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Parkway Lumber Yard
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Parkway Lumber Yard

5 hours ago

Parkway Lumber Yard

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Parkway Lumber Yard

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Parkway Lumber Yard

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Comments (137)

MD 10/16/19 20:26

LOL!!!!!   We get a lot of that. 

stargzr 10/16/19 18:56

Good old Oregon liquid sunshine !

stargzr 09/08/19 22:41

Yaaaaaaaaaay..........It's finally raining !  :D

MD 08/23/19 18:12

Trump is mentally ill   ....... or pretending .... so that he can plead insanity when he's finally arrested.

Grandson is so lucky.  One of our former guests on Opentopia  .....  Joe Hector ..... went to Japan and absolutely loved it. It looks a beautiful place. How wonderful to be able to go there.  It would never have occurred to me to go there when I was younger.

stargzr 08/23/19 17:50

Looks like another war between the states. California has always been a thorn in Trump's proud of them!  

Grandson just arrived in Japan for a month's traveling, while I sit here and read about you-know-who. :(

MD 08/23/19 17:26

Yes ..... kids.  No matter how old they are ..... they just don;t grow out of it.  LOL

Just lifted this from that same link below:

  • The day before the deadly attack against Latinos in El Paso, Texas governor Greg Abbott sent out an anti-immigrant fundraising letter calling on Republicans to “DEFEND TEXAS NOW” and “take matters into our own hands”.
I wonder if Trump will take this as he's exonerated but Greg Abbot is a very fine man.
stargzr 08/23/19 15:58!

MD 08/23/19 15:52

I'd love to smack his damned leg until he kicked himself up the back of his head!!!!!  I do wonder what Macron is doing with that hand that we can barely see.

Months ago my daughter and I had words about Brexit.  I voted for it .... she didn't vote at all and then moaned at the result. I resolved not to mention Brexit to her again.  I spent last night at her place and she mentioned it.  I pretended to put my fingers in my ears and sang La la la la la.  Seems it's still a touchy subject for her. LOLOLOL

stargzr 08/23/19 15:29

OMG !!!  You know, sometiimes my mind goes blank with all this stuff and I actually think it's just all a nightmare and I'll wake up to life as it was before DJT.  But then reality sets in.  What I wouldn't give to be dealing with Brexit instead.  Hee!  By the way, I saw the photo of Boris putting his foot up on the table while talking with Macron.  Yep, all the class of our leader.

MD 08/23/19 15:16

Hi stargzr ........ I agree.   Just read the article that starts  "DOJ emails employees link to white nationalist website."  Things can't get any worse ..... can they?


stargzr 08/23/19 14:50

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution :

  Endangered species list.......  Truth, Competence, Morality, Facts, Sanity, Science, Compassion and Honesty.

I'd like to add - good taste. :)

MD 08/07/19 09:38

Oh stargzr ...... that's a lovely cam ..... thank you.

stargzr 08/07/19 08:55
MD 08/03/19 17:07

Ewww!  An infestation.   lol

stargzr 08/03/19 16:28

YIKES !!!!

MD 07/20/19 15:30

What a really worthwhile thing for her to do. 

On Friday afternoon, an appeals court rejected the Trump Administration’s request to dismiss an emoluments lawsuit brought against Trump by Congressional Democrats.

The lawsuit accuses Donald Trump of violating the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause by continuing to profit from his private businesses’ operations in foreign countries while in office. The Department of Justice had asked the appeals court to dismiss the lawsuit, saying the claims rest “on a host of novel and flawed constitutional premises” that would “entail intrusive discovery into the President’s personal financial affairs on account of his federal office.” The Trump administration also said Democratic lawmakers do not have the authority to sue the president.

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled the administration did not show “a clear and indisputable right to dismissal of the complaint.” The administration now has the option of appealing again.

stargzr 07/20/19 15:20

My dtr just finished an orientation to be on the list of interpreters assisting the refugees and asylum seekers in Eugene. Take that, Donald Dumbass !!!!!!!!!!!

stargzr 06/07/19 21:28

HAILSTORM !  Watch your head.

stargzr 06/07/19 00:27

HA !  That was my reaction, also.  :D


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