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Parkway Lumber Yard
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Parkway Lumber Yard

762 hours ago

Parkway Lumber Yard

765 hours ago

Parkway Lumber Yard

768 hours ago

Parkway Lumber Yard

771 hours ago

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Comments (196)

MD 09/20/20 00:09


Ed Hilver 09/18/20 20:29


stargzr 09/18/20 20:27

Well this is weird....some kind of liquid falling out of the sky and a loud booming sound accompanied by flashing lights.  I must be having a 60's flashback!!!!!!!

MD 09/18/20 20:09


stargzr 09/18/20 16:54 are zo zmart !!!!    hee

MD 09/18/20 13:06

Makes me realise how lucky I am.

NB   "realise" is especially for stargzr  ........ and maybe "especially" will need looking into.  LOL

stargzr 09/18/20 05:14

Hi Silver Squirrel....glad the fires are somewhat under control (sorry about the heat.). We're cooling down and rain is promised for tonight and tomorrow !!!!!!  I'll believe it when I feel it, but it'll just be wonderful to be able to breathe again.  :)

Silver Squirrel 09/18/20 04:52

Hi MD and Stargzr.  Our air was smoky over last weekend and into Tuesday.   The fires in Flagstaff (about two hours from us) are finally under control.  The triple digits heat has returned.  And no rain of course.  

MD 09/17/20 22:22

And that song ...... sigh .....

stargzr 09/17/20 21:43

Every time I watch this I have to double up on my heart meds !     LOLOLOLOL

MD 09/17/20 21:35

The Durrells!!!!!!   Yesssssssssss!  <3  

stargzr 09/17/20 20:24

I can't say anything....I still haven't gotten over him !!!!!

Alexis Georgoulis

MD 09/17/20 17:29

He was in a series on fire fighting which I wasn't the slightest bit interested in ...... but I watched all the eps that he appeared in.  He's 48 now and a bit of a rogue.   I'm still a Ricky Martin fan  ......  I have a picture of him on my wall  ...... it's a 1999 calendar that BJ bought for me in Spain.  However ...... I think he's getting too old for me. LOLOL

stargzr 09/17/20 16:39

You cougar, you !!!!!!!!!!!!!




MD 09/17/20 15:35

Awful ...... and the smoke has reached Europe and the UK ..... not that I've seen it.

I prefer this version:

stargzr 09/17/20 00:22

Hi all.... fires a little more in control.  Meanwhile, my city has the honor of being the smokiest in the world.    Yay us.  :(

MD 09/10/20 18:50

OMG.  Be safe you two.

stargzr 09/10/20 16:30

Hi Silver Squirrel......I hope things are looking better for Arizona.  The winds have died down a little here but no rain in sight for at least 5 days.  I've got a pile of ash on my patio!  Hang in there, at least we've got a caring, loving president who knows all about climate change.........NOT !!!!!!

Silver Squirrel 09/10/20 06:33

I live in a northwest suburb of Phoenix.  We have fires to the north.  Yesterday the air was bad and to the north the horizon was very smoky and hazy.   

stargzr 09/09/20 20:00

Our usual summer/autumn event.......FIRE !  The sun is red, sky is orange, air filled with ash raining down.  Eugene is surrounded by towns and villages aflame, with no end in sight.  I've got my "to go bag" ready but don't know where we could go.   :D

So, I'll hit the Chardonnay and pull the covers over my head.  Stay tuned.


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