Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

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Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget
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Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

6 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

9 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

12 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

15 hours ago

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Comments (51)

MD 12/19/17 17:21

Right .........we'll wait for the weather to improve.  :D

stargzr 12/19/17 16:56

Hi MD,

Tack on another 6 thousand or so for me, but I'm game if you are !! :D

MD 12/19/17 16:43

Hi Stargzr ..... wouldn't it be fun to meet up at Panorama and have coffee?  Only 2,500 miles for me.  LOL!!!

stargzr 12/19/17 15:31

Wintry evening in Mehamn.......actually saw a customer in the little coffee shop, Panorama.  Probably trying to thaw out !  :)

MD 12/03/17 18:23

Stargzr .......... I just saw the gas station that we saw on that "road Trip."  Nice to know where the road leads to.

stargzr 12/03/17 17:41

Looks like some sort of tree lighting or holiday celebration going on.....

MD 12/03/17 02:07

And what a lovely reflection on the water.

stargzr 12/03/17 01:49

Here comes that fantastic moon again!

MD 12/02/17 17:35

There are lots of "road trips" on Youtube.  I often go for a spin round.   :D

stargzr 12/02/17 16:31

OMG !!!!  That was really fun......love a good "road trip."  Great to see the buildings at street level.  Bookmarked!

MD 12/02/17 16:20

Hi Stargazr ...... my daughter works at our local Spar ...... and she's made sure that Reese's peanut butter cups are on the shelves!

When I first looked at this cam today - it was focussed on a place called Panorama .... looked like a coffee shop.  Take a look at this ...... fasten your seatbelt!


stargzr 12/02/17 16:02

Hi MD,

Great links.......thanks !  A night club, hamburgers and hot dogs - who could ask for more?  (Reese's maybe?}  :)

stargzr 12/02/17 01:52

Gorgeous moon !!

MD 11/21/17 15:34

Good.  Such a lovely clear cam.

stargzr 11/21/17 15:04

Yaaaaaay, it's back!!!!!  :)

stargzr 10/31/17 15:11

Winter has arrived in one of my favorite places!

indigo 09/27/17 10:21

"The hills are alive with autumn" (music)...

MD 09/20/17 18:03

Beautiful place.

Rain Shadow 09/19/17 16:20

Nice fall shades on the hills now http://www.mehamn.net/webkamera/


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