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Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget
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Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

13917 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

13920 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

13923 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

13925 hours ago

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Comments (130)

MD 12/22/19 21:29

Yaaaaaaay!   That vessel is all lit up.  I wonder if it's going anywhere.

stargzr 12/22/19 21:18

It's back for me.

stargzr 12/22/19 21:00

Me too, but it'll probably come back.  :)

MD 12/22/19 20:57

Oh dear.  All I get now on that link is this:

This is a placeholder for the subdomain

stargzr 12/22/19 20:36

........winter in the town.

MD 09/29/19 22:07

OH WOW!!!!!!! That has to be your best find. I've bookmarked it. I look forward to daylight.

stargzr 09/29/19 20:39

Hey, MD, look what I found. :)

Silver Squirrel 06/20/19 22:01

I hope things are OK with Trix.

MD 06/20/19 18:05

Moose, thanks for that ........ I hope it works.

Moose 06/20/19 17:36

I guess it is time to try that thing that I used when you disappeared a while back and scared everybody. It worked then so here goes.


MD 06/20/19 17:00

"yes....I'm happy now....I've been fed...LOL"

stargzr 06/20/19 16:48


MD 06/20/19 16:40

I'm not giving up hope but it's ominous. I take comfort from her last comment. :D

stargzr 06/20/19 16:06

I did the same. Could turn out to be nothing....hopefully.

MD 06/20/19 16:01

Sadly, yes. I've checked local newspapers ...... nothing.

stargzr 06/20/19 15:25

Hi MD.......looks like the elephant is in the room again. :(

MD 02/19/19 10:33

I do that!!!!!! I'd just love to be there having a hot chocolate in Panorama.

stargzr 02/19/19 09:49

I think I'll take a trip around town - via the Google Guy - just for old times sake. :>

MD 10/22/18 21:29

Hi stargzr ....... I really hope so. I'd love to be in the Panorama having coffee.

stargzr 10/22/18 20:50

Hi, MD......fingers crossed that this cam will re-emerge.


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