Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

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Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget
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Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

5 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

8 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

11 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

14 hours ago

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Comments (93)

MD 05/19/18 01:01

You need "hee."   :D    The only thing I've read about this wedding is that Prince Charles will walk Meghan down the aisle.  I've avoided everything about it but I'm sure I'll have to tune in tomorrow to see how it goes.  :)))

stargzr 05/19/18 00:22

Hi, MD......check last msg I sent.  Enjoy the Royal Proceedings.  :D

stargzr 05/18/18 23:29

Another ship on its way out of port.....ahhhhh.  By the way MD, if you're observing, don't forget to go to bed early tonight.  You've got a BIG day tomorrow, what with the "wedding" and all !!!!  Hee

MD 05/06/18 18:58

Hi stargzr ......  maybe we should send in a claim????     :D

It's looking beautiful as ever.

stargzr 05/06/18 17:49

Hi MD,

Do you ever get the feeling that the Mehamn Tourism Bureau owes us BIG time for putting it on the map, so to speak ! :D

MD 05/05/18 18:08

stargzr ..... it would be lovely ...... especially if it was going to Mehamn.

stargzr 05/05/18 17:51

* just

stargzr 05/05/18 17:50

Thank you !!  I juat reserved a cabin on upper deck......kidding of course, but how fantastic would that be.  :D

MD 05/05/18 17:38

Hi stargzr ...... I used to spend hours on that marine schedule ....... we had more port cams at one time.


stargzr 05/05/18 17:35

Bon voyage !!!!

stargzr 05/05/18 17:26

The passenger ship "Richard With" is in port.   (thanks to the marine schedule sent me by MD )

stargzr 05/03/18 23:27

Soooooo beautiful !

MD 04/16/18 01:50


stargzr 04/16/18 00:25

P_A_R_A_D_I_S_E  !   

I've bookmarked it, so hold my calls, please...I'm reading the marine schedule.  :D

MD 04/16/18 00:16

LOL!!!!   I'd love to.  They tell me it's non-stop food.    :D

stargzr 04/15/18 23:57

OMG !!!! Thank you so much.  :)))  Now could you just book me passage on one of them, ta.

stargzr 04/15/18 22:57

Love watching these cruise ships (I think) come in to port.

MD 04/10/18 15:07

Yes.    I bet there's a lovely view from Panorama.  It makes me sigh to think of it.  One day ...........

stargzr 04/10/18 14:47

Hi MD,  Perfect time for a cuppa at the coffee shop :)


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