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Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget
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Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

37373 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

37376 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

37379 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

37382 hours ago

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Comments (138)

MD 07/01/22 14:56

Hi Sue ..  it must make you wonder what is coming next.

Arizona Sue 06/30/22 05:03

Hi MD.  I had to stop watching the news when Roe was overturned by our Trumpian Supreme Court.   I thought I'd have a stroke!   All the marches and protests and advocacy in the 70s -- all for naught.  Arizona will most likely ban all abortions.   Grrrr


MD 06/28/22 17:50

Hi Sue and stargzr  ...    I can't believe that women in the United States of America now have less rights than guns do ...  and I'm pretty sure guns weren't mentioned in the bible.

This is my weather today:

Arizona Sue 06/25/22 06:33

Hi MD and Stargzr.  Good to see you both on this cam.  I can't get live feed but at least I know that you two are live!

MD 06/19/22 21:38

OMG!!!!!!   A blast from the past.  I can almost smell the coffee .....  and cakes!

stargzr 06/19/22 18:58

Hiya, Sue, and welcome to Panorama.  (just one of the many lost cams).  Good to see you!  I'm sure you're counting the days until you go on your trip.  I'm looking forward to hearing all about it....  I'll travel vicariously.  :))

Thankfully, we're staying cool here in Oregon, compared to those South and East of us.  

Have a lovely Sunday - or whatever day you read this.  lol



Arizona Sue 06/19/22 06:12

Hi Stargzr!

stargzr 06/16/22 17:58

Hey, MD...I'm waiting for you here at Panorama.  Coffee's ready!

MD 12/06/20 15:13

Stargzr .......  I wonder if we'll ever get here for coffee.  :D

MD 12/22/19 21:29

Yaaaaaaay!   That vessel is all lit up.  I wonder if it's going anywhere.

stargzr 12/22/19 21:18

It's back for me.

stargzr 12/22/19 21:00

Me too, but it'll probably come back.  :)

MD 12/22/19 20:57

Oh dear.  All I get now on that link is this:

This is a placeholder for the subdomain

stargzr 12/22/19 20:36

........winter in the town.

MD 09/29/19 22:07

OH WOW!!!!!!! That has to be your best find. I've bookmarked it. I look forward to daylight.

stargzr 09/29/19 20:39

Hey, MD, look what I found. :)

Silver Squirrel 06/20/19 22:01

I hope things are OK with Trix.

MD 06/20/19 18:05

Moose, thanks for that ........ I hope it works.

Moose 06/20/19 17:36

I guess it is time to try that thing that I used when you disappeared a while back and scared everybody. It worked then so here goes.


MD 06/20/19 17:00

"yes....I'm happy now....I've been fed...LOL"


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