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Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

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Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget
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4.80 from 10 votes
Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

506 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

509 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

512 hours ago

Overlooking Mehamn from Fabrikkberget

515 hours ago

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Comments (110)

Silver Squirrel 06/09/18 04:27

I’m still wondering what happened to Mira Bilis.  

stargzr 06/09/18 00:54

I'm on it, MD !  :D

MD 06/09/18 00:30

stargzr ........ don't forget to pump daughter for info on hubby's cruise.   :D

stargzr 06/08/18 23:51

Wish I was onboard  !!!!!!!

stargzr 06/08/18 23:42

I love it when the ships are in port.

Moose 06/08/18 17:25

I liked it funky and psychedelic.  Normal is too boring.

MD 06/08/18 17:05

Deathstalker ....... I guess I'll never know for sure.   :D

MD 06/08/18 17:03

I thought you were taking a bow.  I guess the "h" makes all the difference.  LOL

People do leave and there's no way of knowing why.  My daughter, BJ, is under instruction to tell Trix on the Eindhoven cam ..... in the event of my demise.   :D

Deathstalker 06/08/18 17:01

Maybe I did that. ;)

stargzr 06/08/18 16:49

Hi, MD......I'd LOVE to take credit, but it was just good timing,  :)   And, BTW.....why would I EVER leave Opentopia??? 

MD 06/08/18 16:40

Stargzr ....... did you do that????   If you did ..... you are forbidden to leave Opentopia ... ever!  :D

MD 06/08/18 16:39

Hi Deathstalker ...... I thought it looked good ........  very arty.

Deathstalker 06/08/18 16:11

The video looks like an artwork.

stargzr 06/08/18 16:07

Ta Da !!!!!

MD 06/08/18 15:22

Hi stargzr ....... I do hope they put it right soon.

Ps  ...... I did watch the wedding.  I thought it was lovely.

Deathstalker 06/08/18 15:07

Ya, the color is off.

stargzr 06/08/18 14:47

I think we have a cam problem :(

MD 05/19/18 01:01

You need "hee."   :D    The only thing I've read about this wedding is that Prince Charles will walk Meghan down the aisle.  I've avoided everything about it but I'm sure I'll have to tune in tomorrow to see how it goes.  :)))

stargzr 05/19/18 00:22

Hi, MD......check last msg I sent.  Enjoy the Royal Proceedings.  :D

stargzr 05/18/18 23:29

Another ship on its way out of port.....ahhhhh.  By the way MD, if you're observing, don't forget to go to bed early tonight.  You've got a BIG day tomorrow, what with the "wedding" and all !!!!  Hee


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