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Overlooking Izhevsk
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Overlooking Izhevsk

6 hours ago

Overlooking Izhevsk

9 hours ago

Overlooking Izhevsk

12 hours ago

Overlooking Izhevsk

15 hours ago

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Comments (15)

Mira Bilis 12/11/15 20:12

Christmas tree in the square ... this camera pans around a lot so it's not always visible.

MD 11/29/15 14:12


N Q 11/29/15 14:04

It looks like they've changed the view here to a giant skating rink.

MD 04/18/15 17:29

NQ .... I was starting to despair but I've cheered up because I've noticed an improvement today. I need my Opentopia fix! LOL

N Q 04/18/15 17:21

MD some of the cams that are starting to work on Firefox have stopped working for me on the Chrome browser :(

Firefox has come out with another update so maybe you and trix have gotten that one already. I haven't taken it yet because my antivirus is doing it's weekly scan right now.

MD 04/18/15 16:49

Trix ......This cam is working for me. Maybe you're right ... slowly but surely the cams are coming back.

MD 12/20/14 14:38

Hi NQ....yes... lots going on.

N Q 12/20/14 14:29

There's lots of activity around the tree tonight--too bad this cam is blurry !

MD 12/01/14 22:32

I think it looks beautiful right now.

Mira Bilis 12/01/14 22:17

Cam page ... I notice there's an Amaks Hotel here too.

trix abound 09/21/14 12:57

somebodys moving the cam...

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 01/21/14 18:55

OMG, yes I love it!!

Mira Bilis 01/21/14 18:48

LOL ... a pervathon! ;-)

MD 01/21/14 18:36

I can see another competition coming up! :)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 01/21/14 18:25

Here is another "peeping tom" cam.


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