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Comments (15)

MD 08/11/18 12:16

Hi Liese ..... I'm not in France now but I spent 15 lovely years there. 

I take my hat off to you for getting your French Literature ....... I didn't ....... but I got French Language, English Language and Literature. I got other certificates for subjects that were no earthly use other than to impress employers.  I still have them exactly as they were presented to me ...... with a little green ribbon wrapped round them.  Takes me back.   :D

MD 08/11/18 12:03

Hi Silver Squirrel ...... Berlin is a lovely place.  I'd love to go to the Oktoberfest at Munich.  I think I'll put it on my bucket list.  :D

Silver Squirrel 08/11/18 02:37

My husband and I were in Berlin last December.    It was cold and wet but we loved the city and its vibe.  Hope to go back.  

Liese Lindemann 08/11/18 01:50

Are you still in France, MD? I love the French - my degree is in French Language and Literature. Your set -up for biking sounds wonderful!

MD 08/09/18 13:46

I can believe how you feel.  That was how I felt about France ......  I had to go and live there.

Biking days are over.  Hubby had a Honda Gold Wing Aspencade.  It was like sitting in an armchair.   We had helmet to helmet intercom so we could chat.  It was such fun.

Liese Lindemann 08/09/18 12:17

MD, no,  but I honestly lost my heart to Berlin and Germany when I went there for a holiday in 2015. Since then, believe it or not, I feel the pain of being displaced EVERY single day.

Liese Lindemann 08/09/18 12:12

And so interesting that you were / are a biker!

MD 08/09/18 12:12

Hi Liese ....... homesickness????  Are you from Germany?

Liese Lindemann 08/09/18 12:11

...Couchsurfing is one of the truly beautiful things in this World. My son and I have not yet stayed with anyone in their spare room, but we have had the huge privilege of being hosts. It feels so good to open your house to a stranger, to feed them, take care of them and to converse with them

Liese Lindemann 08/09/18 12:05

Hahaha MD! I know that feeling of longing too and no-one has put me in their suitcase either :-(

German has a good word for longing - Sehnsucht - although in my case the pain of yearning feels like Heimweh. How kind and lovely of your hosts in Fussen! I'll tell you, MD - Couchsurfing..


MD 08/02/18 19:42

We stayed at one bed and breakfast in Fussen and the owners had put a fridge stocked with local beer and other drinks on the landing.  You were invited to help yourself and tell them what you had taken when you checked out.  We stayed several nights and the fridge was re-stocked every day.  We kept a tally of what we'd had and when we checked out they took our word for it that we hadn't taken any of their wine etc ....... just their lovely beer.  And at that time we were motorbikers.   I love their attitude.  My hairdresser is going to Berlin in October.  Pity I'm too big to sneak into her suitcase.  :D

Liese Lindemann 08/02/18 18:52

That's a brilliant site and one I have never seen! Looks really good - thank you, MD :-) 

I think that most German people are just lovely and very helpful.

MD 07/31/18 14:18

Hi Liese ........ I've visited Germany several times and found the people to be very hospitable. There are always jokes about towels on sunbeds at the crack of dawn but we never saw that side of people ........ mind you ...... we weren't near a pool!   :D

Liese Lindemann 07/31/18 04:45

Pankow, not very far from Prenzlauer Berg, which is the place I love most.

MD 04/24/17 17:02

Another new one to me.


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