Arctic Circle from the Polcirkelhuset on Stora Vägen

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Arctic Circle from the Polcirkelhuset on Stora Vägen

4 hours ago

Arctic Circle from the Polcirkelhuset on Stora Vägen

7 hours ago

Arctic Circle from the Polcirkelhuset on Stora Vägen

10 hours ago

Arctic Circle from the Polcirkelhuset on Stora Vägen

13 hours ago

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Comments (24)

MD 10/04/16 15:16

Thanks Nicola.!topic/gec-earth-browsing-moderated/4Sg4FgJ001w

Nicola snowlover 10/04/16 12:29

This is an artic circle marker there are lots of these around the world where the artic circle runs through.!topic/gec-earth-browsing-moderated/4Sg4FgJ001w

MD 09/18/16 12:42

I believe you.    :D

Rain Shadow 09/17/16 20:51

When you discover the answer it is actually quite simple.  The flags represent all the nations with land within the Arctic Circle.

MD 09/13/16 12:52

Hi Larry Mac ..... I can't help you. I've spent ages Googling  but couldn't find out a thing. I'm sure Mira would know something about it.

Larry Mac 09/13/16 11:44

What is the meaning of the eight flags, I tried to research it but had no luck.

MD 04/25/16 12:23
MD 04/25/16 10:32

It makes a change to see it light in the day!

Just noticed Mira's jigsaw link.  Thanks Mira.   :D

deacon 04/25/16 01:35

Kind of neat to see the sky bright again at night.

Mira Bilis 02/06/16 16:17

Happy National Sami Day ... they should add the Sami flag ...

MD 11/12/15 12:22

The flags look frozen into place.

deacon 11/12/15 11:12

Sure does look wintry here today.

deacon 09/21/15 16:11

Pretty soon it's bye bye daylight.

MD 02/23/15 12:20

At a guess.... I'd say they're gonna get snow.  :)

deacon 02/23/15 11:28

Looks like some bad weather moving in.


CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/30/14 16:55

I would like to see this in person.

MD 07/07/14 22:11

Mira Bilis, I dip into the Cop Humour from time to time. I'm up to date, I only had to read back to the discarded England flags.  :D

Mira Bilis 07/07/14 21:46

A peaceful view.

Mira Bilis 01/26/14 21:01

Are you keeping up with the UK Cop Humour site?  There's been some great laughs on there lately.  :-D

MD 01/26/14 20:50

LOL!!!!      I didn't like to say the bit about the scrap! Graffiti for sure, and I really could picture someone putting a chain through this and dragging it away.


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