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Comments (9)

MD 12/20/17 16:32

24 hour clock is simpler.

Moose 12/20/17 16:04

For an interesting and baffling reading experience, look up 12:00am vs 12:00pm.

MD 12/20/17 16:00

20/12/2017 suits me ...... but it's all the same in the end. :D

Moose 12/20/17 15:45

Many places have different conventions for these things and much confusion can result. I prefer to specifiy exactly what is going on, like Dec 20, 2017. I guess saying "The twentieth day of December, two thousand seventeen" is a little overboard.

MD 12/20/17 14:12

I agree. It's back to front for me. In the UK we put the day, month - then year.

Moose 12/20/17 14:06

MD... You are correct. I am not real fond of the format that OT uses here, either, but putting the year first is just crazy.

MD 12/20/17 12:49

Moose won't like the date configuration ...... seems it's the way they do it in Japan. :D

MD 04/28/16 22:06

I'd not seen this before.

Mira Bilis 01/20/14 23:55

That clouds looks kind of ominous!


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