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Donitas Cantina on Elk Avenue
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Donitas Cantina on Elk Avenue

5 hours ago

Donitas Cantina on Elk Avenue

8 hours ago

Donitas Cantina on Elk Avenue

11 hours ago

Donitas Cantina on Elk Avenue

14 hours ago

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Comments (98)

Homely 12/16/19 22:50

Good old Crusty Butt!

Rain Shadow 11/27/16 21:51

This place reminds me of 'Bedford Falls' when it is covered in snow.

deacon 04/17/16 11:42

Merry Christmas.... atleast it looks like Christmas.

MD 02/01/16 02:45

Oh ..... camera angle has changed.

Mira Bilis 02/01/16 00:43

Very snowy here again.

MD 12/23/15 00:32

I love the look of the tree on the left. It would look even better with Christmas lights.

N Q 12/22/15 23:41

Donitas is looking like a winter wonderland painting again !

Mira Bilis 12/14/15 01:08

Festive lights on the lamp posts and a christmas tree in the distance. Cam page ...

Mira Bilis 10/22/15 19:58

Snow here too.

Mira Bilis 09/17/15 18:12

Beautiful flowers.

Mira Bilis 07/04/15 18:10

Big 4th of July crowds.

trix abound 05/17/15 15:32


MD 05/17/15 15:29

LOL!!!!! Sorry about that ...... hee

trix abound 05/17/15 15:21

MD....just want you to know my hair has successfully been glued back on my head!!!!!

MD 05/17/15 15:12

Trix ..... thanks to yesterday's lesson I've just been able to refresh!!!! :D

N Q 04/18/15 17:29

It looks like it's snowing here again today.

MD 04/17/15 19:51

Mira .... I expect there must be lots of nests in your trees.

Mira Bilis 04/17/15 19:08

I love raptors.  :)  The cooper's hawks are back in our wood again, building another nest.

MD 04/17/15 18:58

Mira ... I've not seen anything as grand as an eagle but we do have 2 or 3 buzzards that do the same thing. They circle for ages with barely a flap of their wings .... amazing birds.

Mira Bilis 04/17/15 18:45

I'm watching a bald eagle out of my window, circling high above on the thermals.  :)


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