Bob's Beach

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Bob's Beach
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Bob's Beach

3 hours ago

Bob's Beach

6 hours ago

Bob's Beach

9 hours ago

Bob's Beach

12 hours ago

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Comments (20)

MD 08/24/15 23:05

Smoke, clouds or just a dirty cam?

trix abound 08/23/15 16:50

MD....terrible....i know that in past years we have had beautiful sunsets due to fires in the west...and we have them now....reds, pink, orange and yellow!!!

MD 08/23/15 16:17

The fires haven't even made it to our news .... not a mention.

trix abound 08/23/15 16:12

i know....on Friday the news started out with these words...."California and Washington are on fire"!!!!

MD 08/23/15 15:58

Trix ... did you see the link that Mira put yesterday .... showing the areas on fire?   It was awful. I didn't realise how many fires there are. And 3 firefighters got killed. :(

trix abound 08/23/15 15:50

i looked it up....Stevenson is near the fire zone!!!!

MD 08/23/15 15:36

Trix ..... lots of Washington cams looked smokey yesterday but as Mira said ... the smoke blows quite a way.

trix abound 08/23/15 15:23

it looks bad!!

MD 08/23/15 14:51

This looks more smokey than yesterday.

MD 08/22/15 23:19


Mira Bilis 05/14/15 23:58
trix abound 07/29/14 18:21


MD 07/29/14 18:19

A boat!!!!!!!!!!!

MD 07/24/14 15:48

Looks like Washington State is gonna get some rain.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 02/07/14 00:44

Lol, I will change my name to Bob if I can have this beach!!

MD 01/29/14 12:02

All I can say is....... Lucky Bob!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 01/29/14 05:42

Lol, I found this webcam and it really is called Bob's Beach.

MD 12/07/13 18:02

Another lovely view.

MD 12/06/13 16:44



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