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Coastal Development & Realty - Holden Beach Cam

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Coastal Development & Realty - Holden Beach Cam
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Coastal Development & Realty - Holden Beach Cam

109 hours ago

Coastal Development & Realty - Holden Beach Cam

112 hours ago

Coastal Development & Realty - Holden Beach Cam

115 hours ago

Coastal Development & Realty - Holden Beach Cam

118 hours ago

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Comments (103)

MD 09/06/19 14:24

Oh my gosh!  .....  The sound made me jump. It's ferocious ....  just imagine what it must have been like on the Bahamas.  I hope it soon blows away from the coast.

Another good link.  We are getting a lovely selection of cams that will be good to look at in sunnier times.

stargzr 09/06/19 14:10

Off the coast of North Carolina.    5:20 pm EST

stargzr 09/06/19 11:45

Ta.   :)

MD 09/06/19 11:42

Nice one.  :D

MD 09/03/19 04:10

Rough sea.

stargzr 09/02/19 18:18

Yes, I remember what an ordeal that was for Dona.  Fingers crossed for everyone in the Southeast!

MD 09/02/19 17:02

I hope it's not as bad as they expect.  I see that Georgia could be hit again.  Dona has been evacuated before when Savannah got flooded.

Strange reflection on the cam  ....... but nothing strange on the beach.  :D


stargzr 09/02/19 16:31


stargzr 09/02/19 16:30

Speaking of happily married, or i my case happily divorced........hope the ex is prepared for Dorian.  At least I don't see any UFO's in the water !

stargzr 06/24/19 10:11


MD 06/24/19 10:07

You don't think they'll go home and check out Opentopia .................   :D

stargzr 06/24/19 10:01

They put 2 of them there just to toy with us.     LOL 

MD 06/24/19 09:27


Funny how when you know what it is ...... it's sooooo obvious.  LOL!!!

stargzr 06/24/19 08:08

uh oh  :)

MD 04/22/19 16:55


MD 04/22/19 16:54

So you know exactly what I mean.  The 99 year old used to be a teacher.  I visit her and she choses books to lend to me.  The first time it happened .... when I took the book back - she asked me questions on it.  Good job I really had read it.   The 94 year old worked in Elstree Film Studios when she was younger.  She showed me lots of photos of herself and she was a real beauty.  Actors obviously liked her .... so many pictures taken with them.  I love hearing stories from the past.

Bingo playing at 100!!!!!!!!!!   Brilliant. 

stargzr 04/22/19 16:28

OMG, I know!  I also live in a retirement community and there are many who are decades older than I who LOVE to tell stories about the good old days.  But you're right, they can be very interesting and I'm mindful that it's probably how I sound to my grandkids. !  My mother lived to be 100 and she was still entertaining us right to the end.  The evening before she passed she'd played Bingo and won 3 games.  :)

MD 04/22/19 16:09

LOL!!!   I'm surrounded by people like that 89 year old.  They home in on me.  I live in a complex that's for retired people, nobody under 60 is allowed.  There are 31 privately owned homes and we have a lady who is 103 years old.  On May the 4th I'm going to a birthday party for a lady who will be 99 and the following day .... another lady will be 94.  I have to allow about 30mins to get out of the place.  These oldies hardly leave the complex and the highlight of their day seems to be nabbing me on my way out ..... or home.  I'm not complaining.  Some of them have very interesting stories to tell from when they were young.  The trouble is .... when you've heard it 27 times already  .... it's a bit difficult to show the same enthusiasm as the first time of hearing.  LOL!!!!!

stargzr 04/22/19 15:06

Easter, schmeaster, the super market was crowded.  I HATE shopping of all kinds. (I guess I'm a disgrace to my sex but I even hate clothes shopping.)  I managed to attract the attention of an old man who wanted me to guess how old he was !!  He told me he was 89 and of course, I said he certainly didn't look it (he did), and that was all he needed to be my friend for life.  Took me some time to get loose and do my shopping but at least I made someone happy.  :D

Now everything's put away and I'm glued to the couch - sofa- futon for the duration.  Happy what's left of Easter!


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