Coastal Development & Realty - Holden Beach Cam

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Coastal Development & Realty - Holden Beach Cam
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Coastal Development & Realty - Holden Beach Cam

4 hours ago

Coastal Development & Realty - Holden Beach Cam

7 hours ago

Coastal Development & Realty - Holden Beach Cam

10 hours ago

Coastal Development & Realty - Holden Beach Cam

13 hours ago

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Comments (75)

stargzr 02/06/19 13:10


MD 02/06/19 12:55

I have no idea what the natural color my hair is ......  LOL!!!!!

stargzr 02/06/19 12:24

Too right, MD.......I never had gray hair before that experience!  LOL

MD 02/06/19 12:21

Hi stargzr ....... it took me ages to get over that traumatic experience.  LOL!!!!!!

stargzr 02/06/19 12:07

Beware, people!  Dangerous things lurk off that shore.  :o

stargzr 09/23/18 17:49

Don't worry....NO chance of that!  :D

MD 09/23/18 17:44

All I ask is that you don't let your ex know he was right!!!!!    :D

stargzr 09/23/18 16:36

No worries.......I'm sure something else will turn up to embarrass us !  LOL

MD 09/23/18 15:53

Shame really ........ I enjoyed that afternoon!   LOL

stargzr 09/23/18 14:32

Calm has been hurricane, no blue filter, no annoying stuff in the water !   :)

MD 09/14/18 23:13

No live feed.  I wonder if it's because of the weather.

stargzr 09/04/18 21:19


MD 09/04/18 21:11

If it had been like this the other day - we wouldn't have even noticed anything.  And I think I'd better stop right there.  LOL!!!!

stargzr 09/04/18 20:37

Blue filter's back and that's all I'm saying about this cam !!!!   :)

MD 08/28/18 17:49

I still can't get over the fact that we even thought it was a car!!!!!  Time to get new spectacles ......  :D

stargzr 08/28/18 15:54

A red one ?  MD, ever since our little excursion on the beach here I've been getting pop-up ads for beach tents....getting a little annoying.  :D

MD 08/25/18 17:17


stargzr 08/25/18 17:03

I "sort of" told the truth without mentioning any pertinent details......heaven knows I don't want his access to this !  :D

MD 08/25/18 16:59

My  "exactly" was to your penultimate comment.

Did you answer his email truthfully or did you obfuscate?   :D

MD 08/25/18 16:57

Exactly!!!!!!!   :D


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