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Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris
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Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

4 hours ago

Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

7 hours ago

Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

13 hours ago

Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

16 hours ago

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Comments (71)

Nic Picalato 01/12/21 00:14

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Taysy 08/07/20 23:53

Aww, where'd the spinning spotlight go? Darn you France! How could you?!

MD 05/10/20 00:49

Just checked their weather report ...... lightning and thunder storms.

MD 05/10/20 00:47

I think I just saw lightning.

Taysy 05/09/20 23:17

I think.

Taysy 05/09/20 23:17

Wait, what happened? the camera just moved.

MD 05/09/20 17:40

Lovely view.

Taysy 05/09/20 10:37

Mhm. I figured it would be.

MD 05/08/20 04:43

That's on the Eiffel Tower.

Taysy 05/08/20 00:03

Ooh. This is nice. Especially at night, due to the spinning spotlight. It's very hypnotising.

MD 07/20/19 19:03


stargzr 07/20/19 18:35

I'm sure it was in his mouth.  : )

MD 07/20/19 18:33

I know someone who had that but he couldn't remember which foot.  :D

stargzr 07/20/19 17:56

Fortunately both my grandsons have just developed bonespurs.

MD 07/20/19 17:52

US troops are going to Saudi.   :(

stargzr 07/20/19 17:24


MD 07/20/19 17:01

It's because I'm sick and fed up of hearing about Brexit.  I can watch your  ......  I was going to say politicians but it's really The Trump Show ..... and it doesn't bother me too much.  If I lived in the US I'd probably pay attention to the Brexit fiasco.  :D

BJ's fancy new phone has autocorrect.   We were texting about Trump's supporters and autocorrect split one word into 2  ........   bats hit.   What a polite phone.  LOL!

stargzr 07/20/19 16:45

*against.          I really do need to proofread !

stargzr 07/20/19 16:43

You're a better man than I, Gunga Din.  I no longer watch/listen to political doctor has advised againt it.  LOL

MD 07/20/19 16:28

I'm sure Trump will do whatever he wants to do but I don't think the UK are wanting another war.

I'm still hooked on the live updates on US politics.  I'm becoming numb at what Trump gets away with.


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