Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

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Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris
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Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

5 hours ago

Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

8 hours ago

Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

11 hours ago

Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

14 hours ago

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Comments (41)

stargzr 04/16/19 11:51


alice taylor 03/08/19 21:05

Very interesting! Thanks you

MD 11/09/18 22:01

Stargzr ....... I've been paying more attention to your politics than to the UK fiasco.  Thank you for that link ...... most enjoyable.  I hope Trump is made to squirm for all of the next 2 years.

stargzr 11/09/18 21:46
stargzr 11/09/18 21:30

 LOL  !

MD 11/09/18 21:27

Hahahaha.    I expect there will be people who gaze in awe at the orange blob ..... until they burst out laughing.

stargzr 11/09/18 21:10

Hi MD,    Right, my apologies were not that he'll miss the meeting, but that he's headed for that beautiful city at all.  :D

MD 11/09/18 20:54

Hi stargzr ......  I don't think he'll be missed ...... except in a good way.   :D

Taken from your link    "Diplomats in Washington said Paris did not push hard for Trump to attend the peace summit, and that both administrations were content for the president to skip the meeting."

MD 07/28/18 12:15

Hi Liese .....  I love Paris.  I've spent so many holidays there but it's impossible to see all of it.  I wish I was there now.

Liese Lindemann 07/28/18 07:22

Oh how beautiful!!! It is SO long since I visited Paris. In fact, I think that must be what is wrong with my life now. No travel :-(

MD 07/15/18 20:48

Hi Moose ........ typical.   It was the football anthem for the French football team way back in 1998 when they won the world cup.  It was a great day to be in France!!!!

Moose 07/15/18 20:14

"The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

MD 07/15/18 18:43

Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!   Allez les bleus!!!

MD 07/14/18 12:05

Happy Bastille Day.

Rain Shadow 09/18/17 17:53

Some nice fall shades appearing here.

MD 08/26/17 23:11

Very atmospheric.

Rain Shadow 08/26/17 22:49

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