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Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris
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Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

11595 hours ago

Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

11598 hours ago

Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

11601 hours ago

Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

11610 hours ago

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Comments (77)

Taysy 08/30/21 23:44

I'm alive!! Does anyone remember me?? LOL!

MD 07/22/21 23:20

Hi stargzr   ....  good to see you and that's a very nice link.  I love to see Jon on Stephen Colbert's show.

The Delta variant seems to be going berserk all over the world.  I'm glad you took advantage of the lull last week.

Have fun and stay safe.

stargzr 07/16/21 21:11

Hiya Sue, (and all)

I barely remembered how to sign on here.  :)   When I turned 80 a few months ago, I realized I was spending WAY too much time in front of a screen and needed to wean myself from the laptop and get back into real life.  I do manage to peek in to this site every so often, just to check on everyone.  But I'm still here and "taking no prisoners".  LOL

Been unbelievably hot for Oregon this summer but getting back to near-normal has helped a lot.  Had a lovely lunch with friends in a cute place by the river....maskless and exchanged hugs.  (soooo nice)

I hope to check in here one day soon and see you are off on one of your fabulous trips!

Meanwhile, stay well, stay happy, and above all.....Stay Human. :D

MD 07/16/21 14:59

Hi Sue ....  I love Grenoble.  We used to stay in a hotel on a street that had alternating chestnut and horse chestnut trees.  It was so pretty when they were full of blossom.  Petit Suisse is actually made in the Normandy district of France .....   I have a French cheese map.  LOL!

I had a similar friendship with my first mother in law.  We stayed friends after my hubby left, mind you ... she was his stepmom.  In the fullness of time she split from her hubby and came to live with me and my kids, bringing with her a teenage daughter.  We used to have great fun.

I used to drive through the French Alps every year when we went on vacation to England.  Beautiful region.

As we lose more cams - we lose more people.  Beware, the end is nigh.   :(

Arizona Sue 07/16/21 01:39

Grenoble!  LOL.  I can't type this afternoon.   We toured the French Alps and I enjoyed the French pastries and something called Petti Suisse.   It's cheese concoction that I've never found in the States.

Arizona Sue 07/16/21 01:38

It was July 1973 when I first travelled to Europe and had a wonderful time with my then mother in law, who was born in Genoble.   She and I travelled together and were there for Bastille Day.   I miss her friendship (she died a few years ago) but I didn't stay married to her son!  LOL.   Ah, such great memories.   I hope you are doing well and still commenting here.  I often wonder where people go, just like you.  Where is stargzer?   Ed Hilver?   Kyle?   Deacon?

MD 07/14/21 15:55

Happy Bastille Day.  Vive La France!

Taysy 08/07/20 23:53

Aww, where'd the spinning spotlight go? Darn you France! How could you?!

MD 05/10/20 00:49

Just checked their weather report ...... lightning and thunder storms.

MD 05/10/20 00:47

I think I just saw lightning.

Taysy 05/09/20 23:17

I think.

Taysy 05/09/20 23:17

Wait, what happened? the camera just moved.

MD 05/09/20 17:40

Lovely view.

Taysy 05/09/20 10:37

Mhm. I figured it would be.

MD 05/08/20 04:43

That's on the Eiffel Tower.

Taysy 05/08/20 00:03

Ooh. This is nice. Especially at night, due to the spinning spotlight. It's very hypnotising.

MD 07/20/19 19:03


stargzr 07/20/19 18:35

I'm sure it was in his mouth. : )

MD 07/20/19 18:33

I know someone who had that but he couldn't remember which foot. :D

stargzr 07/20/19 17:56

Fortunately both my grandsons have just developed bonespurs.


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