Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

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Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris
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Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

5 hours ago

Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

8 hours ago

Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

11 hours ago

Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of Paris

14 hours ago

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Comments (30)

MD 07/28/18 12:15

Hi Liese .....  I love Paris.  I've spent so many holidays there but it's impossible to see all of it.  I wish I was there now.

Liese Lindemann 07/28/18 07:22

Oh how beautiful!!! It is SO long since I visited Paris. In fact, I think that must be what is wrong with my life now. No travel :-(

MD 07/15/18 20:48

Hi Moose ........ typical.   It was the football anthem for the French football team way back in 1998 when they won the world cup.  It was a great day to be in France!!!!

Moose 07/15/18 20:14

"The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

MD 07/15/18 18:43

Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!   Allez les bleus!!!

MD 07/14/18 12:05

Happy Bastille Day.

Rain Shadow 09/18/17 17:53

Some nice fall shades appearing here.

MD 08/26/17 23:11

Very atmospheric.

Rain Shadow 08/26/17 22:49
MD 07/23/17 19:19

Tour de France is over. Roll on next time.

MD 07/14/17 11:55

Happy Bastille Day.

Rain Shadow 07/02/17 22:22

I thought you would be watching, M D. 

MD 07/02/17 21:19

Rain Shadow ..... I didn't watch today because it was Dusseldorf to Liege. Once they are on French soil I'll be glued. One year the tour came through the next village to our home, a tiny place called St Laurent de la Cabrerisse. It was a great day. My abiding memory is of the smell of suntan cream on the cyclists and the number of people handing over bottles of water. Part of the route is on the roads through the alps. I've driven those roads and I'm amazed that the cyclists can climb so high. Alpe d'Huez is steep and like a corkscrew. My biggest disappointment was finding out about Lance Armstrong but these things happen.

Rain Shadow 07/02/17 20:04

M D, I trust you are following the Tour De France?

Rain Shadow 05/09/17 18:29

Beautiful view on the direct link, especially on x1 view size

Blue Grass 05/07/17 23:20


Blue Grass 05/07/17 23:19
MD 05/07/17 19:09

I like him.

Rain Shadow 05/07/17 19:04

Congratulations, Monsieur Macron.

Blue Grass 03/12/17 23:21

 This is one of my favorites, so the bugs can do their thing, i believe in sharing the planet and cams with all life forms.


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