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Hyannis Marina

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Hyannis Marina
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Hyannis Marina

102 hours ago

Hyannis Marina

105 hours ago

Hyannis Marina

108 hours ago

Hyannis Marina

111 hours ago

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Comments (100)

MD 06/01/15 19:11

Very nice. Last year Trix and I were looking at a lovely yacht that had disco lights. I hope it comes back this year.

Mira Bilis 06/01/15 17:23

Big boat is back.

N Q 03/20/15 15:33


MD 03/20/15 15:30

A cat in the marina.

MD 02/09/15 18:49

No luxury yachts today.

MD 01/28/15 02:02

Which is why I keep so much chocolate at home!!! :D

trix abound 01/28/15 01:36

MD...sometimes isolation is a good thing if there is chocolate in the house!!!!

MD 01/28/15 00:58

Trix..... don't you mean you must have done something right? It's your lucky day that he's confined. LOL!  I had to go out so I couldn't have a jammies day but maybe tomorrow.....  :))

The moors are bleak and the roads are narrow. If it snows you stand a good chance of being trapped. They don't send snow ploughs over the moors. Where I am, the buses don't come if there's a snowfall. The hills are too steep. My first winter here - we were isolated for days.

trix abound 01/28/15 00:32

MD...i'v been in jammies all day now....hubby has a bug up his a**(i must have done something wrong) so he is confining himself to the bedroom as my punishment :D

trix abound 01/28/15 00:20

MD...why is it silly to go to the Moors?  is it like "the other side of the tracks?"

MD 01/28/15 00:00

Trix.... I'm assuming that is "park your car."  In the UK if you're going anywhere like the Moors, assuming you are silly enough, you're advised to pack your cars with blankets, flask of hot drink, shovel etc.

trix abound 01/27/15 23:55

snow has stopped for now...another snow storm coming friday...i don't want to talk about it...LOL...we only have maybe 5 inches....i love the way Bostonians talk!!   "pahk ya cah"...LOL

MD 01/27/15 23:46

Trix.... thanks for the link. I'm glad the snow is the other side of the Atlantic.  I love the comments.... gotta be serious to shut the liquor stores.  How is the weather for you?

trix abound 01/27/15 23:36

here's a few pics!

trix abound 01/27/15 23:29

and in new hampshire...In the category of hell-freezes-over, Roger Carroll of The Telegraph of Nashua, in New Hampshire, sent out this Tweet: “Here’s how you know storm is serious: NH is closing liquor stores on Tuesday. #nhpolitics #hellfreezesover”

trix abound 01/27/15 23:26

OMG...i love this...LOL....   Massachusetts state officials used electronic signs on highways to speak to Boston drivers in their native language: “Wicked Big Storm Coming. Pahk Ya Cah!”

trix abound 01/27/15 21:39


MD 01/27/15 21:29

Best not to let them sink too far.  We have to keep our sense of humour.

trix abound 01/27/15 21:21 takes time for some of the horrid things done to sink into my head!!

MD 01/27/15 21:07

I shall work my way through that link...... it may take some time. LOL


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