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Western Nevada College - Jack C Davis Observatory

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Western Nevada College - Jack C Davis Observatory
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Western Nevada College - Jack C Davis Observatory

5709 hours ago

Western Nevada College - Jack C Davis Observatory

5712 hours ago

Western Nevada College - Jack C Davis Observatory

5715 hours ago

Western Nevada College - Jack C Davis Observatory

5718 hours ago

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Comments (13)

MD 09/23/17 23:09

It must have been ok at one time ..... judging by the first comment.  :D

Rain Shadow 09/23/17 22:37

I can move the camera around in Pale Moon - the screen has a contol panel with arrows for moving it left and right, or up and down - plus zoom buttons.  Unfortunately, the camera automatically defaults back to looking at the ground after a couple of minutes, hence the boring view most of the time.

MD 09/23/17 22:08

I just had another look at the link and someone was controlling it   ...... but I could still only see the ground.

Rain Shadow 09/23/17 21:39

Not many folks do now, M D.  I still have it enabled on my Pale Moon browser, but not on any of the others.

MD 09/23/17 19:57

No Java.

Rain Shadow 09/23/17 18:35

For anyone still using Java, there are controls for this camera

zedyer1 03/04/17 22:02

I tell you ya dont find floors like that nowadays. a classic floor only floor enthusiasts can enjoy. I will be bookmarking this camera for my floor collection folder 

MD 03/04/17 19:52

If you look at Animation of Last Snapshots ..... you get a close-up.   :D

deacon 03/04/17 19:02

Such a nice view of the floor.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/03/14 04:19

I am not big on crowds. When I go to Vegas I stay in old downtown and try to avoid the strip. Not as many people but I still get to enjoy the beautiful lights. 

Mira Bilis 08/03/14 04:14

Most cities do look pretty by night but I have to admit that Vegas, and other big casino cities like it, don't really appeal to me.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/03/14 03:58

I have only been here once. It was awesome. Like a little Vegas.

MD 07/15/13 19:16

I like this.


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