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Whitman College - Reid Center Café 66

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Whitman College - Reid Center Café 66
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Whitman College - Reid Center Café 66

2768 hours ago

Whitman College - Reid Center Café 66

2771 hours ago

Whitman College - Reid Center Café 66

2774 hours ago

Whitman College - Reid Center Café 66

2777 hours ago

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Comments (12)

MD 11/23/17 16:57

I've tried every Reese's product that they sell in the UK. I love them all.  

Moose 11/23/17 15:39

I have Resse's cups.  And Reese's Pieces.  And even Resse's cups with Pieces inside of them!

Moose 11/23/17 15:38


MD 11/23/17 15:34

Snacks and drinks on hand?

Moose 11/23/17 15:19

I am planning to sit in my recliner and watch (American) football all day.  The perfect Thanksgiving!

MD 11/23/17 14:14

Thanks for the info.  I don't think stores should be open.  My daughter works in a Spar store and a few years ago they had a manager who was a Jehovah witness. He had the store open on Christmas Day.

I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving Day.

Moose 11/23/17 13:58

Hi MD... In general it is a national holiday and for a long time there was nothing open except for bars.  However, a few years ago a trend started with some stores being open to cash in on holiday shopping.  This seems to be slowly reversing itself and everything will be quiet on Thanksgiving once again.

MD 11/23/17 13:13

Hi Moose ...... do people have to go to work/uni etc on Thanksgiving Day?

Moose 11/23/17 13:03

Kinda quiet here for the holiday.

49411 02/19/17 07:39
Mira Bilis 10/01/13 20:54

Whitman College. :)

kyle 02/23/12 22:47

I believe it is called a quade, in any case, it is connected to a well know college


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