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Toggenburg Alpaca Ranch
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Toggenburg Alpaca Ranch

4 hours ago

Toggenburg Alpaca Ranch

7 hours ago

Toggenburg Alpaca Ranch

10 hours ago

Toggenburg Alpaca Ranch

13 hours ago

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Comments (84)

Joe Hector 04/11/22 06:55

Just had an alpaca get up close to the cute!

MD 03/23/22 13:49

Hi Sue ...  I was trying to find out if alpacas are grouchy and found that there are at least 4 alpaca farms not far from me:

This link tells you that alpacas spit ... but only at each other:

Arizona Sue 03/21/22 16:29

All I can think of is a nice warm alpaca sweater and giving these sweet animals a pet on the head.   Or maybe they are grouchy, like mules or camels.  

deacon 01/18/22 15:37

Good to see this camera is still working. Many have ceased to exist.

shark gao 04/07/20 16:41

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MD 11/29/19 17:29


stargzr 11/29/19 16:49

MD 01/28/19 08:36

There are wolves in Switzerland but no cougars or coyotes. Alpacas must have chased them off. :D

Rain Shadow 04/03/17 18:11

Such beautiful and smart animals. More and more sheep/cattle ranchers are using them as "guard dogs" these days. A much more natural and humane way to see off threats from wolves, cougars, coyotes, etc.

Mira Bilis 11/18/15 16:13

Aww ... hiding among the hay bales.

deacon 09/30/15 15:47

About a dozen Alpacas seem interested in the chicken pen next to them. I see drum sticks.

MD 04/14/15 16:24

Camera angle seems to have changed.

Mira Bilis 04/14/15 16:06

Someone needs to clean the window and get out the fly spray!

MD 01/25/15 15:59

I love this cam.

N Q 01/17/15 16:14

it looks like some of them are just standing around the local feeding hole gossiping or catching up on the days happenings :)

Mira Bilis 01/17/15 16:08

Feeding time ... how cute.

MD 12/30/14 14:20

WOW!!!!! They didn't get this much last winter.

deacon 12/30/14 10:51

They have gotten a lot of snow here recently. Looks nice.

MD 12/14/14 16:53

Carol... brilliant find.

Trix..... interesting link.


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