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Comments (48)

silent observer 12/05/21 04:44


stargzr 12/11/20 18:56

Peut-etre.  :(

MD 12/11/20 17:41
Il n'y a rien que nous puissions faire.
stargzr 12/10/20 23:59

OK people, I give up.  Apparently, Opentopia is going the way of this site.......the trolls, spams, redirect ads are taking over.  C'est la vie.

MD 06/22/20 13:56

Come and do mine???   :D

stargzr 06/21/20 23:02

I've cleared a path through my living room.  :D

MD 05/07/20 23:06

Erm  ...... it depends where you look.  LOL!!!!!

I had it done purple on the 20th of Feb.  I always have the front left natural ..... which is white so looking at it from the front ..... it's white.  Thank goodness I can't see different colored roots.  I'd imagine looking at the back  ...... there must be new growth showing.  I don't look at it  .... and neither does anyone else because I'm indoors!  The roots could be white or grey.  I have no idea.  I've been having my hair colored for almost 10 years and I've had it done every few weeks so I never had "roots" showing.   Maybe tomorrow I'll have a good look.  :D

I had a text from my hairdresser today saying she misses me.  I'm sure she does ..... going purple isn't cheap.  I'm not complaining.  It's the only hairdresser I've been to that treats you to gin and tonic or vodka and lime as you have your hair done!  Other drinks are available.  In fact ...... going to the hairdresser is the only thing I really miss .... apart from visiting BJ.    :D

stargzr 05/07/20 22:13

I just have to ask......what color is your hair now?


MD 05/07/20 21:44

Yeah   .... but yesterday was official! Everything tasted even better.  LOL!

I'm not the slightest bit tempted to go anywhere.  Our deaths are increasing rapidly.  I don't intend to be among them.

Your Mother's Day sounds lovely.  BJ is still off work but is feeling much better.  We went to the hairdresser together on 4th of March when she had her hair dyed purple and I just had mine titivated!  The next time I saw her was 3rd of April when I took her some shopping.  She lowered a basket from an upstairs window and I filled it with groceries.  That's the last time I saw her but we email, phone and text a zillion times a day.  I miss binge watching things with BJ but we can do that later.  In the meantime I find plenty to keep myself occupied.  They stopped public transport coming to our little town so it would be impossible to go anywhere.  I may never go anywhere again ..... I've got so used to it.  :D

stargzr 05/07/20 20:20

Hiya MD,   EVERY day is INDD for me!  Dtr has been faithfully delivering supplies to me but I couldn't take it anymore.  I am just not a good stay home person, so out to the market I went.  It was about 1/2 the people wearing masks but everyone obeyed the 6ft rule and it was so nice to be able to browse the market shelves again. :)

This Sunday is our Mothers' Day so dtr and grandson are picking up a pizza for us and they will sprawl on the lawn while I sit comfortably on the patio.

Hope you and BJ are doing well.  Just enjoy the accordian music....LOL

MD 05/07/20 17:29

Ps  ....... Life Accordion to Trump:


MD 05/07/20 17:25

Hi girls ...... yesterday was International No Diet Day.   I had to gather in the goodies so that I could do the day justice!  LOLOL

And yes ...... jigsaw puzzles and US politics.  Trump doesn't want you to know the CDC's guidelines for safely re-opening America.  He wants people to die in ignorance.  The way I see it ..... he can get places to open up but he can't force people to go into restaurants etc.  He is a madman.

I've looked at Opentopia several times but didn't see any comments from you.  I must have missed them.  Mind you  ... there have been some prolific posters filling in the "Recent Comments" box.

stargzr 05/07/20 15:37

Hi Silver Squirrel.......I'm sure MD is keeping busy with her jigsaw puzzles and keeping up on US politics.  Hopefully she'll talk to us soon.

Stay safe and well !!

Silver Squirrel 05/07/20 06:36

Hi Stargzr.  I agree.  Soothing music and videos on YouTube of train rides in Europe help a lot.   Where is MD?

stargzr 05/06/20 22:39

In these trying times we could all use a little music to brighten our days.

stargzr 01/29/20 20:06

Ha !!!!!

MD 01/29/20 19:57

Oh wow!  That's really beautiful.  Those frosted trees ........

I saw snowflakes yesterday    ......  blowing past my window!  The horror .......

stargzr 01/29/20 19:42
MD 01/16/20 01:09


stargzr 01/16/20 00:48

clean up on aisle 7.....LOL


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