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Comments (33)

stargzr 01/29/20 20:06

Ha !!!!!

MD 01/29/20 19:57

Oh wow!  That's really beautiful.  Those frosted trees ........

I saw snowflakes yesterday    ......  blowing past my window!  The horror .......

stargzr 01/29/20 19:42
MD 01/16/20 01:09


stargzr 01/16/20 00:48

clean up on aisle 7.....LOL

MD 12/31/19 20:12

Thanks ......    LOLOL!

stargzr 12/31/19 19:54

Have a lovely time at BJ's !  Meanwhile, I'll Hogmanay my brains out.   LOL

MD 12/31/19 19:47

Hi stargzr .....  I've already looked at Oregon on Google maps.  It looks a beautiful place.

Happy New Year!

stargzr 12/31/19 18:27

Happy New Year to all ........from the beautiful state of Oregon !

MD 12/22/19 22:19

I noticed a while ago.  I wanted to read our comments again and have a good laugh!  LOL

stargzr 12/22/19 21:52

MD, did you notice that one of the missing cams is our infamous North Carolina beach site......:{

(was it something we said?)

MD 12/22/19 21:47

That's so very true .... there is no place like home.  I love mine.  :D

MD 12/20/19 03:28

He's a decent man .... a few years younger than my son.  I buy an Issue every week.  He was partly the reason I went out in the rain ....   today was my last chance to buy this week's Issue.  Plus .....  I wanted to give him a bit of cash for Christmas.  I'm sure he will have had plenty of gifts ... he's well-liked.  He's an educated man who had a life-changing accident.  I haven't asked about it but he seems to suffer with his nerves.  Or maybe I make him nervous. LOL!!!!

My knees are always unhappy but my back has come out in sympathy. Oh well ..... could be much worse.

stargzr 12/20/19 03:16

Had to Google "Big Issue", what a great idea!  I have empathy with the crawling up the hill......had a very busy day and my knees are unhappy with me.

MD 12/20/19 03:03

My food shopping was delivered, I put the perishables away and went out to the post office etc.  I chatted to the Big Issue seller for a while ...... crawled up the hill in the pouring rain,  got changed and had brandy.  The rest of my shopping still needs to be put away but it's gone 2am so it will sit where it is until tomorrow morning.  Brandy certainly makes you chill.  LOL!!!!

stargzr 12/20/19 02:42


MD 12/20/19 02:18

I didn't have Merlot tonight!!!!!!!   I went out to put my Christmas cards in the post and deliver the last few gifts and got absolutely soaked.  I decided a drop of Napoleon brandy would be more suitable.  And it was.  LOL!!

stargzr 12/20/19 00:27

OMG !!!!!  Words fail me.  I may have to get an early start on the Chardonnay after that mental picture.   : {


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