Higgins Beach

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Higgins Beach
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Higgins Beach

4 hours ago

Higgins Beach

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Higgins Beach

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Higgins Beach

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Comments (13)

stargzr 09/26/18 20:14

Google map=Arizona

MD 09/10/18 12:20

I think they use the "lucky dip" method when it comes to choosing a map on lots of the cams.  :D

Jack Schmitt 09/10/18 11:54

Yeah, I wish they would get the right map. AZ is a looog way from ME.

Mira Bilis 01/14/15 16:39

LOL!  Yeah ... it works on refreshing stills okay but still not as good as a live view.  :)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 01/14/15 16:37

Lol, I wish. First thing I would do if it was would make this cam live!

Mira Bilis 01/14/15 16:31

Did they name the place after you Carol?  ;)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 01/14/15 16:28

Wow, look at this view right now. I keep saying this but I so wish it was live!!

Mira Bilis 09/17/14 18:35

Works well with refreshing stills ... lovely view.

MD 09/07/14 12:39

Me too.  It's a beautiful view.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/07/14 12:32

I wish this was live.

JimE 03/24/14 19:57

One heck of a fine camera though!!

calibaby260 12/21/11 16:52

Lol, no this is in Maine

Debbie 03/24/11 13:17

Pretty sure this ain't Scottsdale, AZ.


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