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DLV Flight Center
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DLV Flight Center

10 hours ago

DLV Flight Center

13 hours ago

DLV Flight Center

19 hours ago

DLV Flight Center

22 hours ago

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Comments (10)

MD 04/23/20 14:15

Yes ......  I miss both of them.  Mira used to help me a lot with my laptop.  She would patiently talk me through procedures that to her must have seemed so simple ..... but I had difficulty grasping.  Having seen where Mira lives .....  there's no fear of them getting coronavirus from neighbors  ..... they don't have any.

As for Carol  .... we know she is ok.  Her avatar changes frequently, seeming to reflect the changes in her life.  I quite liked the look of her young man a while ago.  :D 

Carol and Mira identified most of these cams between them.

I do wonder about Dona.

Homely 04/23/20 04:45

My work here is done! And, may I say, I miss seeing posts from Carol and Mira :-(

MD 04/21/20 20:47

Well  ....... I really couldn't believe it.  LOL!!

Homely 04/21/20 19:37

Very funny, MD!!!

MD 04/11/20 18:56

Homely      ..........   :D

Homely 04/11/20 15:03

It's kinda weird how they've just left this one craft with the door open and the welcome mat out a the bottom of the stairs for hours and hours on end... as if everyone just ran out of there and closed up shop suddenly and haven't come back. I'd be afraid that mice - or worse critters - would get into the plan and create an infestation!

PS - can't believe I've found a cam on which MD has not yet commented! This must be a duplicate page :-)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 01/10/15 16:02

Ty Alan, lol.

alan 01/10/15 04:53

I agree with Carol


Mira Bilis 10/09/14 02:11

It's 'live' on refreshing stills ... kinda.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/09/14 01:51

I wish this was live.


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