Oceana's Herald-Journal, State St.

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Oceana's Herald-Journal, State St.
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Oceana's Herald-Journal, State St.

4 hours ago

Oceana's Herald-Journal, State St.

7 hours ago

Oceana's Herald-Journal, State St.

10 hours ago

Oceana's Herald-Journal, State St.

13 hours ago

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Comments (9)

trix abound 12/07/15 22:36

MD and Mira....use the candy canes to stir your hot chocolate :)

MD 12/07/15 22:30

Mira ...... we like them!!!!  What surprised me is the fact that they haven't gone soft. Lovely minty taste. Roll on Christmas!!!!!!!!!!   LOL

Mira Bilis 12/07/15 21:29

I have a few too MD ... they're nice for decorations but somewhat unpleasant to eat.

MD 12/07/15 21:14

Mira ....BJ did a bulk buy of candy canes last year ..... we still have enough for on the tree this year.

Mira Bilis 12/07/15 19:49

Candy cane decorations on the lamp posts.

Jack Schmitt 03/09/15 21:36

Looks like the snow is melting. Nice and sunny.

kyle 02/15/15 09:38

Hello there Feral, hope all is warmer there than its here.

This cam shows the ice sure enough, and likely in the day time it will show how hard the snow is falling

feralorchid 11/17/14 17:13

Oooh...like this one!

blanqui suarez 01/02/14 18:33



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