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Comments (11)

MD 12/14/19 20:09

Have Fun.

I bought 4 boxes on the 9th of November so it's an amazing feat that I still have 3 boxes left.

Merlot and quiche!!!!!!!!!

stargzr 12/14/19 20:05

OMG.....I got a sugar rush just looking at those links.  :D

Sorry about the storm but by my calculations it's Merlot time, so what the heck !

Gotta go get ready, so good luck on your scavenger hunt with H.  :)

MD 12/14/19 19:38

Pps ..... an investment ...... they are £15 here:

Thunder and lightning just started .... to go with the pouring rain.

MD 12/14/19 19:35

Ps ...... I forgot the 3 boxes of Belgian chocolates that are intended as gifts ..... there were 4.

I had them from Tesco.  Special offer - £10 instead of £20.

MD 12/14/19 19:29

You will never hear me criticize chocolate.  I have some from Ecuador,  Uganda,  France and Switzerland in house right now ... along with some UK stuff that I didn't know was from the UK until I just checked the label.  The Ecuador and Uganda bars were bought in the summer at half price .....  I believe they were priced wrongly and I bought a mountain of them.  Excellent stuff.  The UK stuff isn't such high cocoa content but it contains wholenuts so I can put up with it.  LOL!!!!!

stargzr 12/14/19 19:09

Indeed !

I was expecting some wisea$$ comment about Oregon chocolate compared to French, Swiss or Belgian.  HAHAHAHA

MD 12/14/19 18:57

Yes please!!!!!!   I love a good market  .... especially this time of year. 

I finished off the chocolate liqueur cherries yesterday.  Trix would have been proud of me.  :D

stargzr 12/14/19 18:39

HA !  

From the ridiculous to the sublime......will be going to Holiday Market today, can I pick you up some Oregon made chocolates?

MD 12/14/19 18:11

I knew you'd appreciate it.  :D

stargzr 12/14/19 17:05

Gee, thanks.    LOL !!!!!

MD 12/14/19 16:12

stargzr ..... another one for your collection.  :D


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