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Toledo Zoo - Polar Bear Cam
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Toledo Zoo - Polar Bear Cam

13155 hours ago

Toledo Zoo - Polar Bear Cam

13158 hours ago

Toledo Zoo - Polar Bear Cam

13161 hours ago

Toledo Zoo - Polar Bear Cam

13164 hours ago

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Comments (13)

Hilda Landeros 08/01/17 19:36


Animals need to be free†

they go crazy walking back and forth bobbing head up and down its not normal 'please dont go to the zoo say not seaworld please watch blackfish

doglover1111 08/20/15 22:24

Woah!!! The way he swims is amazing!!!

Mira Bilis 11/28/14 20:12

That endless pacing up and down that the bears do is a classic symptom of boredom.† If these animals must be caged then at least give them better enclosures with more things to enrich their daily lives.† :(

MD 07/27/14 18:59

I just saw a polar bear in the distance and it looks very small compared with spider!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 07/27/14 18:57

Lol, well I think she sunned herself to death.

trix abound 07/27/14 18:52

maybe spidy is just sunning herself...LOL

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 07/27/14 18:45

Is that a dead spider at the top middle there?

kyle 08/01/13 00:34

At least you Ladies found a bit of snow

MD 06/07/13 14:19

Well Dona, I chose the right time to look!!! One bear in the water and what looks like mother and two youngsters on the right. Oh.... and three people on the left looking at them.

dona brantley 06/07/13 00:25

the othe day one polarbear was doing baekstrokes in the water and the other was blending in to the backround on the right  now idont see any                          smile dona

MD 05/29/13 21:37

Hi Dona. At the moment there are plenty of birds pottering about but no polar bears. With over 4,000 cams, it's gonna take forever to see them all.

dona brantley 05/29/13 20:52

im glad ifound this one  smile    dona

Clint Elward 11/29/11 18:56

Hell Yeah..... Go the Bundy Bear.... Polarised even...


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