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University of Arizona - Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory
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University of Arizona - Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory

6 hours ago

University of Arizona - Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory

9 hours ago

University of Arizona - Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory

12 hours ago

University of Arizona - Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory

15 hours ago

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Comments (23)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/08/14 21:29

Awesome, I love the fog. I love to sit at the beach and watch it roll in off the ocean and envelope everything. Eerie but beautiful.

Mira Bilis 10/08/14 21:13

Foggy indeed Carol ... there's a lot of that about at the moment.†† :)

Here's the web page ...

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/08/14 20:54

Wow, foggy up here today!

trix abound 06/15/14 00:41

you'v heard of ghost hunters...we are UFO hunters...LOL

MD 06/15/14 00:32

LOL!† You and I seem particularly good at spotting them!† :D

trix abound 06/14/14 23:49

sorry MD...just assumed it was a givin...we all know about them...LOL

MD 06/14/14 23:45

Trix..... you forgot to mention UFOs!† LOL

trix abound 06/14/14 23:12

they are telescopes looking for other planets and galaxies...

trix abound 03/13/14 01:49

this....sorry...had a stutter there

trix abound 03/13/14 01:43

tthis is so cool...telescopes are open now....but i got me eyes opened looking for aliens

Janet Stevens 12/12/13 01:46

hi md, if you are still here the boxes are open now, it is 6:43 in Arizona right now.

MD 12/12/13 00:28

Thanks Janet. When I figure out what time that is in England, I'll have a look! Lol.

Janet Stevens 12/11/13 23:55

†Sorry, I should have said that ia Arizona time.

Janet Stevens 12/11/13 23:54

Hi MD, no need to go through the animations. If you tune in between 5:30 and 6:40 pm, you can see all the boxes open up and the lenses† come out.

MD 11/07/13 19:59

If you look at "Animation of Last Snapshots,"† at some point the box on the left is open.

MD 10/22/13 21:40

Hi Cathartic Angel. I've read your comment several times and I'm finally convinced you're right.

Plus, I Googled it!† :))

Cathartic Angel 09/28/13 01:34

Okay I'm gonna take a stab at this. The thingy in the upper left hand corner of the image is HATnet which you can google and see a home page for this project. HAT is Hungarian Automated Telescope and this is a group of six of them that are part of a project to detect planets around other stars.

The basic strategy is to take pictures that include lots of stars and repeat observations in the same patch †of sky and measure the apparent brightness of each star many times. Over time, some of them will get brighter and fainter in a regular way. There are two main reasons that can be happening. 1) the star has some kind of internal physics that makes its energy output (and hence brightness) go up and down in a regular way. This actually does happen and how fast it goes up and down can tell us some interesting things about those stars. OR... 2) The star could have a planetary system that we just happen to be viewing edge on (like looking at a plate edge on). When large planets pass in front of the star, they create a mini-eclipse. Just a tiny bit of the light is blocked and if you take a picture during that time, the overall light from the star will be a little less. Since the planet goes around and around the star, these mini-eclipses happen at regular intervals and so recording them can tell you that there's a planet there and something about relative sizes of the planet and the star it's going around.

kyle 05/24/13 21:42

Cant see a laser, so have no idea if this or not, maybe a compensating setup thats benign in finction, I never messed with this aspect before, so dont know

kyle 05/24/13 21:40

MD I waited til now to animate the last shots, it is some sort of compensating viewers, small telescopes, I'm guessing here, these might be part of a laser setup to compensate for atmospheric aberration, not sure, hopefully someone will come in that knows for sure. I'm so sorry, could not do this before, as when you told me, i couldn't, and later could not find the bugger hahahahaha Its optics, cant tell what type, but assuredly optics, set a distance from the primary Scope (Dome)  fascinating

kyle 02/22/13 03:10

MD, these seem to be some sort of extension of what ever they are using for observation, as i see nothing familiar in monitoring equipment hmmmmm perhaps seismograph  ????? ok, aliens works hahahahah


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