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Wright Brothers National Memorial - Monument Cam
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Wright Brothers National Memorial - Monument Cam

4 hours ago

Wright Brothers National Memorial - Monument Cam

7 hours ago

Wright Brothers National Memorial - Monument Cam

10 hours ago

Wright Brothers National Memorial - Monument Cam

13 hours ago

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Comments (9)

Gordy Weigle 08/14/20 07:14

For aviation buffs, the largest privately owned aircraft museum is in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Wittman Airport is close by, named in honor of the late Steve Wittman, an aviation racing pioneer.

One of his designs, the “Wittman Tailwind” resides in the museum, along with lots of memorable items. Including Steve’s pilot license; endorsed by Orville Wright!

I met Steve several times. On one occasion he was showing off details of his latest design, an enlarged version of the Tailwind, sporting a 230 hp converted Oldsmobile automotive engine. He named the plane the “O to O Special.” He also owned a home in Ocala, Florida and used it to commute between Oshkosh and Ocala.

Tragically, Steve and his wife perished in that airplane during a return flight from Ocala, due to an in-flight structural failure.

Tom Mac 11/28/13 21:29

This is useful information! Thank you kindly!

Debbie Mac 11/28/13 21:22

Not a notification per se, rather comments can be found on the Home Page, bottom right. :)

Tom Mac 11/28/13 21:15

I see, it's just that I'm wondering if some users on here are receiving notifications etc. alerting them of a comment or something because I personally just happened to click on this cam again and notice your comment thus being able to reply to it quickly.
You get the picture.
Thanks for the information anyway fair Debbie.

Debbie Mac 11/28/13 21:11

Killing time while dinner is in the oven, lol

Tom Mac 11/28/13 21:07

Curiosity abounds, how was it that you responded to my comment so quickly?

Debbie Mac 11/28/13 21:06

'Located inKill Devil Hills, North Carolina, commemorates the first successful, sustained, powered flights in a heavier-than-air machine.'

Tom Mac 11/28/13 21:00

What's the story behind this memorial?


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