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Winthrop University - West Center
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Winthrop University - West Center

844 hours ago

Winthrop University - West Center

847 hours ago

Winthrop University - West Center

850 hours ago

Winthrop University - West Center

853 hours ago

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Comments (14)

MD 04/28/18 12:00


Moose 04/28/18 01:43
MD 03/12/18 20:50

Me too ...... and I like to see it disappear as it hits the ground.   :D

Moose 03/12/18 20:34

I love seeing the first few snowflakes in the air.

MD 10/31/17 16:27

Happy Halloween!

Moose 10/31/17 15:39

Rain Shadow usually takes care of this kind of thing, but I guess it is up to me for now.  Happy Halloween everybody!

MD 08/22/17 20:24

Moose ...... only 3 pages but oh the imagination ran riot.

MD 08/22/17 20:04

Did I tell you about the cam where he saw a plane crash?  The "smoke" was still rising weeks later ....... it was a mark on the cam. Same cam ..... he saw a suspicious man in a car.  It was a parked vehicle. I couldn't see a soul.  I still have the cam and have a chuckle at it from time to time.  I'm so easily amused.   :D

Moose 08/22/17 19:29

Theories are fine, but page after page of unintelligible jibber jabber drove a lot of people away.  At least that is how it looks to me.  Not very many people posting comments any more.

MD 08/22/17 18:29

Moose ...... I sometimes miss Kyle for his conspiracy theories on a lot of cams.  Kyle Kyle  ....... no ....... I can't bring myself to do it!   LOL

Moose 08/22/17 18:09

If you prefer, we can all talk about Sleeping Girl.  Also, if you say his name three times he will probably show up.  Be careful what you wish for!

MD 08/22/17 17:35

Come back Kyle.   :D

Moose 08/22/17 17:00

People sitting outside having lunch.  Very exciting.

kyle 01/06/13 21:48

Cant be that cold, or that guy is up on something hahahahah wearing shorts


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