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Hangar Cam
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Hangar Cam

54387 hours ago

Hangar Cam

54390 hours ago

Hangar Cam

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Hangar Cam

54396 hours ago

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Comments (49)

MD 08/23/17 11:20

Moose ..... the picture he mentioned was about something he'd found ...... nothing to do with this cam at all. He used to tell me things "in confidence" and used to put  bits of information on different cams so that the whole story wasn't on one cam. I think he really was paranoid.

Moose 08/22/17 22:24

I was too busy looking at the guy in the car.  It is pretty fascinating that he said "Their track record is lose the picture and say it never existed and make it appear as if forged.", and then the cam went dead.  Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.  I wonder what are resident ex officer would think in this situation.

MD 08/22/17 22:03

So you zoomed in and saw it?    :D

Moose 08/22/17 21:21

I agree this is beautiful except for the upside down burning plane.

MD 06/05/14 14:34

A year ago I commented on that "plume of smoke" that Kyle said was from a plane crash he'd witnessed. And a year later it's still here. Cam definitely needs cleaning.

David, sorry, I have no idea.

Dave Osborne 02/18/14 09:09

Does anyone know whether this cam has an originating site, or where it comes from?

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/26/13 05:44

Please put the thumbs down for this facility name. Someone playing games again. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!!

MD 07/21/13 13:48

Hi Kyle, they still haven't cleaned the "smoke" off the cam!  :P

MD 06/01/13 12:29

Yup! Definitely dirt on the camera. It's an extremely windy day, as shown by the wind sock and that plume of "smoke" is still rising, 7 days later, going straight up to the sky, not being blown about at all.

MD 05/29/13 17:16

I just saw a plane approach from the right and land on the left hand runway. And as for the smoke, Kyle, I think it's dirt on the camera. It's been like that for days.

kyle 05/29/13 17:00

Hmm must be a new smoke plume, they are holding the camera on it today

kyle 05/26/13 11:58

yeah, it only looks that way, thought so, but when the picture was taken , something was on fire, hahaha got to get hold of myself on what is being shown, cant stand these small disasters , always want to help , its bothering me not to be able to alter what I'm seeing in any way.   Too early in the Morning, sorry, see ya later on kid,

BTW, nothing has changed in the picture material I found, and dont want notoriety on it either, so , not sure what to do, perhaps I'll do a cameo blackout on a local News station and complain that no one cares a whit about it, the harm hahahahah, one way to resolve the issue of the missing "person"  however somehow they, the ones in charge will attack again. Their track record is lose the picture and say it never existed and make it appear as if forged.

Done it before. 

Be well really have to run, blow up the picture kid, that silhouette is there of a plane, hahahah fooled again

Think I'll take a hiatus from the net, getting to me, all this looking at evidence on that confounded picture.

MD 05/26/13 11:46

Oh Kyle, yet another glimpse of your glee at another imagined disaster. If these WAS a plane down I doubt that it would be business as usual for the rest of these planes that are knocking about.

kyle 05/26/13 11:30

Although ,the fire is in the woods, someone needs to call the Fire brigade

kyle 05/26/13 11:28

I am ill this morning,. got into a hurry, sorry for the typos, half asleep yet.   Usually I spell check and othr things before sending,  The info is correct, blowing up the pictue show sa outline of what appears to be a plane under the smoke, hopefully its just a anomaly of the surroundings , gets kinda blurry at full magnification on this picture

kyle 05/26/13 11:21

THanks fpr yjr picture, uh, if you go back and lok close at that static picture , beyond the end of the Runway, in the wood, there is a plane upside down and on fire. Or it appears that way with the smoke.  Not sure if thats the approach or end of it, but there is something that appears as if aplane down. 

Other than that, its lovely,beautiful actually .   I hope what Im seeing is an anomaly of bloeing upthe picture

24116 05/26/13 10:46

this is not rourell, its SEVILLA  AEROCLUB2000.

MD 05/08/13 20:06

Kyle, you put a smile on my face. And that's what life's about. :))

kyle 05/08/13 18:48

I missed a point, uh, strapped to the waist, very good reason to use a profile

kyle 05/08/13 18:46

MD, Its so easy to see what one wants to see in unusualy circumstances, this looked like a bad situation, and circumstances made it appear worse, likely it was nothing at all in reality, I was writing to see if someone else was watching too, as two views usually is more true to what is happening.    Hmmm ask our resident ex officer what they would think in this situation hahahahaha  its like profiling for good reasons, Drunk and ranting (Likely disorderly)  18 to 35 with bomb material (Likely Arabic) and so fourth.  I jumped to conclusions, ooops hahahaha glad it was a fizzle


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