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Tynset Kommune on Torvgatan
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Tynset Kommune on Torvgatan

3 hours ago

Tynset Kommune on Torvgatan

6 hours ago

Tynset Kommune on Torvgatan

9 hours ago

Tynset Kommune on Torvgatan

12 hours ago

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Comments (21)

N Q 12/02/23 23:29

There's a lit up tree here too, it looks pretty with the snow in the background.

tracy berge 05/09/23 11:38

Honestly thank you so much for your page. I’ve perused all kinds of topics on your channel, and I always thoroughly enjoy all of your content.

MD 10/12/21 23:31

Hi Sue ... I agree.  I'm not a fan of dark, cold mornings.

Arizona Sue 10/04/21 22:30

BRR.  Even though part of my DNA is Scandinavia, I know I could never live in a dark, icy, cold climate for more than half the year.  Beautiful country, though -- during the warm 3 months of the year.

MD 10/16/17 13:07

Way557, thanks for that. I don't know why but I really like this cam.

Way557 10/16/17 12:35

md, its working now.

MD 03/27/17 14:21

I'm not getting live feed on this cam. Pity.

isaiah A. 11/27/16 23:11

I like this place! The christmas tree and the fact that it seems to quiet at the moment! : D

MD 07/20/16 18:34

A man is sitting on the chair now.

zedyer 07/20/16 18:09

Its where kyle gives his speeches

MD 07/20/16 18:07

King Kong? :D

zedyer 07/20/16 17:32

No but who the hell was that chair designed for??????????????

MD 07/20/16 15:00

Hi Zedyer ... this is one of my favourites...... did you see the train just go by?

zedyer 07/20/16 14:57

Hey this is cool

MD 07/30/15 14:59

This place looks much nicer without all that snow.

N Q 04/29/14 15:52

Mira the thunderstorms are staying south of us thankfully but we have been getting heavy rain and then this morning it turn cold enough for snow but it has just turn back over to rain.

We have had so much rain that there's flooding but not so bad that it's flooding houses yet but with a couple more days of rain there's a good chance some homes will have flood damage--better flood damage then tornados !

Mira Bilis 04/29/14 15:43

Ugh NQ! And I heard something about tornadoes heading up as far north as MN too ... is that the case? :(

MD 04/29/14 15:31

Oh N Q...... Darned snow!

N Q 04/29/14 14:58

They all look different with out snow !

by the way it's snowing here again :(

MD 04/29/14 14:01

This place looks so different without a blanket of snow.


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