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Cornell University - Tulip Cam

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Cornell University - Tulip Cam
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Cornell University - Tulip Cam

8177 hours ago

Cornell University - Tulip Cam

8180 hours ago

Cornell University - Tulip Cam

8183 hours ago

Cornell University - Tulip Cam

8186 hours ago

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Comments (13)

MD 02/24/15 18:27

I just saw a man at work.... these things are on wheels.

zedyer 09/24/14 13:50

Man I remember seeing this back in 2010 when I did that view.view,.shtml google hack searches...

trix abound 03/25/14 21:07

this is my new "happy place"

trix abound 03/21/14 18:28

coming to your nearest wall-mart store just in time for easter...

MD 02/27/14 16:52

Bright and cheerful.

MD 02/12/14 22:18

I have snowdrops that haven't seen a flake of snow. That MUST be cruel. LOL

Mira Bilis 02/12/14 21:08

LOL NQ ... they're probably okay under snow ... it's frost that is the killer.  ;-)

N Q 02/12/14 21:03

Mira I have a few free range tulips under a foot of snow--would that be considered plant cruelty LOL

MD 02/12/14 20:38

That's better. Makes a change from snow and rain.   :)

Jimmy Day 01/20/14 22:33

This is in the wrong place should be Amsterdam lol

Mira Bilis 01/20/14 22:29

I hate to see battery tulips ... they should be free-range.  ;-P

MD 12/07/13 15:04

I've looked at this several times throughout the year and never seen it full of anything, maybe just slightly more full than it is now. However, I WILL be keeping an eye on it!

Homely 12/07/13 14:58

MD, this might be one we should keep our eyes on - should be pretty if they fill it completely up with blooming tulips!


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