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Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

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Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)
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Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

21491 hours ago

Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

21494 hours ago

Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

21497 hours ago

Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

21500 hours ago

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Comments (7102)

MD 08/11/19 06:35

I just had to Google SEO.   LOL!

You're not burned out ....... you are vastly experienced.  :D

I've always had itchy feet. Where I'm living now is the longest time I've ever stayed in one place. 9 years ..... and it seems a lifetime.  Son is thinking of going to live in Wales so maybe I'll give that a try.  He's a nomad ...... daughter stays put.

I'm going to look at my travel brochure.  LOL!!!!

Homely 08/10/19 18:58

I am so with you on the itcy feet! I keep searching the internet for "interesting jobs abroad for burned out lawyers" - alas, to no avail. I used to be able to fall back on editing, but now that requires a lot of internet knowledge that I don't have. They all want you to not so much edit as to optimize for web search results. That's no fun, and I know nothing about SEOs. Sigh. 

MD 08/10/19 06:24

Hi Homely ...... you know what they say ....  Location, Location, Location.  When we first moved to France we had to buy in an area we could afford.  It was beautiful ..... foothills of the Pyrenees ..... but it wasn't where we really wanted to be. It took years .... and several moves until we got to the right place.  Luckily ... hubby was able to renovate each place.  We sold the first house for more than twice what we originally paid for it. With the extra money we were able to buy more upmarket and closer to where we finally wanted to be  ......  Port Grimaud.  I enjoyed the journey but if we'd had the money .... we would have moved straight to  Port Grimaud.

Austria is a more expensive place to live than Portugal but if you went to Portugal first, you might find you love it and don't want to move. You could enjoy living in Portugal on far less than $3,500.  Or ..... you could take advantage and save to move to Austria.  I love Austria.

So ....... keep working hard.  You know it'll be worth it.   And it's good to have a goal to aim for.

Now I've got itchy feet!  LOL!

Homely 08/10/19 06:02

Of course, I'd *really* love to live in Austria!

Homely 08/10/19 05:58

I'm sure you have! Now that DS is almost out of uni and DD is off in two weeks to start her college career, we are starting to look at downsizing. DH has a nice litte pension and social security. I hear you can live very nicely in Portugal on $3500 a month ;-)

MD 08/09/19 10:19

Ps ......  I'm sure I've done a jigsaw puzzle of this covered bridge.

MD 08/09/19 10:17

Hi Homely ....... like I've said to you many times before ....... work while you can and plan for early retirement.  I'm seeing the fruition of that.  I have my state pension, a small pension from the bank and a pension from the police force.

Thank you ........ such fun!!!   :D

Homely 08/09/19 09:57

Here's a little present for you, MD - it's not far from where DS is in school. I could watch it all day long! Sometimes there are swimmers, sometimes there are people floating downriver in tubes... etc. You'll love it!

Homely 08/09/19 09:49

Esta bien, gracias! Oh, you know me - work work work, then play really hard! Had a little vacation. Sadly, when we got back my beloved butterfly bushes were about spent for the season and now only a butterfly or two come by each day. And I had bluebirds nesting outside my kitchen window, but they seem to have fledged and gone away, as well. Must be almost fall!

MD 08/07/19 06:09


Cómo estás? I was wondering where you'd got to.


Homely 08/07/19 05:03

Hola, MD!

MD 07/11/19 04:43

672 web cams are available as of the last scan. You're one of 20 current visitors.

MD 06/29/19 06:41
681 web cams are available as of the last scan. You're one of 20 current visitors.
MD 06/27/19 16:26

From over 4,500 to this ....... very sad.

trix abound 06/27/19 15:41

697 now :(

MD 06/27/19 14:37

699 web cams are available as of the last scan. You're one of 21 current visitors.

MD 05/31/19 11:31

708 web cams are available as of the last scan. You're one of 19 current visitors.

MD 05/16/19 18:47

693 web cams are available as of the last scan. You're one of 22 current visitors.

MD 05/15/19 17:48

698 web cams are available as of the last scan. You're one of 16 current visitors.

MD 05/07/19 17:52

703 web cams are available as of the last scan. You're one of 25 current visitors.


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