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?@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

57644 hours ago

?@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

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?@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

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Homely 09/08/23 02:47

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Sounds like a wonderful, quiet holiday weekend of keeping cool. We had a snap of cool, dry air late last week and I got very excited. Even made some chili for dinner over the weekend... just in time for a new heat wave! Soon, though, it will be fall. I have faith!

Arizona Sue 09/05/23 02:31

Hi Homely.   It's a nice tradition to keep going.  In memory of MD.   Quiet holiday for us. Hubby worked a few hours from home.  I bowled with my Fall league.   Retirement is lovely.   Only 100 degrees today.   Normal for this time of year, but certainly not fall weather yet.  


Homely 09/04/23 14:02

263 web cams are available as of the last scan. You're one of 12 current visitors.

Good Morning, Sue! I hope you've had a lovely holiday weekend!

Arizona Sue 08/31/23 00:16

Hi Homely.   Yes, that is my recollection as well.  Her absence was very sudden and noticeable.   Hi to Stargzr!

Homely 08/30/23 15:10

I thought maybe I would pick this tradition up where MD left off. Her last post on this cam was 11/24/2022 - I think that was her last day online here. Hello to everyone - Stargzr, are you still out there?

258 web cams are available as of the last scan. You're one of 15 current visitors.

Homely 07/11/23 20:04

Trader P, if you're out there please say hello!

Arizona Sue 07/06/23 03:58

Thanks, Homely, for your continued interest in trying to get some information about MD.  


Arizona Sue 07/06/23 03:58

Thanks, Homely, for your continued interest in trying to get some information about MD.  


Arizona Sue 07/06/23 03:57

Thanks, Homely, for your continued interest in trying to get some information about MD.  


Homely 07/05/23 16:48

Hi, All - Am I imagining it, or are we seeing a lot of "old" cams popping up in the feed now that have not been seen in years? It's quite odd. 

I'm continuing to do some research in the background in some effort to engage in outreach to MD or BJ. Will let you know if I am met with any success.


N Q 06/30/23 22:22

Hi Homely & Sue, it did take some mental digging to come up with Indigo, I kept thinking his name had something to do with the color blue but demin kept popping up in my mind. He did have a certain cam that he would post to MD on so if that cam could be found, we might find his email addy. Unfortunately it taxed my brain enough to come up with his name, I don't think I'll come up with the cam he posted on and as I said he was having health issues back then.

There are so many online friends that I've lost in the last few years, some I know it was covid that killed them and others I assume it was covid. I was at a clients house yesterday when she got a call from a friend that she had lunch with the day before, her friend called to say she was pretty sick and she tested positive for covid, so I'm happy that besides wearing a mask yesterday I also didn't spend too much time in the same room as her... I have a housecleaning service.

We had pretty bad smoke on monday tuesday & wed this week so I kept a mask on while outside and until the fires are put out it looks like we'll continue having the waves of smoke.

Arizona Sue 06/29/23 01:43

Hi Homely and N Q.   I remain hopeful that we will eventually learn what happened to MD.   Phoenix has tried reaching out to a local newspaper in Devon.  No word yet.  I do remember Indigo.  

Homely 06/28/23 19:43

Hi, N Q - Great job digging through your mental database for that bit of info! I remember Indigo. So many who used to be on here! I did not realize they had been in direct contact. I am resolved that we will never know the rest of the story with the disappearance of MD. I am glad to see you still posting and hope you're well, despite the smoke! Our son lives in Vermont and was reporting really intolerable conditions again just a few days ago. 

N Q 06/07/23 18:44

Homely the person that MD was emailing is Indigo, he is from northern Wis. The reason I remember this is because I'm from Wis. Anyway back then he was in his 80's and not in good shape health wise. They started emailing each other after they put their email addies on here, I actually think that because Indigo wasn't pc savy that he probably put his whole addy on here and MD just emailed him. At the time I wasn't really interested enough to go looking through posts to see if I could find his or her addy. He quit posting in here as soon as MD started emailing him. It's been too long for me to remember what year that happened.

Homely 06/07/23 15:28

Ladies - I've just remembered that someone, and I think it was MD, was in contact with the person who ran the kestrel cam in Nebraska. A stretch, but wondering if contact with them might be productive...

Homely 05/04/23 20:06

Hi, Sue (and stargzr)! Sue, I was excited to hear of your travels. I'm certain that it was a very wonderful trip abroad and hope you've come home with many wonderful pictures and memories! It's very nice to see that we are all able to get out and travel again. I know that my feet were VERY itchy after having had to stay put during the pandemic :-)

Mr. Funch has been kind enough to respond to me. He said it's been years since he last heard from MD and, though he does remember her, he has no information to offer to us. That was my last best hope. I don't know what else to do. Suggestions always welcome, and I will keep checking back in here from time to time.


Homely 04/28/23 20:32

Arizona Sue and stargzr - I did reach out to Mr. Funch but have not yet had any reply. I continue to check back here in hopes of seeing some news of MD but my heart breaks a little more each time. I've left a note for Feral Orchid on Sherry's Sweet Shop in case she stops in. 


Arizona Sue 04/09/23 01:20

Hi Homely.   I think it's a great idea to contact Mr. Funch.  Let us know what you learn.  I do so miss MD and her witty and insightful remarks.  Happy Easter!   Or Happy Passover!   I hope you and Stargzr are enjoying some lovely spring weather.  Here in AZ, it's perfect weather this time of year.   The heat will come but for now the dry, warm desert air is heavenly.  

Homely 04/08/23 19:08

Hi, Ladies - I hope your Spring is lovely and the travels are going smoothly if they have started. I've exhausted all of my online detective skills and can find no sign. The only thing I can think of as a last resort would be to contact Mr. Funch directly to see if he has any info for contact points for MD - she would occasionally reach out to him due to site issues here. Let me know your thoughts. It's just so sad.

stargzr 04/02/23 23:14

Hi Sue,

Love how you covered your bases, there...and a happy Easter to you!  So you're off to Europe again.  I'm happy for (and envious of) you once again.  If you are planning on visiting your friends in Scotland, please say "hello" from a member of the clan MacKay.  I'll get over there one of these days.

I'm still on a high from the indictment announcement but trying not to get too hopeful.  Haven't heard much from Kari lately...don't tell me she's given up!!!

Off to daughter's place.  Glad all is well with you, have a fun week.  : >


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