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Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)
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Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

14124 hours ago

Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

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Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

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Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

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Comments (7011)

MD 10/12/18 23:11

824 web cams are available as of the last scan

MD 10/11/18 19:09

Hi lizardmomma  ..... it's amazing how much you can get done in the commercial breaks .....  that's a favorite trick of mine.  Those brownies sound interesting .......

Do as little as you want  ......  enjoy the day.   As for looking forward to getting older  ....... in my working life I had 2 jobs that paid pensions. At the time of leaving each employment I could have taken my pension payments in a lump sum.  I'm so glad I didn't.  I get state pension plus 2 other pensions.  I'm able to enjoy life comfortably.  I wish I had some brownies.   LOL!!!!

Ps ....... ideally I prefer sandy shores.  :D

lizardmomma 10/11/18 18:36

Good morning MD. I am enjoying my day extra because one of Ronin's friends (that's my grandson's name) was invited to go over and have a play date, so I am free till at least 6:30pm. I'm trying to do some housecleaning, but I really just want to lay around, watch TV, and eat some of the black forest brownies I made yesterday. Maybe I'll clean during commercials, and eat brownies...

I hope to start saving up some serious money for my trip in a few months, my social security will kick in, and I will be able to breathe! Didn't know I would be looking forward to getting older! I'm trying to not get excited about it yet, but I long to see the gravelly shores of the coast, and just be there. Snif, there I go, getting all misty!

MD 10/10/18 18:33

Hi lizardmomma ...... I'm in shock ....... I never expected you to be back today. LOL!!

Yes ..... we celebrate Halloween.  My daughter works in a shop and a couple of years ago they stocked up with Halloween cupcakes.  They didn't sell too well and got reduced to rock bottom price.  Daughter bought a mountain of them.  They were delicious. 

See ...... 8 year olds come in handy sometimes ..... good candy is not to be sneezed at. 

I look forward to Sproughton  .......  :D

lizardmomma 10/10/18 17:53

Good Mornng MD. you know me all too well! I will try to stick with chatting here. I have to keep in touch with you for when I get to England and we get together at the Wild Man in Sproughton! I can't remember, do they celebrate Halloween over there? One good thing about having an 8 year old--I can take him Trick Or Treating and get lots of candy! Since I live so far out of town, I take him to a recreational vehicle park next to a lake and casino, and the residents really decorate the whole neighborhood. It's fun for the kids and parents, and they give out the good candy...yummy!

MD 10/09/18 14:47

Good morning lizardmomma ....... and that  wasn't all of the people.  I missed NQ of the list but I was reading some of her comments the other day and it reminded me she's disappeared.  There are sure to be others missing.  Such a shame.

I won't be expecting to see you every day ....... things have a habit of cropping up ..... well ......  they do for me!  :D

lizardmomma 10/09/18 14:23

Yep, I'm getting too old to keep up with an 8 year old. Wow, I was surprized and sad to see how many people haven't been herre for so long, including me! I'm going to make it a point to check in here daily before my grandson gets up for school, that's my quiet time early in the morning. I watch the Vegas news on tv and have a great big glass of milk, so I can stop in and say Hi. So...Good Morning MD! 

MD 10/08/18 22:47

Kids are lovely at that age ........  but exhausting.   :D

I think I'd like a job at The Cheesecake Factory ........


lizardmomma 10/08/18 22:10

Yes, I still have hopes of being the mother of the groom someday. He's working at the Cheesecake Factory in Vegas, hopefully he will meet a nice lady with a job and settle down. I will start saving up for my trip to England once my grandson is gone, but I really will miss him. He's only 8, but got a mind as sharp as a tack and a sense of humor to match!

MD 10/08/18 16:46

Lizardmomma,   it will be worth it but it's cramped your style for now.  We make all these wonderful plans and then life comes along and changes them.  I hope son finds somewhere soon and it would be lovely if he found a good woman. :D

lizardmomma 10/08/18 16:37

Yep, that's about right. I didn't sign up to be a single mother AGAIN, but I would rather have him here with me until my son gets a decent place to rent in Vegas. His last place was cockroach infested, so I will be very picky about where his next place is. I do resent that I can't go to alot of events that my other friends go to because I can't find a babysitter. But I tell myself that it will be worth it when I am going to his graduation from Yale or MIT and thanking his wonderful grandmother for all his success! (Hey, I can dream can't I?)

MD 10/08/18 15:31

Hi lizardmomma  ....... you just can't keep away from these bikers!   LOL

If I'm getting the picture right ....... almost as soon as you retired - son and grandson arrived. This means that when son does get settled in Las Vegas and grandson joins him ...... you'll have all the fun of retiring .... again.  :D

lizardmomma 10/08/18 15:02

Good Morning World! I have a few minutes till I have to wake the grandkid up for school. My favorite time of day-when he's at school. He asked me if I missed him when he was at school, and I had to say "of course my love"....just a harmless little lie....No, I wasn't break dancing, however, I was cuttin' a rug and doing my best moves when a great big biker guy walked thru the dancefloor with hands full of cocktails and apparently didn't notice me and knocked me over like I was nothing! I only weigh 113 pounds and 5'3", but I'm not invisible! It was an accident, but I was in a cast for a couple of months. 

MD 10/06/18 17:02

Well hi lizardmomma ..... lovely to hear from you.  Never worry about ignoring us!!!!   It's so good that you have a busy life.  Don't tell me you were breakdancing????   LOL

I do remember saying that once you'd retired .... you would wonder how you ever managed to fit in work.  I hope your son does well but I'm sure you would miss the little fella if he went to Las Vegas.

I'm glad you come to touch base once in a while.  This time I managed to not look at the obituaries.  lol

lizardmomma 10/06/18 16:37

I'm BAAACK! I'm so sorry to be gone so long, I just get wrapped up in my little life that I hardly get on the computer any more. My 8 year old grandson is still living with me, been almost a year already. My son is in Las Vegas since May,  working and trying to get a place to live so he can take his son back, but it seems to be taking an awful long time! Grew my first garden this spring, broke my wrist on the dance floor at a biker rally in Laughlin, NV., other than that, same old thing. How are you MD? 

MD 10/03/18 22:28

829 web cams are available as of the last scan.

MD 10/02/18 23:07

I'm so apathetic I didn't watch it.

How about this one:

Moose 10/02/18 21:30

I'm not exactly sure what to make of that video.

MD 10/02/18 19:21

Hi Homely ....... what a shame.   I know at one time he lived in Toulouse, which was not all that far from our first house in France. I wonder what happened in 2016.  I've just come across this:

Homely 10/02/18 18:46

Sadly, MD, I believe you are correct. Our Mr. F seems to be largely out of his various online dabblings, since 2016. And that seems to track back to the time that things started taking a downturn here.


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