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?@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

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?@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

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?@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

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Comments (7349)

Arizona Sue 03/20/23 05:23

So will I, Homely.  Fingers crossed.   


Homely 03/19/23 15:43

I will keep checking back here periodically. Hope you and yours stay well and happy.


Arizona Sue 03/14/23 22:48

Hi Homely.   Yes, it's a shame that we can't connect with MD in Devon any longer.  End of an era, as Stargzr has said.  If only BJ could let us know something.  

Homely 03/14/23 19:24

Hi, Ladies - I was so hoping to come on and find that the world was set to rights and MD was back, serving her saucy comments. I also recall a period of time a long while back when one of the real regulars disappeared for a period of months. Suddenly returned - had experienced a laptop death and hadn't the ability to repair/replace it. I can't recall who it was - could have been Trix or MD, but likely was someone else. But it's still a possibility, however remote. And I don't suppose BJ has come online for any reason. 

Very sad. Very worried. 

stargzr 02/15/23 21:01

Hi Sue,

That's so true!  I could never understand her fascination with US politics...perhaps to avoid the havoc going on in the UK.  : )  I think she was kind of lost after Trix passed away.  I miss their dialogues.

Hope you're doing OK (no balloons floating over AZ) ?  We had a bit of snow yesterday which was exciting, but back to normal Feb. weather today.

Keep us up to date with your life...I'll try to do the same.

Arizona Sue 02/14/23 05:28

Sad to log on here and not seeing MD's political comments.   

Arizona Sue 01/31/23 22:11

Hi Homely and Stargzr.   It's been a wet, chilly winter in Phoenix.  But we never say no to rain.  Homely, didn't know you are a trial lawyer.  I worked for nearly 30 years for appellate judges in Maryland and then in Ohio.   Loved those jobs!   Now happily retired since 2011.   Hope both of you are well.  I remain concerned about MD.  BJ, are you there?

stargzr 01/31/23 00:39

Thanks for checking in, Homely.  Doesn't look too good as to the search for MD, though we had one tiime before when she had flu and was off for a while.  Fingers crossed.

Sue, I recall aome conversations you and I had previously about neither of us being "foodies".  Therefore, Panera sounds just right!!!!  I'm freezing up here in the NW...could use some Arizona sunshine.  : ).  I'll be in touch, but meanwhile, stay well and keep your powder dry!

Homely 01/30/23 21:55

Hi, Airzona Sue and stargzr - I've been mostly off of OT for about a year as my trial schedule got so heavily booked that I had no time to breathe. But today the little voice in my head told me to check in. I'm glad, Sue, that you remembered that The Bench is what I consider to be my OT "home base". I'm now worried about MD - it's absolutely unlike her to be out of touch. Some time ago, I made a game of leaving a bunch of clue for her all over the OT cams. If she followed the clues, she would be able to reach me IRL. Unfortunately, she never had the time and I did not ping her about it. I will try to remember to check back here periodically. The post-pandemic trial rush has settled down and now my second child is about to graduate from college (!) - I think she was in elementary school and her brother in middle school when I first came on here!

Arizona Sue 01/25/23 20:51

Hi Stargzr:   Thanks for the birthday wishes!   I'm a cheap date, so hubby and I went to Panera Bread for lunch.  It's nice to learn something about you and your family.  Besides politics!   I'm from Maryland.  Hubby for Ohio.  We met online 25 years ago via AOL chat room.  Remember those?   Both going through divorces.  Lo and behold, he and I made it work and we will be married 20 years this August.  So glad he didn't turn out to be an axe murderer.   I have two stepsons in their 30s.  One married.  No grandkids yet.  I have a niece and niece the same ages.  My sister is still waiting for one of them to marry and have kids.  

I'm still waiting to hear anything from/about MD.   

stargzr 01/20/23 19:55

Hello birthday girl, and a VERY happy one to you!  I know what you mean.  I'll be 82 in March and I am still surprised every morning when I step out of bed to find that none of my body parts are behaving the way they used to. :-<

Family fine... 3 dtrs and 3 grandkids spread out all over the globe.  Visits are done electronically (thank goodness for the internet.). I did peek in from time to time to follow your European travels last year.  I remember you have friends in Scotland and would so love to go there.  My ancestors were hearty Scots from Tongue who eventually invaded Canada and then the State of Maine.  The rest, as they say, is history!

Have a wonderful on !!!!!

ps  I don't know why, but I just have this feeling that ole pumpkin head won't make it to the election.  Probably just wishful thinking.


Arizona Sue 01/20/23 05:47

Hi Stargzr.   I'm glad you're active here again.  Hubby and I are well.   My sister and her husband were sick with Covid over the holidays.   Finally tested negative today!   My birthday.   Yay me.   I hope you and your family are well.   By the way, I'm an old fart of 78 who still thinks she's 30 when deciding to lift something heavy and not being able to move for two days.   I'm thinking our own she-devil Kari Lake could make a perfect running mate for the Orange Turd. 

stargzr 01/18/23 18:11

Hi Sue,

I'm hoping Homely will see this but it's not looking good.  I'll keep checking in.  I hope you and your family are over the virus and having no lingering effects.  

I think George Santos is the perfect running mate for DJT.  :-)   

Arizona Sue 01/18/23 04:57

Hi Homely.  I'd dearly love to know if MD is OK.  Thanks, Stargzr for posting.  

stargzr 01/15/23 02:27

Hello Homely...are you there?  Arizona Sue and I are quite concerned about MD (haven't heard from her for a while).  Am I correct in believing you may have her email address?  Or any other way of contacting her?  Would appreciate any assistance you can offer!

I hope you and your family are well and thriving.



MD 11/24/22 14:18

316 web cams are available as of the last scan. You're one of 9 current visitors.

Happy Thanksgiving.

MD 11/21/22 18:32

313 web cams are available as of the last scan. You're one of 18 current visitors.

MD 08/26/22 23:26

Hi Sue. Peace of mind is worth a fortune. You wouldn't enjoy your traveling without that.

I stay up until the early hours of the morning and still can't keep away from American politics and Trump.   I watch quite a few news videos - though I'm boycotting CNN now they are groveling to Trump's cult. So by the time I've wound myself up with the news - I'm too awake to sleep.  I've found that 30 minutes or so of cat videos settle me down nicely.  I say 30 minutes but it always ends up more than that.  I never knew cats were so flexible ...... and so funny. I've always been a dog person but it is blatently obvious that if there's a dog and a cat in the house ....  The cat is the boss!

I hope your niece soon recovers.  My son has had Covid twice.  He was hospitalized the first time but now he's quite blasé about it.  Younger people think they are invincible.  I've gone past that stage.  LOLOLOL

Arizona Sue 08/24/22 19:47

Hi MD.  When we travel, we have professional pet sitter come in twice a day.  Yes, expensive.   But totally worth it.  Gives me peace of mind when we are away.  We have three cats.   One senior, whose sister we had to say goodbye to in May.  We then adopted two sisters from same litter.   They will be 1 year old in October.   It is fun to watch their antics.  My senior kitty tolerates them.  The 3 are all sweet.  The pet sitter has a business called Cut the Crap pet services.  Yes, they do have a poop pickup for dogs.   It's big business in Arizona.   Picking up poop from back yards in the summer heat.  Ugh.  My niece tested positive for Covid on her birthday!   Poor thing.  She's vaxxed and boosted.  As of yesterday, she has sore throat, congestion, and headache.   Glad you're doing well and still being careful.   As are we.  


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