Hotel Karnerhof on Faaker See

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Hotel Karnerhof on Faaker See
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Hotel Karnerhof on Faaker See

5 hours ago

Hotel Karnerhof on Faaker See

8 hours ago

Hotel Karnerhof on Faaker See

11 hours ago

Hotel Karnerhof on Faaker See

14 hours ago

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Comments (21)

Ben Lurkin 08/27/15 20:49

MD 08/27/15 15:57

Ben .... nice link.

MD 08/14/15 14:02

Yes.  As Mira said ... it's just like a painting.

trix abound 08/14/15 13:51


MD 08/02/15 00:22

Yes .... it is spooky.  :)

Mira Bilis 08/01/15 23:07

It certainly does MD!  And on refreshing stills it looks spooky in the black and white moonlight.

MD 08/01/15 23:03

This looks amazing on Animations of Last Snapsots.

indigo 11/27/14 11:58

looks like they have a fish raising net in the water.

MD 11/19/14 19:15

Thanks Mira.... beautiful place.

Mira Bilis 11/19/14 16:33

Hi Indigo and MD.  :)

The web page also has cam pictures, although not streaming ...

MD 11/19/14 13:44

Mira... animation of last snapshots is good. 

Hi Indigo.

indigo 11/19/14 11:28

Its refreshing tday, looks like a spider web barely visible on the lens...

MD 08/13/14 16:08

Yes, it's a shame. So beautiful.

Mira Bilis 08/13/14 15:59

Just like a watercolour painting ... beautiful. :) 

Even on refreshing stills it doesn't update ... such a pity.

MD 08/04/14 17:51

It's amazing.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/04/14 17:46

I wish this was a live view.

Mira Bilis 02/27/14 16:39

Gorgeous view.  :-)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 02/08/14 19:21

Oh yea, I would enjoy just sitting out and looking at the view, all bundled up in the winter too.

MD 02/08/14 19:07

Hi Carol, I bet it's fun there in the summer.


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