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BBC Lincolnshire ghost cam (Webcam Offline)
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BBC Lincolnshire ghost cam (Webcam Offline)

17 hours ago

BBC Lincolnshire ghost cam (Webcam Offline)

23 hours ago

BBC Lincolnshire ghost cam (Webcam Offline)

26 hours ago

BBC Lincolnshire ghost cam (Webcam Offline)

35 hours ago

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Comments (21)

MD 10/01/17 16:51

Oh Moose ..... you have fond memories. Who knew...... :D

Moose 10/01/17 16:35

This is my personal favorite "dead" cam.  It brings back fond memories of the first time MD got all up in my business.  The Eidenhoven cam kinda freaks me out, with the little spaceships floating in the pond.

MD 08/29/17 17:28

LOL!!!  Flemming asked me if I would do it. I had no desire to feature in anything that would just show us to be saddos with no life.  :D

Moose 08/29/17 17:07

MD... Since we had this conversation I have learned a lot of OT history.  In fact, it might have been this thread that got me started investigating to find out who Kyle was.  Now I am more informed and I think referring her to "our most senior member" was rather unkind.  If she did contact him that might be why her project never made it to being broadcast!  She probably ran screaming from the room.  ROTFL.

MD 06/02/17 13:28

Moose .... I know it was you who put that comment ...... I was just bringing it to your attention that sometimes replies to old comments can be useful.  :D

But seriously ..... I do get your point. That particular cam where you commented ..... someone was replying to a 6 year old comment and it wasn't even factual ..... unlike Luisa's business.  I think I'll see if I can find anything more about that documentary .... although .... if you can't find anything - I probably won't.

Moose 06/02/17 13:15

Hi MD...It was me that commeneted about answering old questions, but this was aimed more at answering people that aren't even here anymore.  If I had said, "Kyle, here is what I found...", that would have been goofy.  My post above wasn't really an answer to a question, but more of an update about something I found to be interesting.  Maybe still goofy, but I am glad you liked seeing the trailer.

MD 06/02/17 11:53

Hi Moose .........only the other day someone put a comment on Opentopia querying why people answer comments that were made years ago. Your comment is answering something that was mentioned 2 years ago. I've always wondered what happened. Like you ...... I can't find the documentary but thank you for trying to find out more.

Moose 06/01/17 22:32

Here is the documentary that Luisa was working on.  The trailer is intriguing, but I do not know where the actual documentary can be found.

MD 04/24/15 15:06

Hi Luisa .... you might find it useful to put a message on this cam, it's where most people check in to leave messages. Kyle is our most senior member ...... it might appeal to him to contact you.  :))

Luisa Research 04/24/15 14:44

Hello, we are making a TV documentary about cameras in the home and the variety of reasons why people install and watch them (I should emphasise we’re not interested in sex cams).  I would love to talk to people who watch this and other live feed cameras. Please get in touch with me on 0207 456 0847 or Luisa.Miller[at]

MD 12/12/14 13:52

jfb.... I'd forgotten all about Butterkist!!! Blast from the past.  :)

Chemical 12/12/14 04:46 this cam suppose to "catch" a ghost??

jfb 12/10/13 12:32

In those days, popcorn came in a cellophane bag (Butterkist?) and not in a bucket.

MD 12/09/13 18:41

jfb, thanks for the info. As the ghost is supposed to be that of an icecream lady, I wonder if it walks backwards. Our icecream lady always did!

jfb 12/09/13 15:33

The BBC say "We've set up a state of the art image intensifying camera in the roof of the old Radion Buildings - you can just see the old pillar markings from when the building was used as a cinema - in fact one of the ghost rumours is of an Ice-cream Lady."

MD 07/16/13 17:32

I must look at this more often.  :)

zedyer venyar 07/16/13 17:19

(The O_O comment i put below was when i saw something flash across near the bottom where the thing with the diagonal plank or whatever it is.)

kyle 08/23/11 02:31

I think the paranormal angle is  a hoax for publicity

Danny Smith 02/24/11 03:12

Its not even been updated thats why look at the three pictures and look at the picture with 13 hours ago

all are the same except one note the date and time

yummygum 02/08/11 10:31

i had this cam on my browser and just thought "there is no such thing as 'ghost' but hey nice cam! :) ", and did some homework when just from the corner of my eyes is saw some movement, looked at the cam and there was really some movement for few seconds, and then whatever did that movement was gone, but no person there. local time was 10:20pm


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