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University of Wisconsin Madison - Ant Cam

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University of Wisconsin Madison - Ant Cam
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University of Wisconsin Madison - Ant Cam

5797 hours ago

University of Wisconsin Madison - Ant Cam

5800 hours ago

University of Wisconsin Madison - Ant Cam

5803 hours ago

University of Wisconsin Madison - Ant Cam

5806 hours ago

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Comments (19)

MD 10/06/15 16:17


Zsombor Udvari 10/06/15 16:00

These are ants?!

deacon 10/05/15 10:38

I hope somebody doesn't come up with a bedbug cam.

MD 08/14/15 15:47

The cam needs a clean.

MD 03/12/15 16:28

Busy, busy, busy.

deacon 12/30/14 11:02

All of the sudden, I itch all over.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/08/14 14:37

I have always wondered one thing about this cam: do they die and then eat each other??

raven880 04/04/14 23:21

I'll bet you're right about that.  It's likely the infrared that's making them look white.  I must have first seen them during their daytime.

Mira Bilis 04/02/14 00:52

Hi Raven ... would the change in colour have anything to do with whether you're watching the ants during daylight hours or on the infra-red mode after dark?

raven880 04/02/14 00:25

Hmmm, I came here several days ago and the ants were all black..large and small.  Now they are all large ants but seem to be albino...or at least very pale gray.

kyle 12/09/13 00:14

I suspect this is a site that watches natural diseases work on them, all to control them , as they for some unknowable reason stay neutral to man in general, even fire ants seem not to want to war with men, only when they encounter each other, the crazy brown ants are designed to kill the fireants, someone bred them, the same one who released them in the first place, the accident in bee culture, gave some one a great idea, and we see the fruit of it unfolding, what next?

kyle 07/13/13 02:42

When they finally accomplish Artificial Intelligence,it will resemble this type, take my word for it, no way can they duplicate Human reasoning, insects yes perhaps

MD 02/01/13 13:53

Lizardmomma, there's a roach cam on here somewhere. Now that really DID make my skin crawl!

lizardmomma 02/01/13 00:44

Yikes! This site makes my skin crawl! Hope I don't have nightmares!

Wikem Dice 01/26/13 01:39

Are these ants in a contained environement or did they just place a came somewhere in the wild?

kyle 08/14/12 00:26

I came back and now see the reason for what looks like ants backing up, they are under attack from smaller ants, yes, this is the dance of life, or death, depends on ones view

kyle 08/13/12 21:31

this is most amazing, thanks for drawing myy attemtion to this, very strange to see ants that are backing up like this, and soldier ants moving along with them,this is supposed to be abborant behavior, which triggers the Soldier ant to attack, wow

kyle 08/13/12 21:27

I agree with you, it's the dance of life.

(Wild Orchid, is there any other ? )

feralorchid 08/13/12 15:01



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