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Amaks Congress Hotel

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Amaks Congress Hotel
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Amaks Congress Hotel

7787 hours ago

Amaks Congress Hotel

7790 hours ago

Amaks Congress Hotel

7793 hours ago

Amaks Congress Hotel

7796 hours ago

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Comments (23)

Silver Squirrel 01/25/18 03:34

Where are the pretty girls behind the counter?

MD 06/06/17 11:22

Thanks Moose ..... plenty to see. 

Moose 06/05/17 23:20

Here is a more complete list, with a slightly different presentation.

MD 06/05/17 13:37

Brilliant!   :D

Moose 06/05/17 13:23

I never shot no sheep, not even for their innards.

MD 06/05/17 13:19

Well here's a leading question ........ do you go haggis shooting?   :D

Moose 06/05/17 13:13

Ah ya bonnie lass!  My origins/whereabouts are very mysterious!

MD 06/05/17 13:07

I must have just looked at the right time!  I'm impressed with how smart the staff look.

"In the wee hours."   Are you in/from Scotland?

Moose 06/05/17 12:56

Hi MD...I look at these cams a lot because there is always something going on someplace.  Very quiet in the wee hours, though.  There is a window about 5 am local time when hotel clerks go around and put checkout papers under the doors.  The desk might be unattended for a while at that time.  Other desks on the link will be unattended for hours at a time.

MD 06/05/17 12:53

PS .... I just checked all of the cams on that link ....... very busy places.

MD 06/05/17 12:48

Hi Moose ... that's a very good link. 

Just out of curiosity I'd looked at Animation of last Snapshots to see what I'd missed and that was when I noticed  reception was never left unattended.  I like the look of this place.

Moose 06/05/17 12:34

Apparently the AMAKS chain likes to have cams in their lobbies.

MD 06/05/17 11:01

Busy place.  Reception desk is never left unattended.

Kendaren 10/15/16 20:45
Mira Bilis 11/25/15 16:28

Christmas tree/decorations up.

Kendaren 08/21/15 07:38

I love this camera. It runs very smoot, no lag and there are hot russian girls :)

Kendaren 08/19/15 20:04

Now they kissed each other!

Kendaren 08/19/15 20:00

lol, there's guy flirting with receptionist. They are holding hands and talking each other very closely.

kanye west robot dildo 08/08/15 07:18

they moved the machine since yesterday

TonyD none 03/18/15 07:33

Dang, when you see the Google map above, looks like they're on the far side of the moon!


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