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Amaks Tourist Hotel

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Amaks Tourist Hotel
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Amaks Tourist Hotel

10100 hours ago

Amaks Tourist Hotel

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Amaks Tourist Hotel

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Amaks Tourist Hotel

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Comments (23)

Moose 04/01/18 18:36
MD 04/01/18 18:05

Well ....... sometimes I should put snigger instead of LOL.    Snigger!

Moose 04/01/18 17:35

So all those times you type LOL, you are just pretending?  Either way, I am glad you liked my little story.

MD 04/01/18 12:54

Absolutely brilliant.  I really did laugh out loud!!!!

Moose 04/01/18 12:52

A related personal story that you might enjoy.  When I got my first job after college I moved to west Texas.  I pulled into this little town and stopped for gas and directions.  I went inside and there was this old cowboy behind a desk, hat pulled down over his eyes and boots up on the desk.  I said, "Excuse me, can you tell me where the local hotel is?"  He snorted, pushed his hat back, his boots hit the floor and he looked at me.  "Do whut?!  Where y'all frum?"  I said I was from Montana.  He laughed and said, "Well, Ah knowed raht away that y'all wuzznt from aroun heer!  Ah cunnent unnerstand ya at all!"  I looked baffled and said, "Do whut?!"  And we both had a good laugh and I went on my way a little wiser.

Moose 04/01/18 12:46

MD... That is beautiful!  During my career I made several friends from Finland who spoke perfect English.  Textbook quality.  They were all terrified to give public presentations because of the different dialects and slangs that they might encounter and not understand.  I always just laughed and told them they would be fine.  And they always were.

MD 04/01/18 12:19

Moose ...... following on from yesterday ....... nurses at the local hospital (when I lived in the Black Country) had to have language lessons to understand the dialect.  In the link ..... reference is made to Yam Yams. That's what the people are called in this particular area. It's because they say things like   "Yam from round ere ay ya?"  Which means "You're from around here, aren't you?

Translations at the end should make you laugh!   :D

MD 03/31/18 21:54

Moose ...... in that case ...... you would probably have difficulty understanding me!!   LOL

Moose 03/31/18 20:37

MD... Jasper was totally funny, and closed captions helped a lot.  Raised by Wolves on the other hand was just twisted.  Even the CC people had no idea what they were talking about.  The horse bit was hilarious, though.

MD 03/31/18 19:23

It happens to us all  ....... an attack of Kylitis!

This series was recorded on the estate where I lived before I went to France ..... you'll see why I left.  And I don't know how you will translate this.  Having said that ... I've found something that might help. The accent is regional to one small area.

Moose 03/31/18 19:03

OMG!  My Observer spelling is flaring up again!

Moose 03/31/18 18:46

I like to turn on close catptions for such things.  Benny Hill is another one that needs a translator.

MD 03/31/18 18:40

Jasper was one of my favorites ....  I don't think he's done anything for tv recently.  You probably won't understand a word he says ....... but almost everyone sounds like that in the Birmingham area.

Moose 03/31/18 18:02

MD... I have to google that one.  Reading the wiki article on Mr. Carrott explained the rampant spoonerisms in british comedy.

MD 03/31/18 14:37

Jasper Carrott?

Moose 03/31/18 13:26

Somebody's name is missing from the comment list on this one.

Arthur Moura 12/10/16 18:19
zedyer 11/29/15 00:04

They are cool

Mira Bilis 11/29/15 00:03

Decorations up here now.

Kendaren 08/15/15 21:56

Looks very classy


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