Universidad de La Frontera Temuco-Chile

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Universidad de La Frontera Temuco-Chile
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Universidad de La Frontera Temuco-Chile

4 hours ago

Universidad de La Frontera Temuco-Chile

7 hours ago

Universidad de La Frontera Temuco-Chile

10 hours ago

Universidad de La Frontera Temuco-Chile

13 hours ago

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Comments (25)

MD 07/01/16 14:19

A praying mantis doing yoga???   :D

Zsombor Udvari 07/01/16 14:08

What we are looking at now???

trix abound 08/23/15 15:47


MD 08/23/15 15:35

One good thing ..... it can't smell like the kestrel box must!

trix abound 08/23/15 15:22

eewww....i see that!!!!

MD 08/23/15 14:46

Trix .... we might get to see it again.  Looking at the poop ...... it's a regular perch!

trix abound 08/23/15 14:22

i agree :)

MD 08/23/15 14:16

Trix .... I think you're probably right about the light .... plus ..... it's definitely a bird of prey and it would be silly for them to be red!  :D

trix abound 08/23/15 14:09

maybe it's the way the sun hits it....and wow....thats a wingspan of 2.5 to 3 feet!!!!

MD 08/23/15 14:03

Trix ..... I'm not sure .... it says "all-brown" and that definitely has a hint of red.


trix abound 08/23/15 13:44

i think this is it    chimango caracara

MD 08/23/15 13:30

LOL!!!!  Trix ..... I just googled "birds of prey in Chile" and got lots of pictures showing their faces!

trix abound 08/23/15 13:24

bird   bird    bird

MD 08/23/15 13:18

Trix ...... come on ..... we know you're the early bird ..... you have the worm to prove it. :D

trix abound 08/23/15 13:08

LOL....too early for me :)

MD 08/23/15 13:01

Shall we look up red-winged birds???? That could take some doing. :D

trix abound 08/23/15 12:47

he looks like he has red wings!!!

MD 08/23/15 12:33

I see him at 23hr.   He's a big bird.

trix abound 08/23/15 02:17

OMG MD....look at the bird at 13 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MD 07/16/14 21:05

A bird at 6 hours ago.


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