St. Stephen's Basilica

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St. Stephen's Basilica
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St. Stephen's Basilica

6 hours ago

St. Stephen's Basilica

9 hours ago

St. Stephen's Basilica

12 hours ago

St. Stephen's Basilica

15 hours ago

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Comments (120)

MD 09/02/18 16:05

Hahahahaha!!!!!!  You see ......... I forgot to come back last night to look at this cam but that other cam had my undivided attention.  I can't wait to see what you find next.  LOL!!!!!!!

stargzr 09/02/18 15:34

.......and how do you think I could possibly be wrong about a cam site....oh, wait, never mind!  LOL

stargzr 09/02/18 15:28

Well, that's the  important thing!!!!  And I got my own chardonnay, thank you very much.....:D

MD 09/02/18 15:20

Hi Stargzr ........ I didn't think it needed translating but I wasn't 100% sure this was the venue.  And I didn't come back to have a look ......... but I did enjoy the merlot.   :D

stargzr 09/02/18 15:12

Hi MD and Indigo........So, I'm confused (permanent state with me) you mean you couldn't get the link translated?  Or that it was confusing even in English?   Anyway, seems like the folks were having a great time.

MD 09/02/18 12:33

Hi Indigo ....... I remember you telling me about your wife and the cooking.  I love goulash.

Ps ...... the link was no good to me either but it was worth a try.   :D

Pps ..... how old is the youngest grandchild now?

indigo 09/02/18 09:41

I was married to a Hungarian for 16 years and they taught me how to cook their food, but not how to talk Hungarian except what I picked up cooking, but in the passing years I have forgotten the words but never forgot how to cook the food. So stargzr the link you showed was not much help for me but thanks anyway.

MD 09/01/18 17:12

Oh stargzr ...... I'll have to nip out and get a bottle.   :D

Yes ....... such exposure ....... and we dug deeper with every comment.   LOL!!!!!!

stargzr 09/01/18 16:35

I'll have a California chardonnay, thank you.


OMG....I hadn't even thought about our stupidity being exposed.   Yikes !!!!!

MD 09/01/18 16:25

Ps ..... yes ...... drinks on me.  I shall have a cheeky little Turner Road merlot 2016.  How about you?   :D

MD 09/01/18 16:20

LOL! LOL! LOL!   I'm still smarting from that myself.   I wonder how many other "visitors" to Opentopia were screaming at their monitors!!!!  LOL!!!!!!!!

stargzr 09/01/18 15:32

Actually, I'm a little afraid of making any assumptions, considering the great "beach tent" fiasco of last week.  :D

stargzr 09/01/18 14:58

Hi MD.....Yeah, I can make it.  Drinks on you????

MD 09/01/18 14:51

Hi stargzr ..........  I'm not sure.   We shall have to come back this evening.

MD 09/01/18 13:47

Hi Indigo ....... maybe a street market?   I'd love to be there.

indigo 09/01/18 09:41

What going on here ?

MD 07/03/18 16:37

Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!   It's such fun reading the old comments.  I have to admit I got a bit shirty with Kyle on Nelly's cam  ....... as well a a zillion other cams.  :D

Thank you for reporting that spammer.  I was so apathetic.   I saw the string of links and just switched off  ........ literally.

Moose 07/03/18 16:04

That was the one I complained about, and that bunch is now gone.  Also, you and trix better not go anywhere!  Who else knows who the Observer was or what I mean when I say somebody should put a toaster under Nelly's light pole?  If anybody still knows these things they are very quiet about it.

MD 07/03/18 13:59

Well that's good news that they whacked it.   Every morning there are numerous spam comments.  One day there were at least 10 spam links on one cam ....... all offering something to do with sex.  Beats me why anyone would think Opentopia is a suitable site for such comments.


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