St. Stephen's Basilica

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St. Stephen's Basilica
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St. Stephen's Basilica

4 hours ago

St. Stephen's Basilica

7 hours ago

St. Stephen's Basilica

10 hours ago

St. Stephen's Basilica

13 hours ago

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Comments (103)

MD 07/03/18 16:37

Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!   It's such fun reading the old comments.  I have to admit I got a bit shirty with Kyle on Nelly's cam  ....... as well a a zillion other cams.  :D

Thank you for reporting that spammer.  I was so apathetic.   I saw the string of links and just switched off  ........ literally.

Moose 07/03/18 16:04

That was the one I complained about, and that bunch is now gone.  Also, you and trix better not go anywhere!  Who else knows who the Observer was or what I mean when I say somebody should put a toaster under Nelly's light pole?  If anybody still knows these things they are very quiet about it.

MD 07/03/18 13:59

Well that's good news that they whacked it.   Every morning there are numerous spam comments.  One day there were at least 10 spam links on one cam ....... all offering something to do with sex.  Beats me why anyone would think Opentopia is a suitable site for such comments.

Moose 07/03/18 13:04

No reply about missing comments.  I mentioned one of the most annoying recent spammers to admin and they whacked it immediately.

MD 07/03/18 12:20

Moose ...... I looked at Recent Comments and found spam.  Then I looked at all 15 Random Cams and found some I hadn't seen before.  Then I was so underwhelmed I decided to do something else. 

Did you ever get a reply from admin?

Moose 07/03/18 11:58

Hi MD... You have been a busy little poster today!  My level of interest in what is going on here is pretty low today.

MD 07/03/18 11:06

Hi Moose ............ I just found out that Békéscsaba is the home of the sausage.  I checked out Major Events but it didn't help.  Maybe you will spot something.

Moose 07/03/18 10:49

They are setting up for some big happening here.

MD 06/15/18 15:35

I've never seen the place so deserted.

Moose 06/15/18 15:25

It is finally raining hard enough to keep the bike riders off the road.

MD 05/02/18 19:55

Well spotted.

Moose 05/02/18 19:04

Indeed.  If you look at Last Saved Still, you can see him too.  Right by the fountain.  He is a lot cuter with the hat on, though.

MD 05/02/18 17:30

And did you?     :D

Moose 05/02/18 17:13

I never, ever thought I would see a guy in a bunny costume here!

Moose 05/01/18 13:26

Indigo... Now you did it!  Bar Oviso is now easy to get into and this cam is completely full.  I guess all your fans followed you here.

Way557 05/01/18 12:07

i wish i was there having a nice cold beer and watching the pretty girls walk by.

indigo 05/01/18 09:08

Looks like May day is in full swing..

Moose 12/25/17 19:00

Nice big TV screen in the square tonight.  I wonder what they are going to watch.

Silver Squirrel 12/23/17 19:35

Looks icy.   And cold.

Rain Shadow 09/04/17 16:26

It is the annual shed wrangling festival.


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