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Obermaintherme Pool

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Obermaintherme Pool
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Obermaintherme Pool

4789 hours ago

Obermaintherme Pool

4792 hours ago

Obermaintherme Pool

4795 hours ago

Obermaintherme Pool

4798 hours ago

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Comments (19)

MD 02/08/18 14:27


Moose 02/08/18 14:04

I'll bet you are.  I know how much you love snow.  Running barefoot through the snow to the pool would be right up your alley.

MD 02/08/18 13:19

I'm almost jealous.   :D

Moose 02/08/18 12:58

There is snow on the ground and people are swimming laps.  Very nice!

MD 11/08/17 12:23

Hi there ...... it's quite cold in Germany at the moment. That water is either warm or the people are very brave. :D

王 姗 11/08/17 09:41

it's winter in china ,i am glad to see someone is swimming at this time on the otherside of earth. it's great to see your life alive.we chinese,can get few pictur of your real life. i am gland to see the big real word.thank you

MD 09/24/17 17:30

Hi Feral ..... I only mentioned you to Trix yesterday!   Her hubby went to a pickle festival and I thought of you and your homemade stuff.

feralorchid 09/24/17 17:21

Big spider just strolled across the lense! Heee!

MD 04/17/15 19:52

NQ ..... works for me!  :))

N Q 04/17/15 19:09

yup MD but then I'm also pretty sure that's not the sun either.

I think they painted the sun on their webcam so we would think it's always sunny there :)

MD 04/17/15 18:59

NQ .... you do know that's not the moon in the top right corner????  LOL

N Q 04/17/15 18:50

moonlight swimming :)

MD 02/10/15 16:46

People swimming. The water must be warm but the air will be very cold.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 11/15/14 16:51

A lot of steam coming out of the pool tonight.

Mira Bilis 01/12/14 17:25

Oops, my bad ... Blue Lagoon is actually in Grindavik, about 30 minutes from Reykjavik.  There used to be a really good webcam there but unfortunately it's been taken down.

MD 01/12/14 17:18

Hi Mira Bilis, I've just been looking at a Reykjavic cam. Beautiful place.

Mira Bilis 01/12/14 17:09

Reminds me of the 'Blue Lagoon' geothermal spa in Reykjavik, Iceland. :-)


MD 01/12/14 16:40

Hi feralorchid, brave souls indeed. I guess you're probably getting the same weather as me, strong winds and pouring rain.

feralorchid 01/12/14 16:34

Amazing..17.30 their time, dark, and quite a few people batting up and down the pool...steam rising from the water. Do wonder if it is heated or not. Brave souls! 


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