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Comments (26)

silfia anilla 03/03/18 14:58

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Mira Bilis 05/20/15 16:05

It seems to like hanging out here.

Mira Bilis 05/11/15 15:02

House Sparrows.  :)

MD 05/11/15 14:49

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!  I know you can read between the lines and go figure ..... multi-tasking at its best!

trix abound 05/11/15 14:31

LOL....had to read between the lines then too, but thank goodness he was able to fix things!!!!!!

MD 05/11/15 13:58

Maybe I should have said first page.  :))

MD 05/11/15 13:57

I just had a look and those particular comments are only about 3 years old but it's been going on since about 2008.

Big Sky Resort is a lovely cam. Page one comments are interesting.  :)

trix abound 05/11/15 13:51 it's been going on for a while than!!!!!

MD 05/11/15 13:29

I came across a cam yesterday where someone, who shall remain nameless, said something and then realised it was better unsaid. The next comment, by this same person, said something like "Best to bury this, I'll put a few comments because nobody ever reads anything before the last couple of comments."  And those comments were made years ago. :D

trix abound 05/11/15 13:28

like reading a diary!!!!!

MD 05/11/15 13:23

Trix ..... I always do. That's how come I know about lots of strange things that were said in the past. LOL

trix abound 05/11/15 13:17

was just reading the old comments here!!!

MD 05/11/15 12:59

That's a pretty birdie!

MD 09/14/14 15:29

LOL!!!  There are only 196 homes in Widecombe and I bet most of the oldies there have never heard of cctv. Lol

trix abound 09/14/14 15:10

maybe someone should put a webcam there....

MD 09/14/14 15:02

Trix... that's the point.... no one will admit to putting flowers on the grave and nobody has been seen doing it. But it has to be a local, from where I live there is only one bus a week to Widecombe.

trix abound 09/14/14 14:54

i'm sure regular people would put flowers on the grave...mystery thank goodness for decent men....where ever they are...

MD 09/14/14 14:47

Trix... I'm just 15 minutes from Widecombe. I'm not sure that the flowers are put on the grave every day but they have looked fresh everytime I've been there.

N Q... just goes to show... there are some decent men about.

N Q 09/14/14 14:35

what a sad story trix but one that probably happened to many girls/women back in that time.

My grandmother worked on a farm when she was 14, became pregnant by the farmers son who also wouldn't acknowledge it. In her case she met my grandfather and he married her even with knowing she was pregnant.

trix abound 09/14/14 14:22

MD...i just read the sad story about Jay's grave...have you ever seen it? sad...


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