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Vacation Villa
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Vacation Villa

81391 hours ago

Vacation Villa

81394 hours ago

Vacation Villa

81397 hours ago

Vacation Villa

81400 hours ago

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Comments (60)

MD 03/21/16 22:14

Another one gone.

Mira Bilis 12/19/14 17:04

Indeed Teo ... we think it's part of this complex ...

Teo West 12/19/14 16:25

Looks like a golf course to me.

N Q 12/14/14 15:48

They've changed the view again, now it's pointed at their or the neighbors back yard.

Mira Bilis 12/13/14 18:36

Yep, I figured as much NQ. :) Looks like they're getting some of that rain the rest of Europe is getting.

N Q 12/13/14 18:20

Mira this is the same location. It's the road in front of the house, I think this house is at the end of a cul a sac. If I remember right last Christmas they had Christmas lights on the small trees that are in the niches of the stucco street walls.

Mira Bilis 12/13/14 17:58

The view has changed again ... it almost looks like a different location.

MD 11/21/14 12:19

They lop the trees so that the place can get light in the winter... such as it is. In summer the trees will be covered with leaves again.

trix abound 11/21/14 03:03

LOL NQ....i thought it was one of santas deer!!!! your right though....

N Q 11/21/14 02:02

I've never seen this outside view before, the back yard is much bigger than I imagined and I love the giraffe statue!

If you enlarge the daylight still you can see where they have cut a lot of large limbs off from quite a few trees.

Mira Bilis 11/21/14 00:56

The view has changed to outside again.

MD 11/02/14 14:26

Last night they were all fully dressed, just lounging around enjoying themselves. It's lovely down there at this time of year.

trix abound 11/02/14 14:15

what a busy night...half nekked person? and what looked like a ghost on the right end of the closest couch?

MD 11/02/14 14:07

Trix... have a look at animations of last snapshots. I enjoyed watching this last night but I've not got live feed today.

MD 11/01/14 18:34

Saturday night in!!!

MD 09/16/14 21:44

Mira.... it stands a very good chance.............

Mira Bilis 09/16/14 21:37

I noticed that the ISP for this cam is El Herrojo Club S.a. which, when I looked it up, is linked to this place ... So I suppose this could be one of the villas here ...?

MD 09/16/14 21:12

Signs of life.

MD 09/03/14 16:10

Yes.. I think we came to the conclusion a while back that it's a holiday let of some sort.

Mira Bilis 09/03/14 15:54

From this angle it's gone back to looking more like a hotel/B & B again.


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