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Fishway Marais Pine at Marais Poitevin Natural Park
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Fishway Marais Pine at Marais Poitevin Natural Park

5 hours ago

Fishway Marais Pine at Marais Poitevin Natural Park

8 hours ago

Fishway Marais Pine at Marais Poitevin Natural Park

11 hours ago

Fishway Marais Pine at Marais Poitevin Natural Park

14 hours ago

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Comments (28)

zsombor99 03/17/19 08:11

When fishes usually goes through here?

MD 09/11/17 19:36

What a shame. I've never seen this happen before.

Rain Shadow 09/11/17 19:26


Rain Shadow 09/11/17 19:26

I guess they shut it down after the little fishes swam and swam to the damn.

Rain Shadow 08/21/17 03:58


stargzr 08/21/17 01:16

Many thanks, MD. †:)

stargzr 08/20/17 23:31

Oh my gosh, Rain Shadow, I haven't thought of that song for AGES. †My mother used to sing that to me when I was little. †That is the one about "they swam and they swam right over the dam." †Right???

Rain Shadow 08/20/17 23:17

Every time I see the fish on this camera I am reminded of the 'Three Little Fishes' song.

Mira Bilis 07/26/15 22:28

LOL!† It looks cool and clean.† :)

MD 07/26/15 22:25

There's definitely a strong current. And angelica is grown here. Not a lot of people know that. LOL

Mira Bilis 07/26/15 22:02

Fish ... and water weed.

Mira Bilis 06/25/15 22:17

Swim fish swim!

Kyle Gosnell 07/14/14 02:49

Im flattered you think of me now and again, other than poke at, hahaha thanks

Kyle Gosnell 07/14/14 02:48

MD , im dense tonight, dont have a clue why you wanted me here

Kyle Gosnell 07/14/14 02:47

Well, not to opologise for the other cams you provide Flemming, it was here when I got here several years ago, the older users know about it, but now assume you are catching it from the newbies ,,, again. †In the past we tried to explain this is a combo site, one part is the cams we like to explore, and the other part is feeding the seedy types, as you say it pays the bills..

To try and explain to newbies about the way you find cams is hard enough, hahhaha to explain why you have the other cams is beyond me, just keep on keeping on I guess, what can they do, go somewhere else? †Ya think

MD 07/13/14 15:59

N Q, rubbed in a little olive oil, sprinkle of sea salt and baked.... that's absolutely delicious but I'm in a smoked salmon mood right now!† LOL

N Q 07/13/14 15:51

MD smoke is really the only way I like salmon !

MD 07/13/14 15:40

N Q, what a good link. So many salmon..... I'm just picturing one smoked!† LOL

N Q 07/13/14 15:34

Mira this salmon river run cam isn't live right now but it is at certain times of the day-

the video of the salmon when the cam is off air is amazing to see that many salmon in one place. The Brook Falls cam is live right now and is always enjoyable watching the bears catching salmon. You'll find that cam under the salmon run cam, click onto it to enlarge it.


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