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A7 Bindermichl
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A7 Bindermichl

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A7 Bindermichl

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A7 Bindermichl

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A7 Bindermichl

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Comments (21)

MD 06/14/15 15:41

Hi Steez .... I've not seen all of Austria but what I've seen is beautiful.

Steez40 Steveson 06/14/15 15:20

I drive through there every other week! Awesome!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/04/14 18:34

I love this roundabout.

nellys fan 04/26/14 09:31

fascinating and very interesting walkway.

trix abound 03/21/14 18:21 true...

MD 03/21/14 18:14

LOL!!!!!  With age comes wisdom, and losing your nerve!

trix abound 03/21/14 17:43

i have noticed that the older i get the slower i drive...i actually do the speed limit now :)

MD 03/21/14 17:35

I think it's a matter of confidence, or lack of, and you can't just magic it up!

trix abound 03/21/14 17:25

i also have the panic attacks...wont drive on triple lane highways or where there is a lot of merging traffic...

MD 03/21/14 17:21

Then driving is not for you. I wouldn't like to be learning in this day and age. When we lived in the UK my husband always hogged the wheel but when we moved to France he was happy for me to do all the driving. We lived over 1,000 miles from our relatives in the Midlands and we holidayed in Spain which was a journey of 500 or 750 miles, depending on where we stayed. I drove everywhere, even through Paris, and never had one bump. But I bet with country bumpkin driving a lost wing mirror would be inevitable!

N Q 03/21/14 17:13

Mira I get panic attacks driving in large cities or busy highways but I'm ok in small towns and out in the country.

Do you think those turn offs are to underground parking or are they underground tunnels connecting to above ground roads ?

Mira Bilis 03/21/14 16:03

I get panic attacks behind the wheel.  :(

MD 03/21/14 15:54

I can't imagine not driving. I don't drive at the moment because when I left my hubby he got "custody" of the car! I'm looking for a little runabout, nothing fancy, just something to get me from a to b. But I'd probably miss my rambling bus journeys!

Mira Bilis 03/15/14 21:05

I wouldn't know ... I don't drive.

MD 03/15/14 20:16

Mira Bilis, it's a piece of cake, but only if you know exactly where you're going and you've done it many times before. One mistake and you're on a motorway going to the wrong destination!

Mira Bilis 03/15/14 19:56

When I was a kid we had to negotiate spaghetti junction on a road trip to visit family in Lancashire ... hair-raising experience. 

MD 03/15/14 17:37

LOL!  In the Midlands there is a place called Spaghetti Junction, on the M6 motorway. It really does look like spaghetti. Not for the faint-hearted.

Mira Bilis 03/15/14 16:12

Heehee ... it looks like Brio ...  ;-)

trix abound 03/15/14 12:28

well this is different

dona brantley 07/17/13 03:46

ive seen traffic circles before but this one takes top billing  wqw    hello    kyle and zedyer    gmile   dona


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