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Göteborg City Arena

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Göteborg City Arena
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Göteborg City Arena

6633 hours ago

Göteborg City Arena

6636 hours ago

Göteborg City Arena

6639 hours ago

Göteborg City Arena

6642 hours ago

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Comments (11)

MD 12/11/17 18:32

Moose ...... we don't have to give up.  One day we might look at this cam and there'll be a race going on. Then we Google to see who has a race going on in Goteborg.  All we need is a little luck.   :D

Moose 12/11/17 17:42

I shoud have left Kyle's comment to stand alone.  Sigh.  I wonder where this lonely little track is?  I am not smart enough to figure it out.

MD 12/11/17 16:27

Pps ..... I think I'll have to agree that the arena on Wiki is surrounded by water. Which means that this cam is not Goteborg City Arena.   Who would have been any the wiser if I hadn't Googled it in the first place???   LOL!!!!!!!!

MD 12/11/17 16:17

Ps .... I just looked at Google maps again and I asked for Goteborg City Arena but I see they show it as City Race Arena .....  2 different things.  There is a fair bit of water in the area.   I'm not sure I should have looked it up in the first place. I blame you.  LOL!!!!!!!

MD 12/11/17 16:12

I  think the blue on the link is there to outline the shape of the arena. If you go to Google maps and ask for Goteborg City Arena ...... it's not surrounded by water. 

Moose 12/11/17 15:50

11-12-13 area is surrounded by water.  I see no water here.  Mira Bilis, where are you?

MD 12/11/17 15:39

Maybe this cam is showing the area numbered 11/12/13 on the Wiki link. Or maybe this isn't Goteborg City Arena.

Moose 12/11/17 15:09

MD... Am I missing something?  The racetrack in the wiki article doesn't look much like the OT cam.  If you click on the wiki picture it blows up beautifully.

kyle 04/30/13 10:35

Race track


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