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Lake Hornavan
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Lake Hornavan

2039 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

2042 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

2045 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

2048 hours ago

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Comments (2008)

MD 04/04/20 19:17

Hi Luc .......  it's hard to guess how they will stop the confinement.  It will be a logistical nightmare.

I would love to be in France this time next year.  I'm sure I will travel more after being confined for months.  Maybe I will join Silver Squirrel on a cruise.  LOL

MD 04/04/20 19:12

OMG Silver Squirrel  ..... I didn't realize the enormity of your loss .......  you are missing out on truffles!!!!!!!

Luc D. n 04/04/20 12:01

Hi !  yes  lockdown is extended we don t know exactly the strategy to end it,  georaphic and by age ?


Sorry SilverSquirrel,  cancel travels is the best you could do  and you are very welcome next time, when things will run better ,  you and all visitors !



Silver Squirrel 04/04/20 06:55

As I write this, I'm thinking that we would have been on Day 2 of our river cruise on the Rhône.   I've hardly thought about that considering all that is going on.   We were set to do a truffles tasting tour as one of our chosen off the boat adventures.   Fingers crossed that we will be in France this time next year.  😊

MD 04/02/20 22:16

France will probably extend the coronavirus confinement beyond 15 April, the country’s prime minister Édouard Philippe has said. France went into lockdown on 17 March and a first two-week period has already been extended to 15 April. Philippe told TF1.

Ps ....... I watch TF1 on my laptop.  I used to enjoy the old English series on M6  ......  for example "Chapeau de melon et bottes de cuir."   :D

MD 04/02/20 22:06

Hi Luc  .....  I read the reports on France every day.    I think total lockdown is the only way.  I don't go anywhere.  I have everything delivered.  I'm glad your daughter is at home with you.  I wish my daughter was with me.  She works in a Spar shop so has to go to work  ..... for no extra pay. 

You all take care of yourselves and as you say   ..... keep away from your old neighbours.

Be safe. 

Luc D. n 04/02/20 21:53

Hello MD, yes every day, deads and ill increase, I don t know when the peak comes. We all stay at home, total lockdown for us,  only 2 times outside to buy some foods ( a lot!) since march 16.  I wish you to be as well as possible.

we are both 55+, daughter at home 23, All neighbourg around us (4) are 80+, we don t talk to them to preserve.


MD 03/28/20 22:03

Luc ........ I saw this and thought of you and your family.   Stay safe.

5 min ago

France reports 4,611 new confirmed coronavirus cases in one day

From Fanny Bobille in Paris

Luc D. n 03/25/20 21:12

Hi MD,  nice hearing from you   take care too !

MD 03/24/20 01:31

Hi Luc ....   stuck at home .......  I've just finished my 12th day.  I have no intention of going anywhere until it's all over. 

I'm glad you and your family are ok,  good to hear from you.  Stay safe.



Luc D. n 03/23/20 21:35

Hello dear all viewers of Arjeplog cams,  hope everything is ok for you, keep distance from others and don t touch them, be all very careful in countries where people are not kept at home.

here, we all are ok, sticked (stuck ?)at home for 8 days now.


see you soon


MD 01/25/20 16:12

Hi John ....  I've not seen you for ages.  I'm sure this cam will be back.  Fingers crossed.  :D

John in USA 01/25/20 00:37

Yep, it sucks! I like this cam. It does seem, though, that many cams in snowy regions go down this time of year.

Zsombor Udvari 01/22/20 14:10

Oh, no! This camera is unavailable! :(

MD 10/23/19 15:57

I can't remember that happening before. Normally .... once it starts - that's it. Love the snow on the right.

bill dude 10/23/19 15:31

Oooops spoke to soon, ice gone for now

MD 10/21/19 12:50

I expected to see more ice today.

MD 10/20/19 15:44

Hi Bill ...... looks like it. I love to watch as it increases ..... you can almost see it form as you watch.

bill dude 10/20/19 15:07

Looks like ice is starting to form.

MD 10/19/19 14:47

So restful.


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