Lake Hornavan

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Lake Hornavan
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Lake Hornavan

5 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

8 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

11 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

14 hours ago

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Comments (1955)

Blue Grass 05/21/18 21:45

The beautiful sunsets have arrived again!

MD 05/19/18 20:23

It's been a lovely day for a wedding!

Have a lovely Sunday.  See you soon.

Luc D. n 05/19/18 20:04

Hi MD   yes  thank you, everything is ok   and nice weather is here too.  I hope the same for you, I saw today nice weather in UK too lol

Ice is gone  now, 


I wish you a nice sunday,  see you soon

MD 05/19/18 16:36

Hi Luc ....... it certainly looks like the ice will be gone tomorrow.  Such a tranquil scene.

I hope you and your family are making the most of this lovely weather.   :D

Luc D. n 05/19/18 15:56

Hello,   today, maybe one of the last days with ice !

11/12 days before last year.

so nice light last week.


See you soon


MD 05/15/18 14:21

Thanks for that.  I look forward to it ...... and the northern lights.

Moose 05/15/18 01:41

Looks like that will happen at the beginning of June.

Moose 05/15/18 01:37

Close, but not quite yet. Date Sunrise Sunset Daylength 05/15/2018 02:44:13 AM 10:25:17 PM 19h 41m 4s
MD 05/14/18 22:07

Yes ..... ice will soon be gone.  So beautifully light for midnight.  I just looked at animation of last snapshots and none of them were dark ...... midnight sun?   :D

Blue Grass 05/14/18 21:41

Any day now!

MD 04/08/18 14:59

How beautiful.

MD 03/23/18 14:13

Ah ....... a rare delicacy.

Moose 03/23/18 13:54

That is what makes them extra tasty.

MD 03/23/18 13:50

LOL!!!!   Are either of them endangered species????

Moose 03/23/18 13:45

All I know is what you wrote.  You want to eat Moose's balls.  And also some poor mouse's balls.

MD 03/23/18 13:32

Hi Moose ......  those items really were on the menu at Nelly's.  :D

Moose 03/23/18 01:36


MD 03/22/18 20:40

LOL!!!!!   Teleportation would be so useful.   

I'd even decided what I was going to eat in Nelly's.  Moose balls followed by mousse balls.

stargzr 03/22/18 19:49

OMG.......I'll get Ron Weasley's flying car and meet you there!   *


* shout out to "Harry Potter" fans.  :)

MD 03/22/18 19:39

Stargzr ........ ages ago,  a bunch of us girls over on Nelly Cam, said we would meet up on the parking lot at Nelly's.  I was going to get there by jet pack ..... some were going by broomstick!!!!   We should still go ...... and if we timed it right we'd get to see these northern lights.   :D


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