Lake Hornavan

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Lake Hornavan
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Lake Hornavan

5 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

8 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

11 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

14 hours ago

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Comments (1964)

usps tracking 07/09/18 02:51

This lake is great, the water is very clean.

MD 07/03/18 00:12

Yes .......  it's absolutely beautiful.

Blue Grass 07/02/18 23:55

Another beautiful midnight. What icy winter? the warm colorful thaw that surprises with abandon.  Oh joy to look upon this beauty.

Blue Grass 06/20/18 22:00

And I saw...a woman on the shore with a white dog, and maybe she  took a pee!  Below the green bush, tree, or whatever that sprig is.  I was so excited to see a human walking a dog after a winter of ice.  Nice dog.

MD 06/13/18 22:02

A speedy boat just crossed the lake.

MD 06/13/18 21:59

Hi Luc ....... it's looking spectacular.   The reflection of the clouds on the lake is beautiful.

Luc D. n 06/13/18 21:47

Live So nice !

MD 05/30/18 12:05

What a glorious day.

Liese Lindemann 05/30/18 02:23

That's some apocalyptic cloud there!!

Blue Grass 05/21/18 21:45

The beautiful sunsets have arrived again!

MD 05/19/18 20:23

It's been a lovely day for a wedding!

Have a lovely Sunday.  See you soon.

Luc D. n 05/19/18 20:04

Hi MD   yes  thank you, everything is ok   and nice weather is here too.  I hope the same for you, I saw today nice weather in UK too lol

Ice is gone  now, 


I wish you a nice sunday,  see you soon

MD 05/19/18 16:36

Hi Luc ....... it certainly looks like the ice will be gone tomorrow.  Such a tranquil scene.

I hope you and your family are making the most of this lovely weather.   :D

Luc D. n 05/19/18 15:56

Hello,   today, maybe one of the last days with ice !

11/12 days before last year.

so nice light last week.


See you soon


MD 05/15/18 14:21

Thanks for that.  I look forward to it ...... and the northern lights.

Moose 05/15/18 01:41

Looks like that will happen at the beginning of June.

Moose 05/15/18 01:37

Close, but not quite yet. Date Sunrise Sunset Daylength 05/15/2018 02:44:13 AM 10:25:17 PM 19h 41m 4s
MD 05/14/18 22:07

Yes ..... ice will soon be gone.  So beautifully light for midnight.  I just looked at animation of last snapshots and none of them were dark ...... midnight sun?   :D

Blue Grass 05/14/18 21:41

Any day now!

MD 04/08/18 14:59

How beautiful.


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