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Lake Hornavan
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Lake Hornavan

6 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

9 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

12 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

15 hours ago

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Comments (2103)

Phoenix 09/24/23 15:29

Wow Homely, that's the same as my son's father in law... he lives in a wooden house, built all by himself (lost his wife last year to cancer) but it's way up in the boonies close to the Canadian border. He has a four wheel drive truck, but every winter he gets snowed in when the pass gets snowed under.. We've told him to get an RV and spend the winters in Seattle with the kids... but I think he's too darn stubborn!!  LOL!!   Will you work from home then???

Homely 09/23/23 16:14

Cold AND snow, Phoenix. We live on a big hill, and there's been so little snow the past several years that you cannot find a plowing contractor to book for the winter any more. If the Almanac is correct, I may be hibernating for the winter because I won't be able to get out and drive to work!

Phoenix 09/23/23 15:04

Hi Homely, what did they forecast, was it lots of snow, or lots of cold?? We're having lots of rain down here in South Florida, sort of comes and goes, and leaves everything quite soggy...   :-(

Homely 09/22/23 03:16

I keep seeing reports that the Farmers Almanac says it is going to be a tough winter... will be avidly watching the cams for signs of it!

Phoenix 09/20/23 12:59

No Homely, not me either! Rather chilly to be out on the lake now. Winter is moving in fast in northern Sweden.. 

Homely 09/17/23 15:43

Windy and clear, but you can still almost sense the cold in the air, Phoenix! I'd not like to be out on the water today!

Phoenix 09/17/23 15:08

Windy today, white horses out in force...  

Phoenix 09/13/23 13:31

I see someone is taking one of their last boat trips of the year, not often I see a boat on that lake... was a bit choppy for them. Bet there's some good fishing to be had .. 

Phoenix 09/11/23 13:59

Wee bush at the side of the pic is starting to put on its Autumn clothing.. not long since it put on it's spring attire..

Homely 09/04/23 14:05

Good Morning, Ladies! I saw those cams and they gave me a start, as well. But their tab disappears when you log in, so I do so as swiftly as possible! Getting ready to cook and clean for the day - Labor Day, indeed!

Arizona Sue 09/03/23 20:54

Beautiful ❤️

Phoenix 09/03/23 15:06

Always looks like you could reach up and grab a cloud or two ...  :-)

Arizona Sue 07/27/23 20:44

Hi Phoenix and NQ.  Yes, those adults only cams must pay the bills for the Administrator of this site.  Still keeping fingers crossed that MD's daughter will show up eventually on Opentopia.  Hi Sandra!

Phoenix 07/27/23 18:35

I think MD would say the same as me... Never saw so much plastic on display as here!!  LOL!! Wonder where she is?  I wish her daughter would post something and tell us.. I'm fearing the worst though.

N Q 07/27/23 03:00

Sue I can't remember the name of the owner of Opentopia but he has to pay for the bandwidth of hosting these cams somehow and I have a feeling the Adult cams pay his bills. I don't like seeing the adult cams listed in red at the top but as long as they're keeping the few cams left online, I'm OK with them.

Arizona Sue 07/26/23 19:42

I wonder what MD would have to say about the Adult Cams tab now on Opentopia?

N Q 07/24/23 19:18

beautiful view today with the clouds reflecting on the lake.

Phoenix 06/10/23 23:09

Beautiful sunset this evening.. I 've saved it for my screen saver..

Arizona Sue 05/27/23 23:55

Hello Roger Barker.  Yes, I too miss MD and her witty and spot-on comments about American politics.  

roger barker 05/27/23 20:50

My wife died in 2014, I went looking for an escape.I found this site.I found MD. I talked a little,spent my time here in NORWAY mostyl,but checked in every day just to see what MD had to say.She helped me get through it.She probably never even new.....Thanks MD.


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