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Lake Hornavan
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Lake Hornavan

345 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

348 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

351 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

354 hours ago

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Comments (1997)

MD 01/25/20 16:12

Hi John ....  I've not seen you for ages.  I'm sure this cam will be back.  Fingers crossed.  :D

John in USA 01/25/20 00:37

Yep, it sucks! I like this cam. It does seem, though, that many cams in snowy regions go down this time of year.

Zsombor Udvari 01/22/20 14:10

Oh, no! This camera is unavailable! :(

MD 10/23/19 15:57

I can't remember that happening before.  Normally  .... once it starts - that's it.  Love the snow on the right.

bill dude 10/23/19 15:31

Oooops spoke to soon, ice gone for now

MD 10/21/19 12:50

I expected to see more ice today.

MD 10/20/19 15:44

Hi Bill ...... looks like it.  I love to watch as it increases .....  you can almost see it form as you watch.

bill dude 10/20/19 15:07

Looks like ice is starting to form.

MD 10/19/19 14:47

So restful.

MD 06/24/19 15:53

I love looking at the clouds  .......      I expect it's going to be light all night.

stargzr 06/24/19 15:24


MD 06/14/19 13:25

Yes ........  so serene.

stargzr 06/14/19 12:55

So beautiful ...... would love to be there.

bill dude 05/26/19 12:32

This is such a relaxing view.

MD 05/20/19 19:02

Oh wow!   Looks spooky.

stargzr 05/20/19 18:41


MD 05/19/19 20:19

Hi Luc .....  I wish I was in France right now.  Such a beautiful country .......

The fire at Notre Dame was heartbreaking. 

You are right  .......the ice will soon be gone.

Take care.  See you soon.

Luc D. n 05/19/19 18:42

Hi MD !  yes  full melting is close,  it was 21° today there.  I think next swift wind will break all the ice.

Hope everything goes well for you and all opentopia viewers. See you  soon

MD 04/30/19 19:01

Looks like it's going to be a slow process ..... again.


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