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Lake Hornavan
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Lake Hornavan

4 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

7 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

10 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

13 hours ago

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Comments (2036)

Phoenix 10/26/20 12:02

Interesting pattern on the lake today... flurries of snow over flurries of ice... 

stargzr 07/23/20 00:05

We've got whitecaps on the lake today.  Maybe a storm coming up.  :)

Phoenix 07/19/20 13:16

Lake looks rather ghostly today ...  :-)

MD 07/14/20 13:37

Hi Luc

Bonne fête nationale! — Happy national holiday! Joyeux quatorze juillet! — Happy July 14th!
I hope you and your family are well. MD
MD 07/14/20 13:29

Hi Bill  ...... yes trout is tasty. I remember many moons ago I caught what I thought was trout and put it in my keep net. A young chap came by and asked if I'd caught anything. I showed him the net and he advised me to put the fish back in the water. It was salmon parr and the bailiff was approaching  ....... I had no licence. LOL

bill dude 06/18/20 13:53

MD, the two main fish in this lake are white fish, 5 species,  and trout. To me trout is the king in taste of all fish.

MD 06/18/20 02:59

I'm sure trout having their tummies tickled find it relaxing.  LOL!!!

stargzr 06/18/20 01:55

Not for the fish.   LOLOLOLOL

MD 06/18/20 01:25

Oh wow!!!!   My dad took me fishing when I was a kid and then I did the same with my kids.  I'm prepared to believe that proverb.  Fishing is so restful. 

bill dude 06/18/20 01:13

MD an American Indian proveb says "God does not charge time spent fishing against a man’s allotted life span."

MD 06/15/20 21:37

Hi Bill  ....  I think they should stop digging for things to change.  Penny Lane just makes me think of The Beatles. I agree with you ..... PC gone mad.

I'm surprised we don't see people fishing here.  I used to go fishing with my kids, years ago.  I had an Accles and Pollock tubular steel rod.  It was fantastic.  Light weight and very flexible. We would spend a whole day and then at night, when I was trying to drop off to sleep ..... I would still see the darned float. The number of times I saw that float dip ......  I caught more fish in my sleep!!!!!!   LOL!

bill dude 06/15/20 20:18

MD yeah we can figure out almost anything.

I read today they are thinking of changing the name od Penny Lane because it may be connected to slavery! This PC is getting insane.

I come here to relax and wonder how the fishing is

Ed Hilver 06/14/20 23:30

I love this cam such a clear view

MD 06/14/20 17:23

Well!!!!!  Bill Dude .....  I thought all of you ex-customs officers knew everything.!  LOL

I see Atlanta's police chief has resigned.  The whole of the US is in turmoil with one thing or another  .... and the UK is no better.

Ed Hilver 06/14/20 10:00


bill dude 06/13/20 17:16

I found full screen mode

bill dude 06/13/20 17:12

MD how do you set it as full screen?

MD 06/12/20 20:32

Hi Bill ....  it's even better full screen.  Do you remember when Luc used to put timelapsed videos on here, showing sunsets and cloud formation etc?  There are quite a few of his vids on Youtube showing the beauty of Lake Hornavan.

bill dude 06/12/20 20:10

This has to be one of the most relaxing webcam sites

Ed Hilver 06/05/20 10:39

Same i do like the mountens :D


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