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Lake Hornavan
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Lake Hornavan

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Lake Hornavan

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MD 04/10/21 00:46

Hi Phoenix.  It was very sad about Dona and Wayne.   The home was a good one.  It's in Savannah, GA.  A few years ago there was the threat of floods and the home evacuated every one to a place about 80 miles inland.  Dona and Wayne went in specialist ambulances,  Dona went in her own bed!  They thought the world of each other but Wayne died and I think that was the beginning of the end for Dona.  There used to be 2 Savannah cams located not far from the home and Donaoften used to post on those but her favourite cams were the Estonia ones.  She said if she won the lottery she would visit there.

MD 04/10/21 00:30

Hi Silver Squirrel.  My hubby is a good travel companion so I borrow him for vacations.  LOL

silversquirrel 04/08/21 01:23

Hi MD.  Yes, flying alone to Baltimore in October.  I'm less stressed when hubby is with me, but I shall enjoy having time there with my sister and best friend.  Once there, I settle in my hotel and I'm fine.  I too enjoy being home alone.  Hubby works from home since the pandemic arrived, but I just close the door to his office and I do my own thing.   He's a very excellent traveling companion!

Phoenix 04/07/21 12:41

Oh dear, poor Dona.... that was kind of you to send the postcards to her, bet she looked forward to them. Imagine landing in a care home with your husband, but suppose it's better than just by yourself.  I hope it was a good one, some are not. 

MD 04/07/21 00:39

Hi Phoenix ...  Dona's visits were sporadic.  She was a double amputee with added problems. Sometimes it was physically impossible for her to use the laptop.  I knew she was in a care home, along with husband Wayne.  One day on Opentopia she mentioned that 2 of the care workers were getting married on a particular Saturday.  On the following Monday I Googled for information about 2 care workers etc .... in Savannah,  Georgia and there it was.  I wrote a letter to Dona and a week or so later she was on Opentopia to say what a surprise it was.  I sent her several postcards from Spain,  she replied to me on Opentopia.  It was fun.

Phoenix 04/05/21 14:06

Hi MD, sorry, I don't remember Dona. I didn't look into the webcams for a long time. Too much going on at home for several years. Would be fun to meet up in the Cafe and eat Moose Balls!! 

MD 04/03/21 20:58

Hi Silver Squirrel ..... are you going alone to Baltimore?  I don't mind traveling on my own but I much prefer company.  I always notice something that it would be fun to share.  I actually make notes in my phone to recount later.  But having said that -  I absolutely love being at home alone,  nobody trying to take over the remote control,  everything where I've put it and nobody raiding the fridge.  LOL!

silversquirrel 04/03/21 19:00

MD, that is my exact thought.  It will be great to see loved ones on the East Coast but Arizona has been home for me since 2007.  Plus I hate traveling alone.   Hubby has his own visits lined up to see his sons in Florida and California and an October trip to Cleveland, Ohio to see his Mom and his friends.  I'm staying home for those trips.  I've never been alone overnight since we moved into our new home in October 2019.  It will be just me and our two cats!

MD 04/02/21 13:43

I think he is being pedantic about which vaccine he wants.  Our choice is take it or leave it. LOL

I agree about making plans.  It's fun and gives you something to look forward to, keeps you going. You will be so pleased to get back to Baltimore ....  nice to visit but then lovely to get back to Arizona.

silversquirrel 04/02/21 05:48

Hi MD.  I do remember Indigo.   I can't imagine why he hasn't been able to get the vaccine.   Although Wisconsin was a Trump state in the election last year.  A very conservative place.  Arizona has now offered the vaccine to anyone age 16 and over.  So has California.  Hubby and I like to make plans and keep fingers crossed that things happen.  My first plane ride since 2019 will be to Baltimore, Maryland in October to see family and friends.  Last time I was home was Easter 2019. 

MD 04/02/21 03:53

Hi Silver Squirrel .... lunch and chocolate are two of my favorite words.  LOLOLOL

Sounds like you have it all planned.  It seems like forever since your last vacation ...  I've missed your travels.  I don't know if you recall Indigo  ... we email almost every day.  He's in Wisconsin.  He's 80 and still hasn't managed to get vaccinated.  Seems some states are not as good as others rolling out the vaccine.

silversquirrel 04/02/21 01:39

MD, I'd love to visit Devon and meet up with you for lunch and chocolate.  Hubby and I will definitely travel to UK next year.  And Scotland.  And a river cruise πŸ‘πŸ»

MD 04/02/21 00:58

It's strange how we can make such a connection with someone we are never going to meet.  I like the thought of going places in the afterlife.  On the original Arjeplog cam that has now changed the view ...  a bunch of us were on about meeting up on the carpark and going into the Viltbutiken for a meal.  I was going to order moose balls and mousse balls!  I don't know if you knew Dona ...  she died in December.  What fun it would be to meet up for that meal.  :D

Phoenix 04/01/21 22:18

I understand that, grieving over someone you have never met. A good few years ago I did this quiz page, and made a friend of a  woman who played who always wanted to go to the Highlands in Scotland, she had this sign off from a Scottish song.. "My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here, my hearts in the Highlands a-chasing the deer, a-chasing the wild deer, etc .....  Then one day her daughter got in touch with me and told me she had passed away suddenly. I felt so sad about it, but told her daughter that I knew she was visiting the Highlands now. I've never forgotten her, but unfortunatly forgotten her name. 

MD 04/01/21 18:49

I don't mind admitting it took me a while to come to terms with it.  Strange how someone you've never met can become a part of your daily life.  Trix would just say " get over it!"   :D

Phoenix 04/01/21 14:16

Sorry to hear about Trix.. that was sad. 

Phoenix 04/01/21 14:16

Hi Ed and MD, nope, world has gone a bit crazy nowadays. The little town where I lived in Sweden has changed drastically, before you could walk down the main street at night without being attacked, but now you cannot. People won't go out at night anymore. 

MD 04/01/21 00:43

Sorry Ed ...  didn't mean to ignore you.

MD 03/31/21 23:25

Hi Phoenix ....  nowhere is the same now ...  sadly.

Trix died on December the 6th 2019.  Amazing lady, so stoic for such a long time and never lost her sense of humour although she knew her days were numbered. 

Ed Hilver 03/31/21 18:50

Hi all....... I like sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ 


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