Lake Hornavan

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Lake Hornavan
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Lake Hornavan

4 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

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Lake Hornavan

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Lake Hornavan

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Comments (1935)

stargzr 03/19/18 00:14

Kind of reminds me of the scene in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" when the aliens arrive!

stargzr 03/19/18 00:08

Lights again, but alas, as you say....not so great in black and gray.

Moose 03/16/18 01:09

The Alaska cams might put on a show, but the sun will not go down for a couple of hours.

MD 03/16/18 00:06

Well done!!!   Such a shame it's not in colour.

stargzr 03/15/18 22:53
stargzr 03/15/18 19:58

Ta, MD, will definitely check out his work........but I'm still seeing those light streaks !  Think I'm having a stroke?? Or maybe my screen needs cleaning.  :D

MD 03/15/18 19:22

I got here too late  ...... it's all dark.  Have you seen the time-lapse vids that Luc does?   If you go to Youtube and ask for Arjeplog  .... you will see several pieces of Luc's work, very pretty.

stargzr 03/15/18 18:55

Are those Northern Lights???

MD 01/05/18 21:22

Hi Luc ....... thank you ..... I shall enjoy seeing France again.

As for duplicate comments ...... sometimes I've clicked on Add Comment and nothing seems to happen.  So I click on it again and 2 comments appear.   :D

Luc D. n 01/05/18 21:14

Sorry my trackpad is so sensitive ... and Im tired,  my fingers are heavy   

Luc D. n 01/05/18 21:12

Nice, Enjoy all your travel   and see you soon MD !   

Luc D. n 01/05/18 21:12

Nice, Enjoy all your travel   and see you soon MD !   

MD 01/04/18 21:16

Hello Luc ...... it is only 8C in my part of Devon.

I'm going through the Eurotunnel and down to Dijon for an overnight stop.  Then down through Perpignan into Spain. I lived in Languedoc for years so it will be lovely to see it again. I've spent time in all regions of France and never found anywhere I didn't like.

The trees on Arjeplog are amazing. Each year they look ready to break but then they come back to life.

I was living in France in 1999 but in winter we always went to southern Spain. I didn't know 1999 had been a bad winter.

Your English is very good.   :D

Luc D. n 01/04/18 20:41

Hi MD  you are very welcome in France,   welcome back I should say...   Lots of storm here   yes,  but not so hard than 1999 but I saw today 3 dead  awww...

When polar cold escape by Canada and US, we in europe have sweet winter,  today it was 18/21 °C in south of France, 14/15°C in Paris,  how about Devon ?

Where are you going  in France?

See you later

And really the landscape of Arjeplog are always magic. Have you seen the trees  on the square ?  Ready to break!!


Sorry for my not native english

MD 01/04/18 13:16

Hi Luc ......  I hope you weren't affected by the storm.   I read that thousands of homes were without electricity.

I just saw 2 people cross the lake on snowmobiles.  Lake Hornavan looks so tranquil.

MD 01/03/18 22:29

Luc ........ I shall be travelling through France in 9 days time.  Such a beautiful country.

Luc D. n 01/03/18 21:13

Thank you MD !

MD 01/02/18 14:06

Hi Luc ........ Happy New Year.  I've just got home from my new year celebration which started on the 31st december!!!!


Luc D. n 01/01/18 14:57

Hello ,  Happy new year every one here,  wish you a nice 2018 !


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