Lake Hornavan

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Lake Hornavan
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Lake Hornavan

4 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

10 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

13 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

16 hours ago

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Comments (1973)

MD 10/31/18 12:52


Way557 10/31/18 11:27

wow, this lake froze over fast.

Luc D. n 09/27/18 19:56

Hi  MD,  thank you !

MD 09/20/18 15:40

PS ....... Trevor ....... the Hornavan hotel is to the left of the cam.  This link gives you an idea of its proximity to Viltbutiken ....... minutes away.

There are several videos by Luc on Youtube,  beautiful works of art:

MD 09/20/18 14:35

Hi Trevor .........  I hope this helps.  Nelly cam was the former name of Viltbutiken.


MD 07/31/14 14:38

Mira Bilis, as you know, I've been puzzled as to why the clouds here vary so much from the ones on Nelly cam. I looked on Google map and the Hornavan hotel is within walking distance of Nelly cafe. On the Nelly cam there is a road to the right of the cafe. Go up there, take a right and then another right and you will be at the Hornavan hotel. What makes such a big difference with the clouds is that the cams face exactly opposite directions so we are seeing clouds that are miles apart. It really is a lovely area.

Trevor Rymell 09/20/18 14:08

Can anyone tell me the exact location of that camera overlooking Lake Hornavan or roughly where it in relation to the Viltbutik Kafe camera?

MD 08/25/18 17:01

Yes ...... I find it very restful.

stargzr 08/25/18 16:53

Ominous, but lovely....

MD 08/07/18 22:14

How beautiful.

Liese Lindemann 07/31/18 04:59

It looks like the clouds keep changing colour this morning.

MD 07/03/18 00:12

Yes .......  it's absolutely beautiful.

Blue Grass 07/02/18 23:55

Another beautiful midnight. What icy winter? the warm colorful thaw that surprises with abandon.  Oh joy to look upon this beauty.

Blue Grass 06/20/18 22:00

And I saw...a woman on the shore with a white dog, and maybe she  took a pee!  Below the green bush, tree, or whatever that sprig is.  I was so excited to see a human walking a dog after a winter of ice.  Nice dog.

MD 06/13/18 22:02

A speedy boat just crossed the lake.

MD 06/13/18 21:59

Hi Luc ....... it's looking spectacular.   The reflection of the clouds on the lake is beautiful.

Luc D. n 06/13/18 21:47

Live So nice !

MD 05/30/18 12:05

What a glorious day.

Liese Lindemann 05/30/18 02:23

That's some apocalyptic cloud there!!

Blue Grass 05/21/18 21:45

The beautiful sunsets have arrived again!

MD 05/19/18 20:23

It's been a lovely day for a wedding!

Have a lovely Sunday.  See you soon.


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