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Lake Hornavan
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Lake Hornavan

5 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

8 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

11 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

14 hours ago

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Comments (2085)

Arizona Sue 05/27/23 23:55

Hello Roger Barker.  Yes, I too miss MD and her witty and spot-on comments about American politics.  

roger barker 05/27/23 20:50

My wife died in 2014, I went looking for an escape.I found this site.I found MD. I talked a little,spent my time here in NORWAY mostyl,but checked in every day just to see what MD had to say.She helped me get through it.She probably never even new.....Thanks MD.

Phoenix 05/23/23 17:19

Ice finally letting the lake appear.. one long winter they have up there..  :-(

MD 07/10/22 20:04

Hi Sue ....  when I first drove in France I was driving an English car which meant I was on the wrong side of the road and sitting near to the sidewalk.  Hubby was nearest to oncoming traffic.   Your hubby will be fine. He'll have the advantage of having the "right" car. Once he has encountered the first traffic island -  the rest will be plain sailing. He'll just have to remember which side of the road he's supposed to be on after stopping for fuel etc but you can remind him.  My hubby certainly reminded me!!!!!!

You must be really looking forward to that cruise too.  I know I would be.

I just read up on Carluke .... famous for jam and ham.  That would do for me.  LOLOLOL

Arizona Sue 07/10/22 05:19

We will be in Carluke, Scotland after our river cruise in October.   Beautiful place.  We have friends there.  Hubby is planning to rent a car and drive from Glasgow airport to Carluke.   That should be terrifying since we will be driving on the "wrong" side of the road. LOL. 

MD 07/08/22 16:18

Hi Phoenix ......  I hope you are well and enjoying yourself. 

Scotland has a lovely selection of clouds.

Phoenix 07/02/22 23:46

All pics look as if you could reach up and grab the sky.. Same in Scotlands pics.. Clouds are so low that you could grab them and kiss them.. 

MD 01/03/22 16:39

Hi Luc ....  Happy New Year.  I often look at your videos on You Tube and put the links on here for other people to see.

The last time we spoke was, I think, at first lockdown.  Your daughter was going to be staying with you and your wife. I hope you are all still well.  Best wishes.


Luc D. n 01/01/22 21:35

Hello !  Happy new year  to all my friends here,   long time I didn't came here,   but I always love those cams from Arjeplog.  Best wishes

deacon 12/04/21 10:42

It's an intersting scene, seeing the diehard ice fishermen out on the frozen lake.

zsombor99 11/20/21 11:58

Interesting... It looks like the lake alreeady frozen there, but currently 13°C here in Hungary.

Phoenix 07/21/21 18:21

Sky over the lake looks dark and threatening..  Almost looks as though you could. reach up and grab some handfuls of clouds.. 

Phoenix 06/05/21 19:16

Just saw someone on a water scooter scooting across the lake and into the left hand corner.... I would think it was a trifle windy for riding one of those!!  


MD 05/23/21 18:15

Now where have I heard that before?????  LOLOL

Phoenix 06/02/20 13:13

Ice almost gone now..... took its time. The webcam for the Viltbutiken is down, so can't see if the mouse ears have arrived.. :-)

Phoenix 05/22/21 20:43

Gosh, almost the end of May, and the ice is still on the lake.. Sweden is having some exceptionally cold weather for this time of year, I heard. Poor people!!

Phoenix 05/15/21 23:28

Looks rather eerie tonight... Would not recommend going out on the ice now!!

Phoenix 05/01/21 21:12

Ice is turning black, must be melting.....! 

MD 04/25/21 19:15

Hi Ed .... Luc used to do those videos for us.  The timelapse lets you see how quickly the clouds move.  Lovely cam.

Ed Hilver 04/25/21 17:43

Thanks for the videos MD........ This is a satisfying webcam to watch. (Added to my cams)

MD 04/24/21 16:58

Hi Phoenix .... it will make a lovely screen saver.  Don't tell anyone but I have a picture of Ricky Martin as my screen saver.  LOL!


Hi Luc.


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