Lake Hornavan

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Lake Hornavan
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Lake Hornavan

5 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

8 hours ago

Lake Hornavan

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Lake Hornavan

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Comments (1886)

Rain Shadow 08/11/17 15:35

It is a shame the Nelly's Cafe camera is offline at the moment, but at least this one is still working (for now.)

MD 07/19/17 22:43

Beautiful right now. Shame most people are probably asleep.

Rain Shadow 07/19/17 21:04

Whatever they lack during the long winter months weatherwise, they more than make up for with their brief but beautiful summer.

MD 07/08/17 13:52

I'm still trying to perfect doing a wheelie on a jet ski ........ can't be done without a drop of hooch. :D

Way557 07/08/17 13:38

yikes, is that MD out there water skiing ? .


i hope she didn't sneak into the hooch again. LOL LOL

MD 07/01/17 21:00

What fun!

Rain Shadow 07/01/17 20:16

Jet skiing on the lake at the moment

Rain Shadow 06/21/17 15:28

*Perhaps I should have said 'Happy Summer Solstice,' as 'Midsummer' celebrations do not actually begin until Friday

Rain Shadow 06/21/17 15:19

Happy Midsummer. 

MD 06/21/17 00:08

With such a short summer - they have to make the most of it. This is one of those cams I never tire of. Spectacular view.

Rain Shadow 06/20/17 23:06

Yes, I hope the weather is kind to them, 'Midsommar' is a big celebration.

MD 06/20/17 22:59

First day of summer tomorrow.

Rain Shadow 06/20/17 22:44


Rain Shadow 06/19/17 15:59

Midsummer is looming fast.

MD 06/13/17 20:33

Hi Luc ...... I think we get more northern lights in winter so hopefully you will have some equipment by then.

Another beautiful evening.

Luc D. n 06/13/17 20:12

Oh Thank you Rain Shadow,    yes I hope too   but I am very busy and I can't work on it this summer Maybe next winter :)

Rain Shadow 06/12/17 19:50

Luc, I am already missing your excellent time lapse videos.  I hope you are able to get some new software one day.

Luc D. n 06/12/17 19:29



Thank you MDD !

so nice  last saturday night, the lake was like a mirror

Rain Shadow 06/12/17 16:08

Beautiful cloud reflections.  It is like a giant ink blot test.

Rain Shadow 06/11/17 22:21

You can see a tiny bit more of the shoreline on their website  It looks very rainy at the moment.


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