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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Still House
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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Still House

6 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Still House

9 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Still House

12 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Still House

15 hours ago

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Comments (31)

Justin Tucker 04/13/22 03:29

And yet we can't find the New York subway shooterğŸ™ŽğŸ»â€â™‚

Justin Tucker 04/13/22 03:28
Gordy Weigle 01/21/21 23:34

At least a fun weekend of booze flowing through those barrels!


Ed Hilver 06/13/20 11:18

Yes i see...

M H 06/13/20 01:32

the one on the right keeps stoping

Ed Hilver 05/22/20 12:28

Ive got some screenshots of people filling barrels:D

MD 02/25/19 08:55

Hi spyglass01

spyglass01 02/25/19 06:47

hi all


MD 09/06/18 14:48

Just had a thought ...... it's possible that there were older cams that are no longer online. 

I hope Moosette is well.   :D

Moose 09/06/18 14:21

LOL.  Again our posts crossed while typing.

MD 09/06/18 14:10

Thanks Moose ..... I'd not been clicking on All Cams but the penny dropped about 3 mins before you put your comment.

And I agree ....... it's research ..... not a waste of time.   :D

Moose 09/06/18 14:05

For me it is page 57.  I click on All Cams tab, then Newest, Anywhere and View.  I then get 58 pages, which used to be almost 100 pages.

MD 09/06/18 13:55

Moose ...... for me this is on page 9 of All Cams.  Is that the same for you?

48692 11/05/17 15:53

Pfuiiii was ist denn da übergelaufen ???

48692 11/05/17 15:52
Moose 06/09/17 15:56

How very observant of you!  That notice is right in front of me every day on every page and I never noticed it.  Anyway, probably not many posts earlier than Jan 2005.  Might have taken that long for anybody to know OT even existed.

Rain Shadow 06/09/17 15:41

Moose, at the foot of this page it says 'Opentopia © 2004-2011 All Rights Reserved' so my guess would be 2004.  As far as lack of old comments goes, some of them may have been removed by the admin at the time, because of abusive language/attitude.  It seems to be fairly hit or miss.

Moose 06/09/17 01:06

Rain Shadow... I don't know when OT started, but Jan 2005 was early.  I just went to All Cams, Newest, and went to the last page.  Then looked aroud a bit.  You would think the last ones would be the oldest, but they do not have the oldest comments.  That art gallery with no people in it is the last one on the list.  That random number trick is most excellent.  Weird, but excellent.

Rain Shadow 06/09/17 00:17

Moose, that must have been way back in the earliest days of Opentopia.   If you want to have a bit of fun, try typing in random numbers at the end of a camera URL and see if you get an old defunct camera page to come up.  For example, by adding a 2 you get University of Maine

Moose 06/09/17 00:03

This is the earliest posted comment I have found.


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