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Windjammer Inn

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Windjammer Inn
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Windjammer Inn

4641 hours ago

Windjammer Inn

4644 hours ago

Windjammer Inn

4647 hours ago

Windjammer Inn

4650 hours ago

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Comments (29)

MD 05/18/18 18:18

You mean living the nightmare.   LOL!!

stargzr 05/18/18 18:01

Hahahaha....I'll let you two discuss semantics.  Time to do the laundry, pay some bills and take out the trash.....I'm living the dream !!!!!

MD 05/18/18 17:56

Well Moose ...... there's another word I'd never heard!!   :D

stargzr 05/18/18 17:48

So true, Moose !

Moose 05/18/18 17:46

No matter what you call it, it is still a sammich.

stargzr 05/18/18 17:40

Yes.  Comes from the shape of the sandwich which resembles a submarine.

MD 05/18/18 17:37

Diversity is interesting.  Hero and hobo?   But is that "sub" as in Subway?  That would make sense.

stargzr 05/18/18 17:23

LOL.... the US also has many, many dialects.  I grew up in Maine which has its own vocabulary!  Grinder is also called a "hero", "hobo", or here in the Northwest, a "Sub".

MD 05/18/18 17:03

I love learning something new ........ trouble is remembering it.   LOL!!!

I'd never heard of grinders until Trix said she'd had a lobster grinder.  I often have to look up new words that I read on Opentopia ......... and OT is the only place I could use them.  I'm still learning "Devon."  That's almost a language in itself.  :D

stargzr 05/18/18 16:25

Who says Opentopia isn't educational. :D  Can't tell you the number of times I've consulted my "British English" dictionary, stymied by a word you've posted.  Love it when I learn something new !!!

MD 05/18/18 15:54

Stargzr ...... I had to Google thunderheads.  I'd never heard the word before.   :D

stargzr 05/18/18 15:23

Fair enough !   :-}

MD 05/18/18 15:20

I love a rainy night ...... when I'm indoors.   :D

MD 05/18/18 15:07

It's certainly looking wild.

stargzr 05/18/18 15:03

Watching the thunderheads moving across the horizon, waiting for the lightning.

MD 02/03/15 14:55

Trix... if it wasn't for that 16 inches of snow..  you could jump in the car and take the coast road.  :))

trix abound 02/03/15 14:37

OMG YES!!!!!

MD 02/03/15 14:34

I'd love to be there right now.

MD 12/19/14 19:29

And empty beaches are the best!   :)


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