Note: We've had trouble contacting this cam recently. Live views probably aren't available.

124th Ave SE

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124th Ave SE
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124th Ave SE

7130 hours ago

124th Ave SE

7133 hours ago

124th Ave SE

7136 hours ago

124th Ave SE

7139 hours ago

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Comments (15)

MD 11/17/15 19:57

Mira ..... I hope you don't lose power ......... no internet is awful. Oh ..... I was forgetting ..... you have a hubby to chat with. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Mira Bilis 11/17/15 19:31

Solidarity MD!  :)  The lights keep dipping again here ... probably going to lose power again soon.

MD 11/17/15 17:53

Storm Barney is with us now.

Mira Bilis 11/17/15 17:37

Yup ... this is our weather right now.

MD 08/24/15 00:51

Anything and everything.  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Random Guy 08/24/15 00:29

MDiD I see that you comment on everything lol

danzer spaeth 08/07/15 02:13
 I mean, who has seen the wind? Both conceptual and live. It's the truth, it's actual, perhaps closer to, say, silent film than a playlet. But it takes place in the real world, in real time.
Mira Bilis 05/14/14 01:56

Carol, you're right about this cam though, the IP is only one digit different from the 304th St cam, so it is in Auburn.  As you said, just need to find it on Streetview now.  :)

Mira Bilis 05/14/14 01:51

You mean this cam Carol?

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 05/14/14 01:02

Mira, this cam used to be pointed at the SE 304th Street roundabout in Auburn. I remember finding it. I guess they moved it so now we got to find the new location, lol. 

Mira Bilis 03/30/14 20:01

Red thumb click so I can re-edit it to traffic cam - thanks.  :-)

Mira Bilis 03/29/14 21:42

This cam is not on the SE 304th Street roundabout in Auburn.  Still trying to figure out where it is ... possibly somewhere in the Edmonds area.  The wind is certainly making it wobble around.

kyle 07/28/13 02:25

Whoa, thought it was the wind, but bet they put the cam on a pole that is part of a bridge or something the traffic shakes hahahaha , does kinda make you feel wobbly hahaaha

Jimmy Day 07/27/13 19:53

And I thought my beer was taking an early effect.

MD 07/01/13 14:52

I like this cam and I'm sure I'll stop swaying soon.


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